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Nougat Nourishing Cream Bath

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Brand: Nougat / Foam / Type: Bath Melt/Foam / Texture: Cream / What it does: Nourishes, destresses,

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    1 Review
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      26.03.2008 17:59
      Very helpful



      Gorgeous scented bubble bath which relaxes you, softens your skin and smells gorgeous

      Nougat Nourishing Cream Bath

      As most of you now know I am addicted to beauty products, whether it be shower gels, soap, bubble baths, moisturisers or perfume. I'm not fussy when beauty potions and lotions are concerned and Ill use anything as long as it smells nice and doesn't irritate and dry out my skin. Out of all the products I've bought over the years Nougat is my firm favourite even although their products are a little expensive then high street branded ones. I really don't mind paying over the odds for Nougat products because they are luxury quality goods and I love everything about them. If I had to pick one fault with Nougat products then it would be the fact that they are only available to purchase online or from large department stores like John Lewis or Liberty of London. When I want to purchase any Nougat products I can either drive into the city which is an hour or so away from where I live or order them online. So most of the time I just order them online and they get delivered to my house without any hassle at all, which is more convenient for me.

      I bought this bottle of Bubble bath about 5 months ago from a website called bath and unwind and paid £25 for a bottle of it. Well I did say their products were expensive, I bet you weren't expecting a price tag like that. The bottle of bubble bath which I have is a 500ml bottle and I have been using it regularly for the past five months and I still have more than half a bottle remaining, so it does last for quite sometime.

      Nougat have lots and lots of different products to choose from, I have tried and tested about 75% of their product range and I haven't been disappointed yet. When ever I use a Nougat product I feel relaxed and pampered my skin also feels extremely soft and looks fantastic. Each and every product in the Nougat range is made to an extremely high standard, right down to the actual packaging. Normally I wouldn't describe the packaging in a review but in this instance I think it is important so as you can get an idea of how much thought and effort goes into the Nougat products.

      The bottle o bubble bath is supplied in a rather chunky looking glass decanter which also has a chunky glass stopper on top of it. Around the neck of the glass decanter there is a thin piece of silver wire which has approximately ten diamante crystals attached to it. The crystals around the neck of the decanter make it look gorgeous, feminine and expensive; well it is an expensive product but the crystals make it look a lot more luxurious and expensive than it is. On the front of the decanter there is a large cream coloured label which states that the product is manufactured by Nougat London and that it has a Jasmine and Tuberose fragrance.

      The bubble bath is clearly visible through the glass decanter so you can clearly see how much of it you are using and how much is remaining inside the decanter. The bubble bath inside the decanter is really thick in consistency and is a lovely magnolia coloured liquid which looks rather creamy. I really like the consistency of the bubble bath because you don't have to use very much of it in order to get a bath full of thick creamy bubbles.

      As soon as you lift the glass stopper off the decanter you can immediately smell the gorgeous Jasmine and Tuberose fragrance. The fragrance smells even nicer when you add it to the bath water; you just use the Nougat Cream Bath like any other bubble bath, although you don't need to use as much because the liquid is as thick and creamy. As soon as you add the Cream Bath to the bath water the fragrance seems to react with the hot water and fills the bathroom with the gorgeous Jasmine and Tuberose aroma which is quite long lasting and lingers in the bathroom for approximately 3 hours after you have bathed. The bubble bath creates extremely thick creamy bubbles which feel really relaxing and soothing when you are in the bath surrounded by them. When I bathe using the Nougat Cream Bath my skin feels extremely soft, smooth and moisturised; it is also highly fragranced. Again the fragrance which the Cream Bath leaves on my skin is long lasting and lingers on my skin for approximately 3 hours before it gradually fades away.

      The fragrance which the Cream Bath leaves on my skin and in the bathroom isn't an overpowering or cloying. The fragrance from the Cream Bath is heavenly; it has a very rich creamy aroma which is complimented with a few other fragrances. The creamy aroma is complimented with a delicate Jasmine and Tuberose floral undertone, which is very subtle and delicate. The subtle floral tone also has a rich musky Cedarwood and sandalwood undertone which complimented with the addition of vanilla and peach. The scent is extremely feminine, subtle and relaxing, its not too floral, musky or fussy, the fragrance notes are balanced perfectly and each note compliments the other.

      The Cream Bath has added vitamins and minerals in it which help to soften, moisturise, stimulate and brighten your skin. The Cream Bath is enriched with ~

      Camomile Extract which is known to soften, stimulate and brighten your skin. Camomile is also known to help relax you which is really useful for people who suffer from insomnia it is also a great soothing agent for sensitive or irritated skin; it also helps to keep skin in good condition by conditioning and clarifying it

      Vitamin E which is known to soothe and moisturise your skin. Vitamin E helps to make your skin feel softer, smoother and supple. The Vitamin E also helps to keep your skin looking very healthy.

      I highly recommend Nougat Cream Bath because it smells fantastic, moisturises and softens your skin, it also makes you feel really relaxed and pampered. The Nougat Cream Bath costs £25 for a 500ml glass decanter; when the Cream Bath is finished you can rinse the decanter out and peel off the label and fill it with coloured sand or even pour in some coloured bubble bath. The decanter looks lovely filled with either one; I have two glass decanters filled with blue bath salts and they look fantastic sitting on my bathroom shelf.

      Nougat London's products contain the finest luxury ingredients, and none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals.

      If you like the sound of this bath oil then you can purchase it online from www.bathandunwind.com for the price of £25 (500ml glass decanter).

      Contact information
      Nougat Body to Home
      5th floor,
      19-20 Berners Street
      W1T 3LW
      020 7323 2222


      Available from www.bathandunwind.com

      Thanks for reading
      :o) Lisa

      © Butterfly-Wings

      ~~~~Review written by me and also posted on Ciao~~~~


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    • Product Details

      Enriched with camomile extract and vitamin E to sooth and moisturise as you relax away the cares of the day / Scented with tuberose and jasmine /

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