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NSPA Body Scrub

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Brand: Nirvana Spa / Type: Body Scrub / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Smoothes, Exfoliates,

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    1 Review
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      16.06.2009 00:57
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      A new Bathroom must have for me.

      I don't often spend a lot of money on bath, shower and skin care products. I would like to, in fact I used to. Unfortunately with 2 growing children (with ever increasing expensive tastes) and counting the pennies at present, something has to give. Of course as all mum's know, in times like these it is treats for yourself which are usually the first to forego. Luckily for me all the major Supermarkets either offer decent cheaper alternatives or very good offers, meaning that my indulgence isn't a completely distant memory.

      It was while browsing the beauty and toiletry aisles in Asda that I noticed the N-spa range of bath and skincare products. Or rather all the point of sale merchandising telling me it was buy one get one free. Most of the large range of products where around the £5 mark, and while it is not a brand I had ever heard of before, it did look very sophisticated (although in a different packaging than above). Convinced by reading the labels and discovering this was a product made and used exclusively for a top UK day spa, I popped four products, including this body scrub, in my basket. At £2.50 each it's not much difference from what I would usually pay for other products and I felt smug with saving a whopping £10.

      ~ A bit about N-spa ~

      N-spa is a range of bath and skincare products made by and used by professional therapists at the Nirvana Spa in Wokingham, Berkshire. Now to be honest, I have never heard of it (and why would I, I live in the other end of the country) but a nosey at their website informs me it is " The UK's largest, purest, award-winning Day Spa."

      N-spa Professional range are claimed to be "A range of seven body and bath products to give you an experience of purity and contentment within your home." Sounds good...yes?

      The full range can be found at Nirvana Spa's website, www.nspa.co.uk and are available to buy online or exclusively at Asda stores nationally. If your interested in trying this range, I'd strongly recommend buying from the latter, as even at full price at Asda, they are quite a bit cheaper than direct from Nirvana. There's also postage to factor in too, at £1.50 for one product, or a massive £6.50 for two or more!

      ~ N-spa Body Scrub ~

      The N-spa body scrub comes in a 225ml tube with a flip top lid. The front describes it as "Tingly Fresh" while the back promises " a Satisfying crunchy scrub created with orange flower, watermint, cooling peppermint and dead sea minerals to polish away dead skin and give you an instant wake up call"

      The directions inform you that it can be used on wet or dry skin and rinsed of in the shower after being massaged in gently. There is also a 'Professional Therapists' tip for pre tan prep. There is a huge ingredients list, most of which mean nothing to me apart from aqua and peppermint, and they don't strike me as being particularly natural, so allergy sufferers may want to check them out before purchasing. I don't suffer allergies, so they don't worry me.

      Using the body scrub for the first time in the shower, I was very impressed with the smell. You can smell the mint immediately, and it is very fresh and clean smelling, however the subtle citrus and floral scent of the orange flower subdues it somewhat with a lovely delicate scent, making it not too over powering.

      However, I quickly realised my mistake. The gel is quite watery, I squeezed too much of the peppermint coloured product onto my hand with most of it sliding back off. I tried rubbing it into my wet skin and it didn't lather or spread very well, just kind of slid off. I wasn't very impressed and this was when I read the directions on the back and thought I'd give it a go on my dry skin. And what a difference, I would definitely recommend using it in this way.

      Being far more careful and only squeezing a little bit from the tube, I began rubbing it into my dry skin. Using it in this way, the product changed from a watery minty colour, to a thick white cream. Imagine beating egg's and how they become stiff? There is plenty of 'grit' in this product, which you can really feel giving your skin a good exfoliation. I have tried some scrubs that barely have any pieces in them and you can hardly feel the effect, however with this one it was really apparent.

      I could immediately feel a difference in the texture of my skin as I rinsed this off in the shower. It was very much softer. The only thing I didn't notice was a 'Tingly Fresh' feeling. While the product certainly smelt that way, it didn't have any tingling effect on my skin. It was very refreshing though. The scent does remain on your skin after rinsing in a lovely subtle way and made me feel very clean all day. The combination may sound a little off putting to some, but I find it surprisingly delicious.

      I have a lot of tiny red pimples/bumps on the top of my legs and underside of my arms. After 2 weeks of using this product there is a remarkably noticeable difference to these area's. There are far fewer now, and the ones that remain appear less red, smoother and my skin looks more toned. It has also made a difference when applying my tanning moisturiser, especially to my elbows and knee's which I pay particular attention to with this product. The rest of my skin looks buffed, healthy and glowing, a drastic improvement to what I hadn't realised was such dull skin beforehand.

      While described as a daily scrub, I don't use it everyday. It takes more than the usual 5 minutes I have on a morning to get showered to massage the product in dry and then rinse it off. Instead I use it two to three times a week, on days when I have a bit more time. Not only does it mean the product will last longer, but I am still feeling the benefits of using it.

      ~ Conclusion ~

      While disappointed at first with this body scrub, I now find myself rating it very highly. I love the smell, the fact it has plenty of grit and gives my skin a good exfoliation and that it has made a marked improvement on my skin.

      While I probably wouldn't pay so much regularly for a skin care product, I would buy this one again. It has become the bathroom essential I didn't realise I was missing until I found it. As I have discovered that on dry skin, a little will go a long way, it should last me a good month at least, especially as I only use it a few times a week and almost exclusively on my legs and arms.

      I would recommend giving this a try.


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    • Product Details

      A gorgeous exfoliating gel to gently remove dead skin leaving it smooth, radiant and bright It contains orange flower, water mint and dead sea minerals

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