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Olay Body Wash With Body Butter Ribbons

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Brand: Olay / Type: Body Butter / Texture: Rich Cream / Subcategory: Body Wash/Cleanser / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Cleanses, Enricheses

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    1 Review
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      28.05.2010 18:18
      Very helpful



      The Best Body Wash IMHO

      Im going to try and get all my product suggestions out of the way with over the next few days so expect some very varied reviews! This is the one I have decided to start off with because Ive been meaning to write about it for absolutely ages. Now Ive never really used many products from the Olay range - theres no particular reason for that but Ive just never been attracted to anything by this brand. However someone bought my mom an Olay giftset a few weeks ago and she just put everything from it on the bathroom shelf for everyone to use and this was one of the products in that set. I started using this body wash after my own ran out and I was and continue to be amazed by the results - in fact I dont think Id ever buy another shower gel after using this one - that is how fabulous it is.

      This is said to be the very first shower gel that contains ribbons of lotion so Olay are kind of trying to lead the way with this trend. And they say it will visibly improve the appearance of your skin after just five days. Now I dont usually listen to claims made by companies about their products but after using this one for myself I actually have to agree with everything they said because this is possibly the best body wash Ive ever used - and I reckon my skin agrees.

      This body wash even looks funky - even when its still in the bottle. You can see all the different layers of cream in all different shades of purple and white and it looks like nothing Ive ever seen before. When you squeeze some out onto your hand it is SUPER thick and actually feels like a slightly lighter version of a body butter. I tried to show my friend this and she actually thought it was a lotion because it was so thick. The closest description I can think of is that its looks and feels like a VERY thick smoothie which looks really cool.

      Now because this is so thick I recommend that you only use a tiny bit at a time as you dont need a lot of it to wash your whole body - I also recommend using a shower puff as I dont think it lathers up as well when using your hands. Also due to the thickness this takes a bit longer to work into a lather but the results are so fab I dont consider that to be a problem at all.When it does eventually lather up though you get LOADS of lather so in the end everything is fine.

      I cant quite remember what the scent of this is supposed to be (as our bottle has just ran out) but from what I remember this has a really fruity, sweet scent. I adore the smell of this and it definately wakes me up when I use it in the morning which has to be a good thing as I am not what you would describe as a "morning person"! The smell lingers on your skin for ages after you get out the shower and it lasts all day which means you can smell it everytime you move.

      The effect this has on your skin is the best thing of all though because it really does work so well on really dry skin as well as the parts of your skin that arent dry. As soon as you put this on your skin I find it feels like its sinking in straight away and it feels proper luxurious and moisturising. My skin feels so amazing after I have used this and I definately agree that it makes a difference in the appearance and feel of your skin after just one use let alone five. I dont even feel the need to moisturise after using this because my skin feels proper great already and this comes highly recommended from me. It makes such a difference to your skin, it smells great & it looks proper funky so there is nothing about this product I dont like.

      I havent been able to find this sold singularly but there is a gift set in Bodycare at the moment for £3 that has this and a moisturiser so keep and eye out for that!

      Thanks For Reading

      x0 Salz 0x


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