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Normandie Salt Scrub

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Brand: Normandie Keith / Salt / Type: Bath Salt / Subcategory: Scrub / What it does: Detoxes, Exfoliates, Protects

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2008 19:37
      Very helpful



      A salt scrub that works

      When my favourite salt scrub was discontinued I was mortified, when my stock pile of it dwindled to just a few grains in the bottom of the tub I panicked! Having tried numerous body scrubs over the years I really didn't want to have to go back to the second rate scrubs I'd tried in the past! For me a body scrub should do just that scrub, not tickle the skin, I like to know that I've exfoliated and not just cleaned my skin! Boots was my first port of call but none of the scrubs on offer looked as if they'd actually scrub! Tubes and pots of body wash with a few grains in the liquid was all that was offered! I did wonder if I could fed my scrubbing habit on Ebay but alas no! I was resigned to some substandard body scrub and during my weekly shop I pursed the scrubs on offer in Tesco. One very large plain kilner tub caught my eye - the price tag also caused a sharp intake of breath but needs must. And it was thrown into my trolley with the hopes that at twice the price of my now defunct salt scrub it would actually work. Cold comfort was given by the fact at least the tub held 50% more than my normal scrub, so I'd have loads of it if it was as useless as some scrubs I'd tried.

      Normandie Keith -an American beauty columnist markets her range of body products as affordable pampering luxuries. All products she produces can be found in Tesco, I believe that her products are exclusive to Tesco here in the UK as I've yet to see them else where. The Salt scrub is part of the Recapture range in this range there are 5 other products - another scrub, body lotion, bubble bath and a hand lotion - all are in the £5-£10 range.

      Having paid out £7.97 for a 650g kilner tub of the Salt scrub I was really hoping this would work and not be wanting in the scrubbing department! The plain glass jar is chunky and very heavy, definitely not one to drop on your toes! The labelling is simplistic in keeping with the design of the jar. With it's kilner lid you do have to fiddle a little bit to open the jar what then greets you is an over whelming smell of lemon sherbet plus the fact it's jam packed with salt grains that are not swimming in an oily film! The scrub it's self contains salt ( naturally!) lemon, dandelion, almond and evening primrose oils these promise to detox and protect your skin according to the Normandie web site.

      After fiddling with the metal clip on the lid with wet hands the first time I would recommend that you dry your hands prior to opening the tub! One good thing about the design of the jar is the fact the neck of the jar is wide enough for you to get your hand inside with ease -great for scooping out those last few grains in the bottom of it! As with any body scrub I would recommend you used it on damp skin not dripping wet skin, I've found if my skin is too wet it just all slips away into the bath water!

      The first time I used it I grabbed a big handful of it and proceeded to scrub my damp legs, I found it really stuck to my skin and didn't slide down them unlike some scrubs I've used in the past, nor did it melt way when a few drops of water touched it! Over time I've learnt that less is needed to get a good result. I find that the Scrub does what it supposed to do - SCRUB not tickle your skin! After using the scrub I really do feel as if my skin has been not only cleaned but exfoliated. My skin glows after a good scrubbing session and fells soft to touch. The amount of oils in the scrub also mean in the summer I don't have to blather my skin in body lotion when I get out of the bath which with other scrubs I have to do. As with all salt based scrubs this stings if it gets into broken skin so I wouldn't recommend it if you've got chapped or cuts on your skin! Throw a painful mistake I would also recommend that you scrub and then shave your legs and not the other way round!

      At £7.97 this is expensive in my mind but worth it, especially if you can get it on one of the numerous special offers that Tesco run. I have been using it for just over a year and only paid full price for the first jar I bought. The last lot I bought was on a buy one get one free offer. A tub of the scrub lasts me on average 6 weeks and that's with 3 or 4 scrubbing sessions a week A weekly scrubber might find they only need to replenish their stocks on a 6 monthly basis!

      Well recommended.

      Website: www.normandie.uk.com


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    • Product Details

      Using natural salts to detox the skin of excess dirt and cells, along with a combination of Sicilian lemon and dandelion oils help create a protective barrier for your skin /

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