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Original Source Cranberry & Honey Daily Scrub

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10 Reviews
  • quite gentle for a scrub
  • nice smell
  • none for me
  • Smell is very sweet
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    10 Reviews
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      20.07.2015 16:11
      Very helpful


      • " quite gentle for a scrub"
      • "nice smell"


      • "none for me"

      A great scrub which is gentle so ideal for the srcub starter

      I often purchase Original Source shower gels and spotted this one which was a daily scrub instead so thought I would give it a go.


      Original Source is a company that provides a variety of items like shower gels, hand wash and similar bathroom items. They are made in the UK, not tested on animals, recyclable packaging and generally have fruity based products.

      I love the colours of Original Source items they are almost always bright and cheery just what I need when getting up in the morning.
      I also love the fact that they say how many fruits etc. it took to make the product – in this case 425 crushed cranberry seeds.
      The bottle is clear plastic so emphasizes the lovely deep pinky colour, which is dotted with black specks or cranberry seeds.

      ***SCRUBBING AWAY***
      On opening you are not blown away by smell like some, this is quite delicate as the cranberries are missed with honey to aid with some skin moisturizing after the scrubbing effects of the cranberries. I like it, it reminds me of summer time for some reason.
      So when applying either with your hand or a cloth of some sort you get a little lather, its not excessive but I guess the idea of this product is to exfoliate. The little seeds don’t give you a harsh scrub like some others, this is gentler and I deal if you want to use it every day. It would also make a great starter scrub for the newbie or someone who has slightly more sensitive skin.
      It washes off very easily although if you do use it in a bath, beware some cranberry seeds will remain on the base of the bath.

      My skin feels clean and slightly healthier to me. I feel like I have had a deep clean. I personally don’t use it every day but that is because I like to mix and match my products so I don’t get bored! Its not overly moisturizing but it is not drying and so good enough for me.

      Overall, yes I recommend!

      Available in many big supermarkets and online beauty sites for around £2.20 but can often be found on deals.

      Review may be posted on other review sites under the same username Siberian-queen©


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      14.07.2014 15:46


      • "An ok shower product"


      • "Smell is very sweet"

      A source of disappointment

      Why did I buy it and how much was it? I stocked up on a few Original Source shower gels recently as they were on offer in Superdrug. Most of the shower gels were reduced to 99p, but this one was GBP1.15. The usual cost for a 250ml bottle of the scrub is GBP2.49. It is described as an everyday scrub that contains cranberry and honey to leave your skin smelling sweet and feeling smooth. Using the product I was really keen to try this product as I thought it sounded quite delicious! The first thing I discovered the first time I used it is that it is quite thin in consistency and I squirted quite a bit of it into the shower tray! The scrub itself is a lovely pinky red shade, and you can see the little black scrubby dots in the gel. I really thought this would smell lovely as I like sweet, fruity products. And while this is definitely sweet, and definitely fruity, it is almost a bit too much of both and I find the smell verging on sickly. Also it doesn''t smell of either cranberry or honey to me! Instead it has a slightly artificially fruity scent and although I don''t hate it, I am not that mad on it either. It''s really unusual for me not to like a fruit-scented product so I am a bit disappointed about this aspect of the product. But did things improve? Well, not much. I have two other problems with this shower product. Firstly - it isn''t really very scrubby. Yes, it had a few bits in it and you can feel these against the skin, but it certainly doesn''t feel like it''s exfoliating my sin, and the little particles seem a bit pointless really. Also, I found that the gel doesn''t really lather up very much, and I needed a second helping of the product to feel like I had enough to get really clean. On the plus side, this did leave my skin feeling nice and smooth after use. The verdict ... Well - this isn''t an awful product, but it did disappoint me quite a bit. I expected it to smell lovely and to act as an exfoliator, and I have to say it doesn''t really do either. I''m really glad I didn''t pay full price for it as I would feel a bit ripped off, but for under GBP1, I can live with the gel and will finish it off quite happily. But it isn''t one I would buy again as it didn''t really live up to my expectations. In summary: A bit of a disappointment from Original Source


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      21.10.2013 19:50
      Very helpful



      Not the right scent for me, but otherwise a good product.

      Today I am going to review the Cranberry & Honey Daily Scrub by Original Source.

      Shopper's appeal
      I discovered this scrub at Boots while I was simply browsing. I like using scrubs now and then. They make my skin smoother and using them feels like giving yourself a little massage under the shower! So far I've only had good experiences with Original Source and the scent sounded really good, so it wasn't a hard decision to make when I wanted to buy this scrub!

      The bottle
      This scrub comes in a see-through bottle that stands on it's cap. The cap is black and can easily be flipped open. As usual, the bottle is rather flat but wide, getting smaller towards the top. Through the bottle you can see the pink scrub. In red writing it says that the scrub contains "425 crushed cranberry seeds" on the front of the bottle. The brand name is given on the middle part of the bottle and the product's name is given below. The product is supposed to be "packed with natural stuff".
      On the back of the bottle is a bright pink label with black writing on it. The daily scrub is supposed to be good for thos days when "showering is just not enough". After using this product, your skin is supposed to feel nourished, smooth and smell good!
      The bottle contains 250ml and the scrub was manufactured in Great Britain. Of course the ingredients are listed on the bottle as well.

      My experiences
      I was very excited about using this scrub as cranberry and honey sounded like a great scent. The pink scrub looked great through the bottle which doubled my excitement. ;)
      The scrub itself is pink with tiny black seeds that provide the scrubbing effect. When I first squeezed some of the scrub out of the bottle, I was surprised by the gel-like texture. When I rubbed it over my skin, it turned out to be creamy enough though. It was also easy to rinse off.
      I was slightly disappointed by the scent. I expected a quirky sweet, fruity scent. However, the scent was a bit too natural to me. It just smelt like berries with a slightly sour edge to it. I didn't smell any honey and was a bit disappointed - I prefer quirkier scents and like it a little sweeter.
      The scrubbing effect was pleasing. It wasn't too rough and gave my skin a gentle little massage. Afterwards, my skin felt smooth and smelt nice. It didn't feel dry at all and I was pleased over all.
      Even when you use it daily, the scrub will last you about three weeks. I was very pleased with how long it lasted me!
      My skin reacted well to it and I had no problems. Allergics and very sensitive people should check the ingredients before buying.

      The ingredients
      Aqua,Sodium Laureth Sulfate ,Cocamidopropyl Betaine ,Acrylates /Steareth-20 Methacrylate Crosspolymer ,Polyethylene ,Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil ,Mel ,Glycerin ,Parfum ,Sodium Benzoate ,Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate ,Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer ,Copernicia Cerifera Cera ,Sodium Lithium Magnesium Silicate ,Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate ,Sodium Hydroxide ,Potassium Sorbate ,Phenoxyethanol ,Methylchloroisothiazolinone ,Methylisothiazolinone ,Magnesium Chloride ,Magnesium Nitrate ,Acetic Acid ,DMDM Hydantoin ,Benzotriazolyl Dodecyl p-Cresol ,Limonene ,Linalool ,Caramel ,CI 14700 ,CI 19140 ,CI 42090

      The price
      This scrub is £2.65 at Boots.

      I was okay with this scrub and didn't mind using it up, but the scent failed to amaze me. I prefer sweeter scents and expected this scrub to be a little sweeter since it contains honey, but the scent wasn't sweet and a bit too sour for me. Everything else was okay though. This product had the usual Original Source quality!


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        04.06.2013 09:16
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Nice as a shower gel!

        I received so many toiletries for Christmas.

        I literally bought my first shampoo of the year in mid-May as I spent 5 months using up my Christmas shampoos and those that I already had.
        I am still using my shower gels and body washes from Christmas.

        My sister made up a huge hamper of toiletries for me at Christmas and this Original Source cranberry and honey daily scrub was part of it.

        I have used Original Source products in the past, but I don't recall having tried this one.

        ~ Packaging ~
        The bottle stands on it's black flip cap lid.
        The clear plastic bottle has, '425 crushed cranberry seeds are packed into Original Source daily scrub cranberry and honey' written on the front in bold lettering.
        In smaller letters underneath it says, 'Packed with natural stuff'.
        The back of the bottle has a dark pink coloured label.
        It says, 'Some days showering is just not enough, so we've combined the powers of cranberry and honey, creating a nourishing everyday scrub to leave your skin smelling sweet and feeling smooth.'
        There is also a list of ingredients and the address and web address of the company.
        It also tells us that the bottle holds 250ml, the bottle is recyclable and the product was made in the UK.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        This product is available from most supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug, Wilkinsons, Home Bargains and it is sometimes available from pound stores.
        In Boots it was £2.65, but is currently reduced to £1.32 for 250ml.
        You can often get a bottle for around £1.10 when it is on offer, along with the others in the range.
        I think it is very reasonably priced.

        ~ In use ~
        According to Original Source, 'Original Source scrub + water = 1 soft and nourished you.'
        The product itself is a pale pink colour. It has quite a thick consistency, but not too thick.
        It smells really nice. The cranberry is sweet and fruity and the honey gives it a creamier scent. I love the scent of cranberries. They are very juicy and vibrant, but I think the honey dulls down the vibrant juiciness a little bit in this product. I am not a big fan of the scent of honey, often finding it quite harsh, but in this scrub it is not as harsh and heavy and I can't really smell the usual honey scent that I am familiar with.
        As stated on the front of the bottle there are crushed cranberry seeds in this daily scrub. They are very small and they feel rough, but I think they are so small that they don't really do much as far as scrubbing goes. They are not highly concentrated like in other scrubs, but this is meant to be a daily scrub so I suppose this would be for more regular use than your average scrub.
        I use this as a regular shower gel and I have found that it smells sweet and fruity and leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturised.
        The scent lingers on your skin for a little while, but unless someone is sniffing your skin I doubt anyone else would notice the scent on you.
        I have seen reviews where people have been disappointed that shower products haven't lingered on their skin for longer, but this doesn't bother me. It is not something I would expect from a shower product, unless it was from Lush maybe, but this is just a regular off the shelf daily scrub so I pleased with it.
        I can't honestly say that I think this scrub has made much of a difference to my skin. I am just as soft and nourished as I was before using it, but I do enjoy using it as a normal shower gel.

        ~ Conclusion ~
        This product is pretty much what I expected.
        It has a lovely scent and is nice and moisturising on my skin.
        Although the crushed cranberry seeds are obvious in this scrub, they are very small and I don't think they do much. I like this as a shower gel though.
        My other half also uses it and I don't think the scent is particularly feminine so it is suitable for both sexes to use.
        I would buy this product again, but there are plenty of others in the range that I have yet to try so I would rather work my way through the other Original Source shower products first.


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          03.06.2013 14:03
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Not one I will be buying regularly

          I like using body scrubs in the shower, I was using the same NSpa body scrub for ages and got a little bored with it so decided to hunt out some different scrubs to use for a bit of a change. One scrub I've tried recently is this one from Original Source.

          The cranberry and honey body scrub is widely available to purchase from supermarkets and places like Boots and Superdrug. A 250ml bottle of this costs £2.50 but can be found on various different offers if you shop around.

          The packaging ties in with the rest of the Original Source range being a transparent plastic bottle that sits with the lid at the bottom. I prefer products that have the lid at the bottom, it makes it so much easier to dispense the product, especially when you get to the last dregs at the bottom. The front of the bottle boasts that 425 crushed cranberry seeds are featured inside the product.

          The scrub itself has quite a runny consistency, I'm not used to this with a scrub as the ones I've used in the past have been relatively thick. Contained inside the runny product are tiny black specks that make up the scrubby properties of it. The colour of this is an off pink type of colour, where it doesn't look that appealing, the smell definitely makes up for this as it smells gorgeous (just like most other products from Original Source), the fruity cranberry scent overpowers any honey type of scent, it isn't too in your face and seems to be just perfect.

          I apply this all over my body and find that although it's just runny, a little definitely goes a long way and the bottle does tend to last for quite a while. The little specks making up the scrub are too little for my liking, when I'm applying it, it doesn't feel like I'm getting a good scrub and just rubbing little bits of fluff or something around the top of my skin. I prefer feeling like it's getting gritty and leaving my skin red in places so I know it's getting to work but I don't get that sensation from this scrub.

          Once I've finished in the shower and dried off, the body scrub does feel like it's done some good, where the results aren't as good as my favourite brand, it still leaves my skin feeling fresh and healthier than a shower gel would do on its own. The cranberry type scent is still evident for an hour or two after my shower which is quite nice, I've started using body lotions after using this scrub so it does end up masking the scent but if I don't use one it's nice that the scent has a little staying power.

          I won't be buying this body scrub religiously but I think I will purchase it again in the future for a bit of a change. The small specks let this product down, I would prefer slightly larger specks to get a good scrub going on but the smell is nice and a little goes a long way.


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            12.12.2012 13:48
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Love this product!

            I haven't written a review for a while, but I had to review this product!! I bought this one for its lovely scent and because I was in need of some new bath products.

            --The Product--

            This is an Original Source natural body scrub in cranberry & honey. Opening the cap, the scent is not too sickly sweet but fresh and fruity enough for a deep soak in the bath or a quick, invigorating shower. I favour fruity scents in the bath as they make me feel fresh and clean.

            --Would I recommend this product?--

            As a deep cleansing scrub, no. As a light scrub cross shower gel it ticks all the boxes. I can understand why you would be disappointed if you were looking for a really deep cleansing scrub, but this light scrub is enough to use all over your body without being too abrasive. However, for problem areas I would recommend a different product.

            I would definitely recommend this product for a delightful fruity bath or shower products as I love the scent. This works lovely as a fruity shower gel for everyday use.

            --Price and Availability--

            I bought mine at Tescos and they are currently on a 2 for £4 offer or £2.50 for one. I found this a reasonable price for a great product and one which uses natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic fragrances. I like the company ethos and the packaging which is fun and stylish.

            I find it good value for money as a little goes a long way especially if you use it with a sponge. You can also buy this product from other supermarkets including Asda, as well as cosmetics stores like Boots.

            There are cheaper products out there but I chose this one for the natural ingredients and the lovely scent.

            --Design of the Bottle--

            This may seem trivial but it's annoying when you have ill shaped bottles fitting on narrow shelves. The Original Source have obviously taken this into account and have produced a fantastic shape of bottle, ideal for fitting into a shower gel holder or on the edge of a bath.

            The packaging claims "425 crushed cranberry seeds" went into the product, which emphasises the company's use of natural ingredients and is a great selling point. The mint one owned by my boyfriend boasts something like "4789 mint leaves went into this bottle" which I can't quite believe but wow!


            I love the girly pink colour of this scrub and the fact that it won't get nicked by the boys I live with as it is obviously more of a feminine bath product.


            The quality of the product is second to none. The natural ingredients, thick consistency and fruity scent as well as the quality bottle design mean this is a company I respect for good quality products.


            The consistency is perfect. I have had shower products which have been too runny in the past and this one squeezes out thick. The creamy consistency is probably created by the honey and makes the product beautifully thick and enjoyable to spread over the skin.

            --How To Use--

            I squeeze a small amount onto a sponge and dip the sponge in the bath. After that I apply all over the body which generates satisfying bubbles! A little goes a long way so you don't need a great deal to get the full effect. I follow this by rinsing with water.

            --How does it feel?--

            It leaves skin feeling cleansed and fresh. The small scrub "bits" give the skin a light exfoliation.

            --Other Scents--

            They come in a range of shower gels and scrubs and in many delectable sounding flavours. I would definitely buy again as I love this product! My other half has the mint & tea tree one, which I would also recommend for an invigorating wake up shower which leaves you tingling!

            --The Company--

            I love the fact that this company offers all natural products. This would make me more likely to buy again. I heard about their products when I used some of my boyfriend's mint & tea tree shower gel and enjoyed the invigorating cool mint feeling. Their website is to be found over at www.originalsource.co.uk along with further customer reviews, product info and ingredient info.


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              18.09.2012 21:24
              Very helpful



              Not the best Original Source product I have found

              Original Source Cranberry and honey Daily Scrub
              Original Source is a company that I do quite like the products from and it is rare that I come across one that I don't like. I like their ethics and philosophy and that makes me feel happier buying their stuff.
              Original Source was not originally British company but they state on their website:

              "We are a member of the Aromatherapy Trade Council and also work closely with the Vegan Society. Our products contain either pure and natural essential oils or natural extracts. We're not big fans of flying our products in from here, there and everywhere, so we source and produce as much as we can in the UK. After all, it's nice here."

              So I assume they make their products in each country they sell them in which is good as that means that they source their ingredients locally and also employ local people which makes me feel positive about buying their products.

              They also promise on their website:
              "WE WILL:
              Use natural ingredients
              Never tire of looking for new ingredients
              Never stop messing around with new ingredients and packaging
              Never test our products on animals
              Always test our products on ourselves
              Never be wasteful"

              All good as far as I am concerned as I do try to buy products from animal friendly and environmentally friendly companies as much as possible and when I know.

              My bottle of Cranberry and honey Daily Scrub is in a slightly opaque plastic bottle with a black flip top lid, which is really easy to remove and replace. The bottle is a strange shape, square edged but tapered to be thinner at the top which I suspect was designed to make it easy to stand up safely on bathroom shelves and on the sides of the bath, without the danger of tipping accidently and this does do the trick. Clearly written on the front of the bottle are the words Original Source and Cranberry and honey Daily Scrub . The front is decorated with the text proclaiming the 425 crushed cranberry seeds are added to each bottle. On the back label there is all the blurb about the ingredients stating that this contains fresh cranberries , the seeds and honey. The bottle is recyclable plastic.

              MY EXPERIENCE

              Well initially I was a bit disappointed with the smell as it didn't smell like cranberries or honey to me. It is a strange sort of flesh coloured quite thick opaque liquid with bits in it. Still i poured some onto my flannel and attempted to scrub my body. The smell is slightly fruity but not really one that grabs me and after it lathers up the smell becomes quite false and not at all like any cranberry I have ever smelled or tasted.

              The 425 crushed seeds just look like tiny black specs and did absolutely nothing at all to scrub. They just felt like tiny flecks getting in the way. They either need to add more or take them out altogether in my view as they are a complete waste of time.

              In fact this one is a fail on so many levels. It smells unnatural which is strange considering that original Source claim to use only natural oils and essences to scent their products. Maybe cranberry is not such a wonderful smell and they need to think of adding something with a bit more humph to create a pleasant more natural fruity aroma.

              The colour isn't the nicest but if everything else had been great then I could have lived with the colour of dull salmon pink and cloudy.

              The seeds are just a complete waste of time and if this is a scrub then you may as well just give yourself a bit more of a rub with the flannel or towel when drying as they do absolutely nothing.

              On the plus side I have had no adverse reaction to this at all and i do sometimes have an itchy skin rash that develops from some products.


              Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfateis listed in the ingredients on this bottle and indeed you will find this in almost all products that produce foam. This is a controversial substance, which has been linked with carcinogens and is avoided by those who prefer natural products. This does not go with the natural claims of this product but I do know it is actually pretty difficult to find any bubble bath that doesn't contain it. However if you are one of those who really strongly believes in totally natural products then this may put you off.

              Cranberries are grown in fields and in order to harvest them they flood the fields and shake the bushes. The cranberries float to the top and are collected by machines.

              Cranberries are a major commercial crop in the American states of Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin, as well as in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

              Cranberries were introduced to the first settlers by the native Americans and served at the first Thanksgiving meal.

              Good cranberries bounce!

              If you lined up all the cranberries produced in North America in 2000, they would stretch from Boston to Los Angeles more than 565 times.

              There are around 333 cranberries in a pound. 3,333 cranberries in a gallon of juice and 33,333 cranberries in a 100 pound barrel.

              95% of cranberries are used to make juice, dried or make cranberry products while %5 are sold as fresh fruit.

              Cranberries are high in fibre and vitamin C and also help protect against health problems like urinary tract infections, and chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease.

              The best one yet is really weird:
              "John Lennon repeated the words Cranberry sauce at the end of the song Strawberry Fields Forever, a fact that Lennon confirmed in a 1980 interview. He stated it was a kind of icing on the cake of the weirdness of song, where anything he might have imagined saying would have been appropriate."

              There are so many more but I just wanted to give a bit of fun to this review that is still relevant to the product.

              I was not that fussed over this product as the smell was not that great, the scrubbing quality non existent and all in all a poor product. I am glad this was not the first product from original Source that I have tried as it would have put me off trying others. My skin has never had an adverse reaction to this product but that is about the only positive I can say sorry Original Source this one is a fail.

              I bought this in Tesco earlier this year and I believe it was about £1.50 on special offer and that is about the average price I pay for Original Source products as I only ever buy them when on offer.
              Thank you for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

              © Catsholiday


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                17.10.2011 02:16
                Very helpful



                This is not a great shower scrub but does well as a shower gel so you need to weigh it up

                Original Source have got a number of shower gels on offer and have recently started to offer up a large number of new products including shower creams and scrubs and this is one of their newest offerings which sees the fragrances of cranberry and honey married together in pink shower scrub but is this something worth having on your shelves?

                Original Source products contain natural ingredients so are friendly to your skin and cut down on your chances of having any skin reactions which is something which is always good to know in a society which uses more and more synthetic and man made things in all products
                This is a well packaged shower gel which comes in a bottle that stands on its cap easily and securely so that you needn't worry about having to shake the bottle hard as you get down to the last remaining shower gel/scrub in the bottle. The bottle is also easy to handle and not likely to slip from your hand no matter how wet your hand or the bottle gets. A simple bottle but one with which you can only squeeze the amount you require each time and so cut down on waste.
                A value for money product that is in line with the prices of other shower gels which don't use natural ingredients.
                A fresh and luxurious smell is created thanks to the natural ingredients used and the cranberry and honey mix smells simply great.
                Leaves skin feeling clean and refreshed each and every wash.

                This is meant as a shower scrub and for me is not great as such. It is still a great shower gel and one I really like to have in my collection though.

                This is another great offering from te Original Source range but whilst I think it works well as a shower gel I can't recommend it as a great shower scrub. The great smell and clean feeling you are left with are both things that are excellent and something that Original Source are known for delivering with each product they put out there and thankfully this one lives up to this standard too. A simple yet well designed packaging allows you to use this easily so even if you are someone who takes your shower in the morning to try to wake up then don't worry about a slippery bottle that you can't get to stand up as the design takes care of these little things that we take for granted. Overall if you are wanting this as a shower gel that smells good then it is one to consider but not one for those looking for a great scrub which is what it is ultimately meant to be.


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                02.10.2011 22:48
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A shower gel with bits!

                I bought a few of these about 2 months ago from Boots when they were £1 each. I normally keep a huge stock of shower gels. A bottle of this scrub contains 250ml.

                Like other shower gels and scrubs in the range the bottle is top down, this is great as it means you use every last drop. The bottle is also designed to fit into your hand and the plastic is flexible to enable you to squeeze the product out. The bottle also has a slightly different texture around the sides to provide grip when it's wet.

                The front of the bottle states that the scrub contains 425 crushed cranberry seeds. Cranberry is known for it's antioxidant properties and honey is nourishing and moisturising to the skin.

                To use this scrub you simply massage a small amount into damp skin, if using in the shower I would recommend you turn it off first or you'll lose most of the seeds down the plug. The scrub has a really creamy consistency when you squeeze it out, I only noticed a few seeds though. It has a lovely smell which is mainly of cranberry it is very fruity and fresh. I didn't notice the smell of honey in the scrub. The scrub lathered up really well on my skin however I didn't notice much of a scrubbing effect. The scrub rinses off well. After use my skin felt really smooth and moisturised, it had a really nice smell too I didn't need to use any moisturiser either after use.

                This scrub can be used daily unlike others I have used in the past, I would guess this is because it isn't really a scrub it's more of a shower gel with a few bits.

                I would give this 4 out of 5, it's good for the price and smells nice it could just use a few more scrubby bits in it!


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                  18.09.2011 15:23
                  Very helpful



                  Not original enough!

                  Now, I am a big fan of Original Source, in fact I would go as far as a huge fan of Original Source, so spotting a scrub in their shower range at Boots got me more than a little bit excited. I have been using a variety of Soap and Glory and The Body Shop scrubs, but we all know they are a little pricey, so as I have moved to London and my rent has gone up, I could not resist this comparatively budget buy.

                  *** Packaging ***

                  If you have ever used Original Source shower products, then the packaging for this one is pretty similar. Flip back lid which is easy to use with wet hands, a nice tapered design with block print which looks nice, but not stunning on your shelf. The bottle itself is a strong, yet flexible plastic, so it's easy to get the last of the product out, and the fact that it is see through lets you know when you are soon to run out. I am a big fan of the back of the bottle itself being textured, so there is no chance of dropping it during a groggy early morning shower.

                  *** Appearance and Scent of the Product ***

                  The scrub itself is an opaque, fleshy pink colour with a few black bits scattered throughout, these are the exfoliating cranberry seeds. The product says there a whole 425 seeds per bottle, however I think they need to multiply this by four to unlock the potential in this product. In fact these little cranberry seeds are few and far between making this difficult to use as a scrub, more on the scrubbing abilities later.

                  The scent of this product is meant to be cranberry and honey and for me is a massive disappointment. For a company that prides itself on natural products the cranberry smells cheap and artificial, and to my nose more like bad watermelon. The scent of the moisturising honey is also non-existent, which is a real shame as it could have helped take the edge off the awful artificial smell. The upside to the use of the honey is that it has been sourced from Fairtrade farmers, however I can't believe me purchasing the product has helped many bee keepers abroad, due to the distinct lack of honey detected. In fact it makes up a whole 2% of the scrub itself a massive 5 ml of honey per tube, well maybe I won't be winning the Nobel Peace Prize any time soon. Like a lot of these budget shower products the scent does linger on the skin if only for an hour or two, if you want to layer with a nicer cranberry smell The Body Shop have some nice options. If not, I would recommend a general fruity smelling lotion, the cheaper, the better.

                  *** In The Shower ***

                  The scrub itself is easy to dispense and lathers well to give a generally cleansed feel to the skin. As far as the scrubbing goes, I quite frankly would not bother. The stinginess of the cranberry seeds present means you would have to use half the tube to get a deep exfoliation. The cranberry seeds themselves are very gentle exfoliators, and you don't get the deep clean feeling like you would with sugar or salt scrubs. That being said I can see where Original Source were coming from with this one being a daily scrub, as it is not too abrasive so could in theory be used daily. However, this has led to a product that is merely sitting on the fence, an okay shower gel and a simply poor scrub.

                  Moisturising capabilities, this one is not overly drying, but I use a moisturiser on top anyway. I have certainly used more drying scrubs, but I owe that to the gentleness of the product and that 5 ml of honey.

                  *** Price and Availability ***

                  This scrub is now available in all large drugstores and supermarkets priced at around £2. I agree that for a scrub this is a bargain, however I would class this as an overpriced shower gel from Original Source and I would stick to their other products.

                  If you are looking for a scrub on a budget the likes of N-Spa and Pink Cow are definitely worth trying.

                  However, if you don't mind paying a bit extra, The Body Shop, The Sanctuary and Soap and Glory really knock the other scrubs out of the park.

                  Two stars and not recommended. Original Source have created a product that is not one thing or another in a scent that I'm not mad about. Stick to the shower gels!


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