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Original Source Black Pepper & Chilli Shower Gel

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5 Reviews
  • Nice spicy smell
  • Warming sensation
  • Smell doesn't last long at all
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    5 Reviews
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      06.12.2014 10:52
      Very helpful


      • "Nice spicy smell"
      • "Warming sensation"


      • "Smell doesn't last long at all"

      Spicy shower gel

      I love the spicy smell of Molton Brown Black Pepper shower gel but it is scarily expensive so when I saw this black pepper shower gel from Original Source I wanted to try it and see if it was similar.

      I never expected it to be anywhere near as good as the Molton Brown one because at £1.50 it was significantly cheaper but if it was anywhere near as good I would use it as a daily one when I fancied something spicy.

      The fragrance of this one is different as it is black pepper but it also has chilli in it so I was excited to try it out as I was expecting something that was going to be extra spicy.

      Apparently this has chillis in it which register over 100,000 on the Scoville scale which means that they are extremely hot. I was really curious to know what this would mean in a shower gel.

      The smell was nothing like I was expecting and nothing like the Molton Brown black pepper but after I got over that disappointment I quite enjoyed it. It is spicy but has some sweetness too. It reminded me of a Christmas candle. It might sound strange but it is nice and perfect for winter though I don’t think I would want to use this if it was warm outside as I don’t think it is a summer shower gel.

      One thing that I wasn’t expecting though I probably should have had I thought about the ingredients is that this has a really warming sensation to it. I love the tingling that you get with the tea tree shower gel and this is similar but instead of cooling this warms the skin. Its strange but nice and another reason that I think that it is more suited to winter.

      It cleaned my skin nicely but I was disappointed that the scent of this didn’t stay on my skin very long. It was prey much gone as soon as I dried off which is the difference between this and a more expensive one like Molton Brown which does linger longer. Saying that though it is nice and worth paying for as it isn’t expensive.


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      23.07.2013 23:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I love the product, but my genitals do not.

      I've been an 'original source' user for years now, and generally go for whatever scent is on special offer at the time, 9 out of 10 times there's at least 1 on offer at asda, usually the lemon variety.

      A few weeks ago I noticed this on offer for just £1. Bargain thinks I, and into the trolley it goes. Sounds like a good combo, I had a quick sniff in the aisle and it has a strong scent which I really liked.

      So after a hard days graft, off I go to get myself clean and smelling sweet (or spicy!?!?) This stuff really does smell delicious, so I enthusiastically refreshed myself with liberal blobs of the stuff all over my body. It works into a good lather and I was feeling pretty pleased with my purchase, until that is, I began to clean what I shall only describe as a 'delicate area', in readiness for a fun evening with my lovely girlfriend.

      OUCH!!!! I really should have guessed that chillies don't belong down there!! An initial slight tingle and stinging sensation quickly grew into an excrutiating pain as I frantically tried to squeeze out the remains of an alternate shower gel to try and neutralise the chillies. After a few minutes the discomfort did ease quite quickly, but it was a very unpleasant experience and not something I would care to repeat.

      However, such was my initial enjoyment of the product that I have continued to use it on my torso/limbs, as I do love the scent. I probably would buy it again, but only alongside a 'milder' scent for more sensitive areas.


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        04.07.2013 13:12
        Very helpful



        Doesn't live up to Original Source's usually high standards

        Item: Original Source Shower Gel
        Scent: Black Pepper and Chilli
        Size: 250ml
        Price: £1.00
        Bought in: Superdrug

        Tagline: This bottle is packed with "chillis" registering over 100,000 on the scoville scale to - invigorate you.
        Review: Well let's just see if this invigorate me......

        Packaging and design:
        Original Source shower gels all come in the same shape of bottle. Clear plastic in a somewhat squashed diamond shape (think of the shape you would make if you cut the bottom third off a "Pringle" jumper diamond!! Haha) anyways so they all come in the same design of bottle so it is distinctive and you can see from afar that it is an original source product. The lid is black and the bottle sits on its lid which is a good design feature as it means that the shower gel drains to the end with the lid, so should always be ready to come out when you open the lid, not having to tap it like an old fashion glass ketchup bottle to get the last bits out. So did the lid pass the leakage test with me? Yes initially, as it was secure when I bought it, no leaks in the carrier bag on way home, but now leaks a wee bit in the shower when it is sitting on the shelf (so it is currently sitting on an old soap dish as I fear the red colour may stain the tiles). The bottle is soft enough to squeeze so you can control how much you want to come out and the nozzle on the inside of the container has a "sucker" on it so it has to be pressurised to force any gel out (although some is still leaking out of mine). One star off for leakage. From top to bottom the front of the bottle advises you "Original Source, For Men, Black Pepper And Chilli, Shower, Hair & Body, Invigorate" so it tells you what brand it is, what you can do with it and the scent. That's all in black, white and red type and is easy to read. The back tells you it contains 250ml, some recycle info and proudly exclaims : "This bottle is packed with "chillis" registering over 100,000 on the scoville scale to - invigorate you." So I had a quick read over the ingredients and the black pepper and chilli elements are the 5th and 6th ingredients listed, so maybe this isn't quite "packed" with "chillis" (is that the right way to spell that...that's the way it is spelt on the bottle!). So let's see if it really does invigorate me......

        Contents, smell and wash ability:
        The shower gel is bright red, this is actually what lured me over to it in Superdrug. It is actually labelled as a men's shower gel but due to the colour and design is fine for either gender. I had just sprayed perfume in Superdrug so bought this without smelling it (I was happy to take a gamble as it was only £1....add a bit of excitement to my day haha). The actual liquid is way thinner than the usual original Source shower gels (both women's and men's are usually much thicker to the point you have to kneed it between your hands to soften it to be able to lather over your body) not this one though. It came out very watery, even after giving the bottle a shake to mix it up, it was still really thin. I think this is why it is leaking through the suction nozzle on the bottle. I put roughly a 50p size amount in to the palm of one hand and tried to create a lather, only a very small amount of bubbles were created. I would usually only use about 4x50p amount of shower gel during one shower but easily used twice as much using this shower gel as I really didn't feel it was thick enough to clean my skin and washed off too quickly. A star has been taken off for the fact I felt I had to use twice as much and because it wasn't bubbly and luxurious feeling. Now we get on to the smell, I didn't smell this before I buy it so will judge it based on what it "should" smell like, not whether I like it or not. This one is "Black Pepper and Chilli" so should smell of..... Black Pepper and Chilli but it actually smells of After Shock (aniseed) and Vix Vapo Rub. So where is the pepper and chilli scents? I honestly do not detect either of them in this shower gel. There is also no hints of a "tingle" sensation, the way you get with the tea tree version of this shower gel, so unless being a shocking scent is what should invigorate you, I'm not sure what else they mean. Star off for not smelling anything like "Black Pepper and Chilli". The After Shock/ Vix Vapo Rub smell doesn't even last on your skin, so after the initial smell when it is in your hands it is gone after that.

        Overall I am really disappointed with this shower gel. For £1 I wasn't expecting a miracle shower gel that puts me in the shower and washes me itself, but when I know that other versions by Original Source are out there for the same price I had expected this to be of the same quality (thick, bubbling gel that's scent lasts for a couple of hours after the shower).

        2 stars given, one given as 250ml is a good quantity for £1 and one as the gel does clean you (it just takes an extra bit of work).


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        04.11.2012 23:06
        Very helpful



        A really nice smelling shower gel

        Original Source Black pepper and Chilli Shower gel for Men

        Despite the fact that this clearly stated that this was for men on the front I thought the scent and flavour combination had to be tried by me. I liked the cardamom and black pepper one they did before and thought this might be just as nice.


        "Black Pepper and Chilli Shower Gel After a hard day of whatever life has thrown in your direction, this hearty shower stuff contains two of nature's most fiery ingredients! What more could you want to help re-invigorate those tired, achy muscles and get them ready for your next awe-inspiring challenge in record time! The little chillies making an appearance in this invigorating hair and body wash score over 100,000 scoville scale - a measure of their hot and spicy nature! When blended with distinctive black peppercorns, the result is this warming, revitalizing shower experience. Showering will never be the same again!"

        Doesn't that sound tempting? I just love shower gels with a bit of a tingle in them like mint or tea tree so thought this would do something similar. I took the lid off to sniff in the shop as I always do and it smells quite spicy, quite manly I agree but sweetly spicy and aromatic, really nice I thought.


        Original Source is a company that I do quite like the products from and it is rare that I come across one that I don't like. I like their ethics and philosophy and that makes me feel happier buying their stuff.
        Original Source was not originally British company but they state on their website:

        "We are a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council and also work closely with the Vegan Society. Our products contain either pure and natural essential oils or natural extracts. We're not big fans of flying our products in from here, there and everywhere, so we source and produce as much as we can in the UK. After all, it's nice here."

        So I assume they make their products in each country they sell them in which is good as that means that they source their ingredients locally and also employ local people which makes me feel positive about buying their products.

        They also promise on their website:
        "WE WILL:
        Use natural ingredients
        Never tire of looking for new ingredients
        Never stop messing around with new ingredients and packaging
        Never test our products on animals
        Always test our products on ourselves
        Never be wasteful"

        All good as far as I am concerned as I do try to buy products from animal friendly and environmentally friendly companies as much as possible and when I know.


        My bottle of Black pepper and Chilli Shower gel is in a clear plastic bottle with a black flip top lid, which is really easy to remove and replace. The bottle is a strange shape, square edged but tapered to be thinner at the top which I suspect was designed to make it easy to stand up safely on bathroom shelves and on the sides of the bath, without the danger of tipping accidently and this does do the trick. Clearly written on the front of the bottle are the words Original Source and Black pepper and Chilli Shower gel. The front is decorated with the text proclaiming the fact that this a shower gel for men and the name of the product. On the back label there is all the blurb about the ingredients stating that this contains chillis and peppercorns. The bottle is recyclable plastic.


        I love the smell of this it is almost Christmas sort of spice as it has a sweetness and aromatic smell that blends with the pepper and chilli to create a very lovely smell. It is a bit like a muscle rub but nicer but that sort of spicy warming scent. A manly warming Christmas spice scent I think describes it perfectly.
        The fact that it is a bright red colour is also very festive too so fits with my Christmas theme for this. It is a clear red thick liquid that comes out easily through the lid.

        It lathers up well and while it doesn't tingle as you use it I do find it leaves a slightly warming feel where I have used it. A very mild sort of warming and nothing like a muscle rub ointment as that would be a bit drastic. It just feels like a warm glow.

        I tried using it as a bubble bath and once again it bubbled nicely and made a lovely spicy smelling bath with a good thick coating of bubbles. The bath water felt nice but didn't have the same glow effect that I got when using the gel directly onto my skin.

        I found this a very pleasant smell and it works well as a shower gel and bubble bath. It isn't particularly moisturising but it doesn't claim to be. I had no nasty skin allergy reactions from using it and my skin didn't feel tight and dry after using it either.


        Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfateis listed in the ingredients on this bottle and indeed you will find this in almost all products that produce foam. This is a controversial substance, which has been linked with carcinogens and is avoided by those who prefer natural products. This does not go with the natural claims of this product but I do know it is actually pretty difficult to find any bubble bath that doesn't contain it. However if you are one of those who really strongly believes in totally natural products then this may put you off.

        A method for measuring a chilli's 'heat' was invented by Wilbur Scoville in 1902. The highest rated strength is pure Capsaicin, at 15 million Scoville units, 10 million more than US police pepper spray.

        The hottest chilli is grown in the UK and it is the The Naga Viper rates an astonishing 1,359,000 on the Scoville scale, according to British researchers.

        "The previous record holder was northern India's Bhut Jolokia, or ghost pepper - is so spicy it has reportedly even been weaponised by Indian armed forces

        The Indian Government has examined ways of using the very hottest chillis such as the Bhut Jolokia to produce a spice bomb that would incapacitate enemies without killing them." Taken from the Daily Mail ( on line I rush to add as it would never cross our doorstep).

        The chilli pepper is the fruit of the plant Capsicum, a relative of the tomato and potato in the nightshade family.

        The spelling of the chilli is varied in different places. In USA, it is called chile or chile pepper; in UK, it is known as chilly or chili; and in India, it is known as chilly, or mirchi (Hindi), marchu (Gujarati), and molzhukai (Tamil)

        There are 400 varieties of chilli.

        When chilli is eaten it makes the brain produce endorphins , a natural pain killer, they also lower blood pressure and help fight against cancer.

        To get rid of the burn after eating a chilli eat something with fat in it like yogurt, cheese, ice cream or similar as water does nothing because capsaicin is not water soluble.

        There are so many more but hope I have tempted you to look into the might chilli so small yet packs a real punch.

        I really like this shower gel despite the fact that it is aimed at the male market i just love the smell. It isn't the most moisturising shower product but the smell makes up for that and it also leaves me with a warm glow after using it which is going to be great in winter.. My skin has never had an adverse reaction to this product and this is one I would buy again so thanks Original Source this one is a keeper.

        I bought this in Tesco fairly recently and I believe it was about £1.50 on special offer and that is about the average price I pay for Original Source products as I only ever buy them when on offer.
        Thank you for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

        © Catsholiday


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          08.10.2012 18:15
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Spice it up in the shower.

          I absolutely love Original Source and when they release a new product in their range I am always quick to try it out. They have had such extraordinary different flavours , some work, some not so much, but regardless they are always fun and interesting! So when I saw the new flavour Black Pepper and Chilli shower gel it went straight into my shopping trolley and then to its rightful place beside my shower.

          Original source is owned by Cussons u.k. They make a variety of different shower gels, bubble baths, hand wash, hair care and scrubs. All of their products are made with natural ingredients, they never test on animals and claim to never be wasteful. They claim to source as much of their produce from the u.k and the products themselves are all made in the u.k. So, all in all a company that seems to be doing their bit to be ethically and enviromentally responsible.

          The bottle itself is plastic and recyclable. It is an upside down squeezy bottle, which makes dispersing the gel extremly easy. The plastic is clear, which enables the user to see the colour of the gel inside the bottle. This particular flavour, black pepper and chilli, is a lovely vibrant red. The label is black, with "original source for men" written in bold white letters on the top. The sides are grooved and therfore anti-slip and easy to grip when wet. On the back we have all the usual information including ingredients and some general warnings (eg. Keep out of eyes etc). Once opened, the product must be used within 12 months. There is also a Vegan society sign, made in the uk british flag sign and recyclable plastic sign. In big bold letters Original Source state that "This bottle is packed with chillis registering over 100,000 on the scoville scale to invigorate you." According to the ingredients list the chillis are Piper Nigrum pepper and capsicum chinense (habenero) extracts.

          The gel itself is quiet thick and a little goes a long way. It froths up really well and creates quiet a few bubbles when lathering. The gel is warming and lives up to their claim that it is invigorating. The scent itself is very strong and seems to stay on the skin for quiet sometime after showering. There is definately a spicy smell to it, but it is also a bit on the sweet side as well. I find the smell pleasant and something which would particulaly suit those colder autumnal days. Although the gel is from the mens range, I think the smell is fairly unisex. That being said,  i think it is the type of product most men would be happy to use and to be seen in their bathroom. It can be used as both a shower gel and a shampoo, again I think this is something that would be more appealing to men. I have not used this on my hair so cannot really comment on how well it works as a shampoo.

          Original Source Black pepper and chilli can be purchased in most supermarkets, it is around £2 for a 250ml bottle.


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