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Naked Coco de Mer Sensual Skin Bath Foam

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Brand: Naked / Foam / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Subcategory: Foam

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2011 11:43
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      Great product for people with sensitive skin but I wish the bubbles last longer

      I have rather sensitive skin, I went through years of not using anything in my bath. However, a friend suggested the Naked range to my other half for his hair, and it was on offer in Boots so I decided to give the bubble bath a go.

      I have tried both the Coco de mer and Starflower, personally I prefer the Starflower, but it is quite a floral smell which my other half will not use.

      After the first time I used this product, my skin did not itch and I was really impressed! Over prolonged use I still have not had any reaction which I normally get, even with products designed for sensitive skin ie Simple etc.

      I am not sure what it is in products that I am allergic to, however, these products are 97% natural and contain no parabens, SLS or petrochemicals, so I am guessing that it has something to do with one of those. I have read on the internet that these can cause reactions on sensitive skins. I am now looking for more natural products for both myself and my baby.

      The only downside I have found with this bath foam is that I like long hot bubbly baths to relax in. I have found unless you used a LOT of this product it bubbles for a short while but dissappears. This product is quite expensive (for a price conscious mummy) at £4 for a small bottle and I'm reluctant in using half the bottle to have a nice bath.

      I do like this product but I am still looking for better!


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        28.10.2008 12:28
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        A great natural product suitable for all

        I discovered this range in Boots on special offer - buy one get one half price and I am really glad I did.

        I have quite sensitive skin that dries out quite easily and therefore I am quite careful about what I put in my bath.

        I was attracted to this product because of the name and the packaging. This comes in a 300 ml almost clear plastic bottle with a pale beige cap. The main logo is the word Naked in a muted purple and white colour, which gives the impression of the word being unzipped. There is a clear logo saying the bottle is 100% recycled and at the top of the bottle in purple and white type are the words Coco de Mer Laid Bare, Sensual Skin Foam Bath, followed by Be Naked, 97% natural.

        I was impressed by the recycled packaging as I think we should all do our bit and I really like the look of the packaging - it was classy and modern and would look nice in the bathroom.

        There is then a lot of information on the back. First it says that the product has no sodium laurel sulfate, parabens or petro chemicals. I believe these are all pretty regular additions to beauty products and some people have concerns about the health implications of using these on your skin.

        There is then a bit about Coco de Mer which is apparently a rare and precious coconut. This inspired the fragrance and is supposed to be reminiscent of hot tropical nights.

        There is then a list of ingredients which actaully look quite chemical when you read them, so I was intrigued by the 97% natural claim - see more about this later.

        The website address is clearly stated
        and then there is a really cute cartoon bunny with the words "We don't believe in testing on Bambi, Lassie or Skippy" - I really liked this both in the way it was expressed and because I try to buy cruelty free wherever I can.

        As I said, I was intrigued by the 97% natural claim and confused by the ingredients which include things like Lauryl glucoside, sodium cocoyl apple amion acids, magnesuim nitrate and so on so I went to the website to find out more.

        I took the next bit straight from the Naked website as it explains the point far better than I could

        "97% natural - Naked is made using predominantly naturally-derived ingredients from plant and mineral extracts. Sometimes ingredients lists can sound scary but for example, Betaine is from Chicory, Magnesium nitrate is a salt and PEG-120 Methyl glucose dioleate comes from sugar beet.

        The other 3% - is made up of miniscule amounts of synthetic ingredients to ensure safety and stability of the products e.g. the preservative system (like Benzoic Acid or Methylisothiazolinone) to stop mould and fungus growing after opening; binding agents like EDTA which stop unwanted chemical reactions and separation; and performance enhancers like anti-static agents to prevent flyaway hair. In many cases we reach 99.5% naturalness."

        Actually the website is full of great information and you may also be interested to know that this company is British and was founded by Mum Louise Potts who was looking for toiletries suitable for sensitive skin that she could use on her kids as well.

        So on to the product itslel, because let's face it, no matter how worthy a product is in terms of ingredients, natural status, recycled packaging and cruelty free, it's no good if it doesn't work!

        I poured about a capful of the almost clear foam bath into my bath as it was running and it produced a reasonably good amount of bubbles for such a small amount. The fragrance is exotic with a slight coconut hint but is actually more like tropical flowers than a true coconut scent - really lovely but not quite what I was expecting, and I did buy it because I love coconut.

        The water did feel soft although not in any way greasy and the scent and bubbles lingered all the way through my half an hour soak - it felt very relaxing. I still needed a moisturiser after my bath but my skin did feel soft and was not as dry as it is after some foam baths.

        The normal price of this is £3.99 but I think it is comparable to some much more expensive and so called luxury brands so therefore would rate it very good value.

        I have also tried the Starflower Softening Foam Bath which is very similar but has a gorgeous natural essential oil scent to it - very remniscent of one of my favourite essential oils - geranium!

        I would highly recommend both of these and think I am going to try a lot more in this range. I would also recommend checking out the website as it is really well designed and has lots of useful information - plus you can buy online from them if you can't get to Boots, which stocks these products.


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