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Neal's Yard Lavender Bath Salts

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Brand: Neal?s Yard Remedies / Salts / Type: Bath Salt / Contents/Size: 500g

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    1 Review
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      14.04.2012 09:35
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      Sea salt and lavender oil combined to make a stress relieving calming bath

      I am a huge fan of Neal's Yard products and I had a bit of a splurge a few weeks ago in my local pharmacy when looking for some new bath salts, I had every intention of buying my usual Dead Sea ones which I really like but they didn't have them in stock, so instead I opted for Neal's Yard Remedies Lavender Bath Salts.

      Neal's Yard Remedies is a relatively new company since it was created in 1981 and their very first store opened here in London in Covent Garden. As a company they promote products which are natural, organic and less synthetic. Their product range is huge and has everything from products for the face including eyes and lips, the body, the bath, the shower, men, mother and baby, aromatherapy and so in. Within each of these categories you will find lotions, gels, treatments, conditioners, toners, moisturisers, oils, deodorants and powders to name but a few - basically they have and sell a bit of everything. They also have stores all over the United Kingdom, all of which are listed on their website should you need to look them up.

      The reason I am such a big fan of Neal's Yard products is because I like the intensity of the aromas they create whenever you use them and by that I mean the aroma is not only pleasant but it is notable whether on you skin or around your home before, during and after use. I am a particular fan of their bath products especially the 'Soothing' Bath Oil which I find really de-stressing and calming after a hectic week. This time I settled for the lavender bath salts which promises to not only be deeply relaxing but also therapeutic and it also happens to contain some really nice ingredients, which if you read my reviews regularly, you will know is important to me.

      The Bath salts are sold in a dark blue glass jar which has a black plastic twist on and off lid. The lid fastens really securely to ensure that the bath salts inside are kept as fresh as possible. Around the middle of the jar is the traditional Neal's Yard label which is a pastel blue and cream colour and on this label you will find the products type and name and then a description as to what it is and what it will do for you. On the other side of the label in a smaller print you will find the ingredients clearly listed and then if you look along the bottom of the label it clearly tells you that this product does not contain "Synthetics, Parabens, silicone" and so on to name a few. Neal's Yard products can be purchased in many different places, obvious ones are online, from their own store, John Lewis, Waitrose, some local pharmacies and places like Debenhams. This particular product was £14.99 and for that money you get a 500g jar. Its longevity depends on how often you use it, I suspect this jar using it once a week would last 6-8 weeks at a time given that you only need a handful for each bath.

      When it comes to using this product you need to ensure that there are a few inches of water already within your bath and then taking a handful you scatter the salts within your bath and leave them to work their magic. As soon as the salt hit's the water the oils are released and you can immediately smell the Lavender which is quite strong but as I love the smell of Lavender to me it is wonderful. As soon as you hit the bath the aroma immediately sets itself to work with relaxing you and as lavender oil is one of the main ingredients within this product it is no surprise to find that it is known for being one of the most relaxing oils and it is also a calming oil, which helps to combat stress and also helps relieve tension. The second ingredient within this product is Maris Sal or pure sea salt to you and I. Sea salt on the skin acts as an exfoliator to start with and it is great for removing dead and dry skin cells leaving behind soft, smooth skin. Sea Salt is also full of vitamins and minerals and when used in a bath product or similar those minerals and vitamins are absorbed into the skin and they can help with circulation, relieve aches and pains, encourage skin cell regeneration to name but a few. Finally sea salt also helps the body absorb more water which helps keep your skin moisturised, soft, smooth and healthy looking.

      So laying back in the bath you actually do not feel the sea salt as much as you do with similar products, most of it does dissolve whilst the water continues to run for your bath but there is still some salt crystals which float around the water and those are the particles which help to exfoliate your skin. The Lavender aroma remains evident throughout your bath and naturally as the water cools and the steam becomes almost nothing it does become slightly less fragrant but as I said you can still smell Lavender around your home and on your skin when you get out of your bath. Once out of the bath my skin was lovely to touch as it was soft, smooth and exfoliated not to mention really smelling lovely of Lavender.

      I do find products like this live up to their expectations. I certainly felt very relaxed and ready for bed as soon as I was out of the bath and in my pyjamas.


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    • Product Details

      Lavender Bath Salts / Deeply cleansing and Relaxing / Soothing lavender oil is combined with naturally cleansing sea salt from french salt marshes to create these purifying bath salts / Benefits: / Deeply relaxing / Restorative / Therapeutic.

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