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NSPA Fruit Coconut Ice Cream Body Scrub

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Brand: NSPA / Type: Body Scrub / Subcategory: Body Cream / Scrub / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    4 Reviews
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      22.08.2011 14:25
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      A great product for coconut lovers, highly recommended.

      Coconut is not only my favourite fruit, it's also my favourite scent. If I see the word coconut written on anything I can apply to my skin I will automatically pick it up and have a sniff, more often than not it ends up coming home with me as well.

      My love for coconut scents combined with my love for N-Spa products meant the Coconut Ice Cream products in this range were an absolute must for me. Other items available in this scent are bath and shower gel and body cream. I like to use all three products for beautiful coconut smelling skin.

      This body scrub comes in a 225ml bottle and costs £3. Asda currently have these products on offer for 2 for £4 which makes this a lot better value for money. The scrub comes in a see through squeezable bottle which allows you to see the cream coloured scrub along with its black sand like crystals in all its glory. The bottle has a black flip top lid and 'Coconut' written along the side is big, bold, black lettering which is very eye catching. Like all N-spa products, this scrub also has a little story on the front of the bottle about a wise man's wise words about the product and its scent.

      The back of the bottle contains the usual information, an ingredients list, quick product description and directions on how to use the scrub. There is also a little warning about this not being a food product and not to eat it.

      To use the scrub simply flip open the lid and massage into skin whilst in the bath or shower. You can feel the grains gently removing all dead skin cells giving you a glowing, clean and soft look as well as smelling great! Once you've applied this scrub to your body simply rinse it off and enjoy your new soft skin.

      The actual body scrub itself is fairly thick but to the point where it becomes awkward to rub in and the crystals which exfoliate your skin are not too rough and applying this scrub doesn't feel uncomfortable at all.

      I do find that this product, along with the other N-Spa body scrubs, doesn't last very long at all as you need to use rather a lot to cover your entire body. I find one grape sized blob is needed for both arms, another for each leg, another for both feet and another two for my whole torso including back. Whilst large quantities of the product do need to be used it really does work! My skin always feels soft and fresh after using this. The scent also lasts on your body for quite for a while.

      Although the product is called 'coconut ice cream' I personally cannot detect too much 'ice cream' smells to it. It's just really strong coconut smelling, very sweet and very pleasant. It is quite a strong smell and may be a required taste (I know a few people who have said the scent is too strong for them, I personally love it) so I would recommend going to a store and smelling this before purchase rather than buying online.

      This also appears to be safe for people with sensitive skin. I suffer from sensitive skin and have never had any problems with this or any other N-Spa product so that's another bonus.

      Personally this is my favourite product from my favourite range. The scent may be a little too sickly for some but a definite hit among other coconut lovers! I just wish it was a little cheaper as £3 seems excessive to me for a product that barely lasts me a fortnight.


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        02.04.2010 01:38
        Very helpful



        See review

        N-SPA Fruit Coconut Ice Cream Body Scrub

        After testing other items in the N-spa range I found this Coconut ice cream Body scrub . When I opened it to see what it smells like i was not to sure about it because the smell did not hit me like the other products did but I wanted to try in any way .

        The body scrub comes in a plastic tube with a twist lid that comes off so you can squeeze the amount of the body scrub that you want .

        Apply to cleansed damp skin, gently massage and rinse.

        In the tube you get 225 mls of the body scrub .

        I found with the body scrub that it has lots of tiny bits in it that take all the dirt out of your skin and at the same time the cream is making you skin refreshed and clean with a nice but not to strong smell of coconut.

        This body scrub is so good that they had to put on the back of the tube that this item is not a food product and not to eat it !

        On the tube it reads .
        I am told, said the wise man, that the sweet water, inside the coconut is created by a sea maiden...as its beautiful scent touched your nose, her soft music and laughter surrounds you. take her hand and follow her ...I am told she makes dreams come tru.

        I hate to always put the ingerdients so I will leave it to you to have a look when you try the body scrub for your self.

        In all i will say I have taken to this product and it will stay on my list of must haves for 2010.
        Thank you once more for reading.
        Dave x x x x


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          13.03.2009 10:29
          Very helpful



          Just go and buy it. Now.

          Every now and again I like to treat myself in the shower (I mean by buying some different products to use you dirty lot!) and one day, whilst shopping I saw this on the shelves at the supermarket.

          A large transparent tube with a black lid houses the goo. The product itself looks amazing, a thick off-white cream with large black beads in it. It genuinely looks like ice-cream. The black beads are obviously what makes the scrub a scrub but they do look alot like the vanilla seeds you get in ice cream. I read the label and the rather strange description printed there intrigued me:

          "I am told, said the wise man, that the sweet water inside the coconut is created by a sea maiden... as its beautiful scent touches your nose, her soft music and laughter surrounds you. Take her hand and follow her... I am told she makes dreams come true."

          It makes no sense whatsoever but, as I say, it made me want to know more. Clever marketing. I flipped open the lid and the aroma hit me instantly. It smelt gorgeous, like real coconut ice cream. It was at this stage that I knew that this was coming home with me.

          Once home I was eager to use this product but waited until the next day. I was as far from disappointed as is humanly possible. The cream is really thick and the warmth of the shower only intensified the aroma of the coconut. It actually made me feel rather peckish which is unusual. The scrub itself worked really well. Just apply to moist skin, rub it in a bit and wash it off. Nothing new there. It got rid of my dry skin and left me feeling really fresh and clean.

          This normally retails at just under three quid for 225ml but it was on offer for £1.50 so not only did I get an amazing product, I also got an amazing bargain!


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          11.11.2008 10:40
          Very helpful



          A delicious smelling and effective product.

          The first ever review I wrote on this site after joining was on a delicious and fruity smelling body scrub from a then unknown company to me nirvana spa.
          Since then I have used on average a tube a month of there fabulous range of fruity bath and skin products, the one I will now review being there latest and at the moment my favourite.

          The product I will now review is "N-spa fruit coconut ice cream body scrub".

          This product, as with the others in this range come in very simple and understated tubs, this in particular coming in a clear stand on it's lid tube.
          As I mentioned it stands on it's lid which in this case is imperative due to the thickness of the scrub, this gives it a chance between uses, to slowly ooze it's way down to the bottom, ready for use.
          Due to the fact the tube is clear the contents are visible, the cream looks just like real vanilla ice cream, even down to the vanilla seeds dotted around, these are of course the scrub beads.

          What I particularly like about these products is the beautiful language used on the packaging, poetry perfect for reading in the shower, well beats reading the ingredients list on the shampoo again, for the hundredth time!

          "I am told, said the wise man, that the sweet water inside the coconut is created by a sea maiden.......as it's beautiful scent touches your nose, her soft music and laughter surrounds you. Take her hand and follow her......... I am told she makes dreams come true...."

          Ok, so it makes no sense, but as I said earlier at least it's not another ingredients list!

          Instructions for use are simple, apply to moistened and cleansed skin, gently massage and rinse.
          I tend to use this in the shower as the scrub beads, as little as they are, get everywhere.
          I simply step out of the shower water and open the lid. The smell is simply sensational. The coconut scent is detectable with a beautiful smooth creamy smell underlying it, sweet and truly mouth-watering!

          I squeeze a decent sized blob of scrub onto my hand, around the size of a golf ball and smooth onto my legs. I tend to concentrate on my legs, as these tend to be the one area I shave the most, thus making my skin tough and dry.

          The scrub is the perfect consistency, the cream is smooth and thick enough to hold the scrub beads onto my skin, without slipping straight off and disappearing down the plughole!
          The beads are again, the perfect size, you can feel them gently polishing the skin without ripping the crap out of your legs, although I wouldn't advise using this in more delicate areas!

          Once you have suitably scrubbed (I usually scrub for around 5 minutes, if I can be bothered!), you simply rinse with water, and usually with a gentle helping hand, (the cream this scrub comes in is far from water soluble) and hey presto, smooth and soft skin, and this is noticeable from the first application, though of course the more you use it the better your skin becomes!

          It is recommended that this be used 1-2 a week, I don't tend to follow the trend preferring myself to use every other day (ie, the days I don't shave!). This has done my skin no harm whatsoever and has improved my skin quality tenfold.
          The one thing I will say, and in fairness is not a point I have to make to every person, 'cause they will probably already know this, is the fact that you must moisturise really well after using this scrub, the scrubbing action reveals all the new underlying skin cells which in turn need some protection and nourishment.

          This product was purchased from my local Asda store, I have not seen it elsewhere before, but do know that Boots do a rather good range in the Nirvana products, so their website might be of some use. This cost me £2.95, which in my budget is a complete luxury item, but one I have now added to my essentials list (and the fact I do the food shopping without help or interference from my hubby means I can buy what I damn well like!).

          For more information visit - www.nirvanaspa.co.uk

          Thanks for reading x


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          Give your skin something to be excited about! Fruity body scrub revives the skin and leaves it smelling like yummy!

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