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NSPA Sea Salt Scrub

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3 Reviews

Brand: Nirvana Spa / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / What it does: Smoothes, Exfoliates,

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    3 Reviews
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      24.03.2010 19:18
      Very helpful



      Great for your skin, its one of the best ive tried.


      Having recently started to use the N Spa range of products, I did receive a pot of this from my son for Christmas, and it is a really worthwhile product.

      Also I love the jar that it comes in, im sure that after I have finished my Sea Salt I would be able to use this jar as a pot to put something in, say like bath salts, or well anything really as it has a reusuable lid, and this is great.

      The N Spa Sea Salt, I received came in a glass jar, as I mentioned before, this pot containing 650 grams. It has a sticker on both the top of the jar and the side of the jar, and has a smell to die for, when you open the lid you really feel that you want to jump in, its hard to discribe, but can only say that it has a fresh inviting smell.

      The Jar is filled with Sea Salt, and this is white in colour, has a funny texture when you put your hand in and scoop some out, I use my mine in the bath, but you can use it in the shower and boy oh boy, does it work well. You can use this on your hands, as a mini spa manicure, because it will take a layer of the dead skin off your hands and then after you rinse it off it will leave your skin feeling baby smooth and I mean really smooth and silky, and glowing shinny, it really does work. It also helps if you rub it over your hands because it helps to keep your cuticles nourished.

      I used it on my legs, and they feel so silky smooth, sure that they would pass the silk scalf test, it really would just slide down them, it is important to have healthy smooth looking and feeling skin, whether you are male or female, because this product is so universal, can be used by both sexes, and it is not too feminine looking a jar to have in any mans bathroom.

      It is scented with orange flower, water mint and dead sea minerals, but im not sure what they are to be honest, all I know is that it really does work.

      I dont use it every day more a treat once a week, you dont need to use a lot to be fair, as a little goes a long way, you rub it over your skin, and then rinse, you will really notice a difference straight away and it is a great jar to have handy I use it on all my body and I can safetly say that you can use it on your face too, just a little and gently rub it into the skin, will leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and smelling great, it feels so fresh after using this product, that I will recommend this, it was seeing another review that reminded me, hey I use that too, and yes it does work so well.

      I can only discribe the smell of this as calming, refreshing, sheer hapiness and wonderful, all in one jar, I do this once a week as a regular treat and as part of a pampering sesion, it works well all over my body and im so happy to have received this.

      Mine was a presant, and I know that they do sell this product near to Christmas in the run up for Christmas in Sainsbury's but I also know that you can buy this in asdas, for less than five pounds a pot, which will last you a long time, ive been using mine since december and am only a little way through, this is the one product that I will be renewing once this has run out, because I feel totally pampered and smooth all over after I have finished using this product, and im recommending this to you, it removes all the dead skin from your body. It feels like a salt scrub, but has also a texture to it and look like ice, or snow or a water melon, thats how i see it.

      Try it for yourself, you will not be disapointed, I wasnt and will continue to have the softest skin ever.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews.


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      23.03.2010 23:13
      Very helpful



      See review

      I have always used the N-spa range and have bin looking for some thing new that i have not tried before . So i went in to asda to have a look I had a bad back and wanted to have a very hot bath . I did get a few bits but i saw they had a sea salt scrub .

      I have used somthing like it before and it was very good so i took a chance with it. I got home and had my bath. I had a chance to try out the sea salt scrub.
      I did not have to use to much as it lasted very well .
      The sea salt scrub has a very nice smell to it i don't know what the smell is but it is very relaxing and it lasted on my skin all night

      The sea salt scrub left my skin feeling soft clean and supple I dont know about glowing but i was very happy with the results . I will be using it for all my baths and showers from now on as it was so good .

      For a jar of the N-spa sea salt scrub will only cost you £7.86p
      In the jar you get 650 grams of the sea salt scurb.

      The jar is glass with a metal pull ring that hooks and holds the lid down. you must not leave the jar open as the sea salt will dry out and you will not get the effect that you should get .

      Ingredients :
      Sodium chloride, paraffnum liquidum, maris sal, prunus dulcis, parfum, sesamum indicum, oenothers fiennis, mentha aquatica, glycerine, aqua , pottasium sorbate, benzyl salicylate, geraniol, d-limonene, linalool.

      This item is made in the uk .

      I enjoyed using this item and would tell people to try it out .

      Thanks for reading and rating my review


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        30.07.2007 14:03
        Very helpful



        A sea Salt Body Scrub readily available.

        My love affair with Lush started back in July 2006 when I was given a Lush package for my birthday, which contained an array of gifts to pamper and nurture every crevice of my body. Since then it has never really ended, I'm an avid Lush fan who gets excited when a new product comes out and I have to try it… but what happens when I don’t have a Lush product in the house (as rare as that may be.)?.

        On a recent visit to Chav-sda, my pet name for the local Asda, I came across the Nirvana Spa range which I hadn’t noticed before hidden away with all of the other bath creams, lotions and potions and with it a little sign which said “Nirvana is a state of mind… and now you can share the experience with your body.What could be more appealing than a range of products designed to recreate the Nirvana Spa Experience at home?” Well that sold me, I love the idea of having a spa weekend where I am pampered and massaged into my own little Nirvana, although the cost is always slightly off putting, but… if I can create the same ambience at home, then there us nothing to lost.
        The Nirvana Spa range is quite extensive, although not every product is sold in Asda. You can treat yourself to:

        --> Hand Cream
        --> Flower Bath
        --> Firming Lotion
        --> Body Scrub
        --> Body Wash
        --> Body Lotion
        --> Body Oil Spray
        --> Body Balm
        --> Weekender Kit
        --> Sea Salt Scrub
        --> Detox Bath

        To name a few of their products and I opted for the 650g jar of Sea Salt Scrub which is packaged very similar to the one that I have tried from the Boots Sanctuary Range and at a cost of £6 in an Asda sale I wasn’t about to let this little bargain slip through my fingers. It does normally retail for £8.50 per 650g Jar. Looks wise it is a clear glass jar and on the front is the Nspa Logo with the words Sea Salt Scrub clearly marked and it is a very easy to open jar because you simply lift the catch to open and then re-seal the catch to close. The Sea Salt Scrub inside is a magnolia colour and it does look slightly grainy.

        So why a salt scrub? Well, thanks to the good old British weather and the supposed worry of Global Warming and climate change my skin is either too oily or too dry because the weather is too warm or too cold and other than the Lush Ocean Sea Salt which I buy to use on my face, I am still searching for the perfect body scrub which isn’t too messy and course leaving my skin looking blotchy and raw.

        NSpa Sea Salt Scrub is awash with two main and very well known oils, the first is Sweet Almond which is used to help lubricate your skin and it is rich in vitamin C and the other oil is Evening Primrose Oil which has known benefits for skin complaints such as Eczema and in this case it is used for dry skin. To ensure the sweet smell which occurs as you begin to use this Scrub contains Orange Flower and water Mint which together bring about a rather nice aroma which is really relaxing and soothing on your skin.

        The texture of this Sea Salt scrub can only be described as you would expect it to feel. If you have used these kind of scrubs before then you will know that there is amongst the scrub a grainy feel which in some products is usually oatmeal, crushed almond/walnuts etc… but in this product the grainy feel is the sea salt itself and the minerals which I have to admit it isn’t quite as rough in feel as a lot of products. Sea salt is great for exfoliation and put together with the rest of the ingredients mixed together to not only exfoliate your skin to relieve it of dead skin cells but also softens and cleanses the skin at the same time.

        To use the Sea Salt scrub you moisten your body using warm water and then apply a medium sized blob of Sea Salt Scrub between your fingertips with some water and gently massage using a circular motion, if you rub your face too hard it will hurt. Then rinse your face thoroughly using clean water and ensure you have removed all of the facial scrub from your skin and finally blot your skin dry (don’t rub). After using it you should notice that your skin is very smooth. I use my treatment at least once a week and after using it for just over a month I am not even a third of the way into the jar.

        The best thing about Sea Salt scrubs for me is that they do work on both oily and dry skin and as I have said before, I do have extremely sensitive skin and find that most products I have used have irritated my skin. I was not to sure what to expect from the NSpa range but to date I haven’t had any problems at all I am pleased to say and my skin is now silky smooth.

        Since I bought this product I have to admit that I love using it, it smells divine, it isn’t as expensive as some of the treatments I have tried on my skin and it works. My skin feels softer and fresher after using it and I no longer have oily skin with dry patches and this product does not aggravate my skin, so I would highly recommend this for people with oily/dry skin problems but also for those who like fresh natural ingredients in their products.

        For more information on the Nirvana Spa Range simply go to their website which can be found at www.nirvanaspa.co.uk where you will find a whole host of products and treatments. You can find this product online or at Asda.


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      • Product Details

        650g / Has skin smoothing salts and natural oils of sweet almond and evening primrose to leave to body glowing, soft and scented It contains orange flower, water mint and dead sea minerals

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