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Original Source Rose & Geranium Bath Foam

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7 Reviews
  • Scent is gorgeous
  • Oh so lovely when using it
  • Makes my skin itch
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    7 Reviews
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      14.11.2014 21:05
      Very helpful


      • "Scent is gorgeous"
      • "Oh so lovely when using it"


      • "Makes my skin itch"

      Gorgeous smelling bath foam that sadly makes my skin itch

      I should really learn, I guess, from past experiences with Original Source products, that there's something in them that just doesn't agree with my skin. The thing is, they feel and smell lush and usually foam and lather quite nicely as well, whether we're talking about bath foam, shower gel or any of their other products.

      This particular one is one that we have had in the house for a while, and my wife usually uses it. It does have a bit of a feminine scent to it, and certainly suits her more than me when emerging from a steamy bathroom having used. However, if that's all there is, the floral nature is not that much of a deterrent to me. You don't need to use that much for it to foam up, and the fumes permeate nicely throughout the house if the door's open. I also found that they linger for quite a while afterwards, and they're not overpowering whether you're in the room or elsewhere in the house.

      Getting in, the feeling on my skin is usually nice to start with, and indeed throughout the bath I felt nothing but relaxation. After a bath or a shower, I usually need to use a moisturiser on my face and some sort of cream on my arms and legs to stop them itching, and after bathing in this, I did notice that my face was drying rather quickly and so I needed to apply a bit more moisturiser than usual.

      A couple of hours later though, I was itching quite a bit, and even though I applied more cream, I still had itchiness and it was annoying. This reaction happens to my skin every time I use Original Source products, and I should learn - the lure of the soothing nature on my skin when I use it, and the scents and general way their products are put together though is just too tempting and I regret it only later when itching like crazy!

      The packaging is pretty good. You could easily put a portion of their sales down to visual marketing and clever product packaging, with an easy to open and hold bottle coming as no surprise given that most of their products are equally as easy and convenient to use.

      My natural conclusion would be to say that I can't medically recommend this from a personal point of view due to how badly it makes me itch and how dry and flaky it makes my skin, but from a scent point of view throughout, and a soothing point of view whilst using the product, it's lovely. If you don't have the sort of skin I do, get this stuff. It's lovely.


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      26.08.2010 10:07
      Very helpful



      Nice smelling bath foam

      Original Source Rose and Geranium Deep soak Bath Foam

      I have always loved herbs and plants with nice smells. Some of my favourites are the scented geraniums and I particularly love the rose scented geranium and the peppermint scented one too. When I saw this bottle on sale in my local bargain shop I just had to buy it.

      Original Source state that they only use 100% pure and natural essential oils this statement is clearly visible on the website and on the product packaging.They do not use any synthetic perfumes, the scent in their products comes only from these essential oils which have a very strong smell..These ingredients are extracted from plants as they provide natural scents and essential oils which are better for us and the environment too. Essential oils are known to have physiological and psychological effects and many people believe they can help improve health. However If you are pregnant you should always check with your midwife or GP before using any products that contain essential oils..

      My bottle of Rose & Geranium Bath Foam is in a clear plastic bottle with a black flip top lid, which is really easy to remove and replace. The bottle is a strange shape, square edged but tapered to thinner at the p which I suspect was designed to make it easy to stand up safely on bathroom shelves and on the sides of the bath. Without the chance of tipping accidently and this does do the trick. Clearly written on the front of the bottle are the words Original Source Rose and Geranium Deep Soak Bath Foam in black. On the back label there is all the blurb about the ingredients stating that this contains essential rose oil which comes only from real rose petals. The bottle is recyclable plastic.

      Inside the bottle, the bath soak is a beautiful subtle pink, the colour of rose wine. It is real rose pink and a very feminine colour so probably not for the 'real men' in this world! The advantage of the clear bottle is that it needs no decoration, the product shows itself off.

      As you remove the lid from the bottle the smell is really quite powerful and very floral and obviously rose and mixed with geranium. I bought some rose essential oil when we were in Morocco and you can tell this is what has been use to scent this bath foam. The geranium is also a strong scent and they balance each other as they do in a rose scented geranium which in my view is what this smells like.


      The long list of ingredients which are clear to read on the back of the bottle include essential oils of rose & geranium and also lemon, orange, sandalwood, lavender and grape seed oil.

      A few years ago I did an aromatherapy massage course at college - a birthday present from my husband who had a vested interest in being the recipient of the massages!

      Geranium Oil is known to help heal scars and it tones up muscles and skin and gives you a better look. It also had deodorant properties. It can be helpful in the treatment of acne, dermatitis and other skin diseases, eczema and burns,. Besides all these skin benefits it also has great mental uplifting effects and can be very effective in treating depression, anxiety, anger etc.

      Rose essential oil It is one of the best oils which can give you a shining, fresh and youthful skin. Its aroma keeps you charged and feeling happy. It promotes circulation, takes care of heart, reduces blood pressure, helps cure headaches and relieves, asthma. Rose Essential Oil helps makes the scars and after marks of boils, acne and pox etc. on the skin to fade away. This includes fading of stretch marks and surgery marks. Besides the skin benefits Rose Oil boosts self esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength and efficiently fights depression. This oil is widely used in aromatherapy and invokes positive thoughts, spiritualism and feelings of joy, happiness and hope.

      The essential oil of Sandal Wood soothes skin and helps fading away of scars, spots etc. Sandal Oil soothes skin, relieves it from inflammations and irritations, cures infections on it and keeps it fresh and cool. This oil sedates inflammations, anxiety, fear, stress, restlessness etc. and induces relaxation, calmness, concentration, inner vision and positive thoughts. This too had deodorant qualities.

      Grape seed oil holds great moisturizing properties for the skin leaving it very soft and supple after using. Strangely for oil it has an astringent property, i.e. it can tighten the skin, and so can be used in toning the skin. It can also be used in treating acne and many other skin problems as it contains linoleic acid which is an essential component of the cell membrane. It provides nourishment to the skin and aids in skin repair and because it is light oil it is more easily absorbed by the skin.

      What is it like to use?

      So enough of the benefits of the contents what is it like in the bath? Well I always have a sniff as I open the lid and pour out the wonderful clear pink rose wine coloured thick liquid into my bath or more often I use it as you would a shower gel straight on to my skin, lather and then rinse off. The smell is wonderfully exotic in a way as it reminds me of Morocco and the town where we bought our rose essential oil. It is distinctly rose and quite a romantic smell as roses are such beautiful romantic flowers.

      After I have enjoyed a bath with this my whole bathroom is filled with the lovely warm steamy smell of geranium and rose which is quite sweet but really beautiful, exotic and a bit like walking down a rose arbor on a lovely summer's evening. As our bathroom is next to our bedroom is provides a lovely room freshener and with all the lovely properties of relaxation and calming that rose and geranium provide it aids our sleep at night after the bath.

      After my bath I feel nicely relaxed and stress free and smell like a fresh rose. I do suffer with dry skin and eczema and this has no adverse reaction and in fact should help as the essential oil properties are meant to help with skin conditions like eczema.

      A bit about the company ethics :

      Original Source products state that they do not test their products on animals or use any products that have been tested by any other third party .They are also registered with the vegan society and are also a member of the aromatherapy trade council all of this I found on their website.

      A niggly bit:

      Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfateis listed in the ingredients on this bottle and indeed you will find this in almost all products that produce foam. This is a controversial substance, which has been linked with carcinogens and is avoided by those who prefer natural products. This does not go with the natural claims of this product but I do know it is actually pretty difficult to find any bubble bath that doesn't contain it. However if you are one of those who really strongly believes in totally natural products then this may put you off.

      If you have any queries or comments you'd like to make regarding this product then you can contact them as follows:
      Tel: 0800 581 001 (in the UK)
      Write to:
      PZ Cussons
      NWW 13380
      SK3 OYL

      I love this bath foam as the smell is exotic and sensuous and fills my room with a glorious rosy smell after I use it. My skin has never had an adverse reaction to this product and the smell stays gently on my skin as I dry myself off and lasts for a while after I'm dry. It is not so overpowering that you could not bath with the then use another perfume to wear out - it is strong in the bottle and the bath in use but does not remain strong on your skin. I always feel nice and relaxed and calm after my bath when using this. I would say that this is rather more aimed at the female market than the male but this is not written in stone just my personal opinion! My husband has not been tempted but is happy to share my bath after I have used it!

      I'm not sure of the price as I got this from my bargain shop and paid only 80p and I have not seen it recently in other shops when I have looked.

      Thank you for reading. This review may be posted on other sites under my same user name.

      © Catsholiday


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        14.11.2008 21:57
        Very helpful



        nice bath foam with a strong flower scent

        I bought this Original Source Rose and Geranium bath foam at Boots for £1.99 and I think it was a 150ml bottle.

        This bath foam comes in a clear plastic bottle with black lid and the product inside is bright pink so makes the appearance of the bottle cute and vibrant.

        The product's consistency is a gel like formula (similar texture to shampoo, soap or washing up liquids I guess... not sure how else to describe), it's a vibrant pink colour and smells quite strongly of flowers; roses and geraniums, though in my opinion the geranium scent overpowers the rose. I would have liked it the other way around but this isn't too bad and certainly not unpleasant.

        The product foams up nicely in the bath and I like to use quite a generous amount so I ended up with a huge mountain of foam which I loved soaking in.

        Afterwards, I felt relaxed, my skin felt soft and smooth and I could smell the rose and geranium scent on my skin for hours afterwards.

        I don't often have baths as I'm always in a hurry and more of a shower person, but I would recommend this for bath and rose lovers as this would be bath and relaxation heaven. The price tag isn't too hefty and I got over 8 baths out of mine... You'd probably end up with more but I love to just put loads of product in for a stronger scent and loads of bubbles.


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        28.08.2008 10:52
        Very helpful



        A floral smelling bath foam from Original Source

        I love the Original Source products and recently signed up to receive free products which I had read widely about here on Dooyoo. It wasn't too long until I had to wait for my very first free gift which was a 50ml bottle of Rose & Geranium Deep Soak Bath Foam. So I have to admit I was really happy and pleased that I did actually get something for nothing, what I had been expecting was one of those hard to open sachets which you find stuck inside magazines, in this case thankfully not.

        I find these days that a lot of my friends tend to use products from companies who use natural products and having always been one to follow someone else's lead I have to say it does make an impact on what I buy. As a company Original source only use 100% pure and natural essential oils and this statement is clearly visible on the website and on the product packaging. The ingredients that they use are extracted from parts of plants and fruit peels because it is believed that they, along with essential oils are better for the person and the skin.

        The bottle of Rose & Geranium Bath Foam arrived in a clear plastic bottle with a black flip top lid, which is really easy to remove and replace. The bottle although clear was an odd triangular which I suspect was designed to make it easy to stand up on bathroom shelves and on the sides of the bath. Clearly written on the front of the bottle are the words Original Source Rose and Geranium Deep Soak Bath Foam. So if you were to buy this in a supermarket, you would definitely know what you have purchased.

        Inside the bottle, the bath soak is a bright fluorescent pink which clearly stands out. One of the things I like about Original Source products are the vivid colours which are used to catch the eye, whenever I am in a supermarket looking for shower gel or bath foam my eyes almost immediately wander to the brightest coloured things available because they stand out and look much more exciting than something in a plain white boring plastic bottle. However, the second you remove the lid from the bottle the smell is really quite powerful and very floral but in a nice floral way, not something to remind you of your Nan when she is spritzing her house with lavender like mine does. I really liked the smell of this product and couldn't wait to use it.

        This product comes with a long list of ingredients which are clear to read on the back of the bottle. As I have already stated Original Source products contain essential oils and whilst this one obviously has rose & geranium there are quite a few others. Lemon, orange, sandlewood, lavender and grape seed oil. Geranium Oil I know promotes an uplifting effect on the skin and is especially useful for those of us who have either dry or oily skin and I am told by my sister who is an aromatherapist that rose oil and geranium oil are her choice oils when massaging a client because they are incredibly relaxing for the mind and soul and help to relieve stress. The one ingredient I wasn't sure about was grape seed oil and having asked what it was for I was told that it holds great moisturising properties for the skin leaving it very soft and supple after using.

        Armed with that information my bath taps were running on full and as I tipped in the bath foam I noticed it was quite thick in texture and it plopped out rather than run smoothly, so having already put far too much in I sat back and waited to see what would happen as my bath began to fill up. The bubbles formed quite quickly and they were quick thick bubbles which sat directly on top of the water rather than mix in with the water and slowly become nothing. The water itself was a lovely shade of pink and my whole bathroom, although filled with steam was a lovely smell of geranium and rose which is quite sweet but really beautiful.

        Once I had dried myself my skin did feel really nice and soft and smelled beautiful and was very soft to touch and in myself I felt incredibly relaxed and stress free. Since using this product I haven't had any bad reactions to it nor has my skin become irritable or dry. I do tend to suffer with dry skin and usually stick to using baby products such as Johnson's baby wash as there are no ingredients which can potentially irritate my skin, but thankfully whenever I feel like a change Original Source products are okay for me to use, assuming I can find one which smells nice enough for me to use because I don't like the smell of a lot of their products, the smells are often too overpowering and I like something a little discreet and fresh smelling which is what I have got with this bath foam.

        I also like Original Source products because they do not test their products on animals or use a third party that does and they are also registered with the vegan society and are also a member of the aromatherapy trade council all of which can be found on the Original Source website.

        Since buying this product I have become a bigger fan of Original Source products and this is one that I will definitely be using time and time again and I recommend it to anyone to use who like me, likes their products to have a nice smell but not an overpowering, overwhelming smell. Even better that I didn't have to pay for it because it was free, but if I had to buy some new bath foam, then this would definitely be at the top of the list. As most Original Source products can be found on most high streets and within supermarkets it is relatively easy to find them and they are all priced about £1.98 depending on offers available at that time.

        Having now used this product for a few weeks I can also safely say that my skin hasn't dried out leaving me with dry, itchy patches of skin like I have experienced in the past, instead I have been left with soft, smooth, glowing skin.


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          03.02.2007 21:46
          Very helpful



          A natural bath foam

          I got a freebie! Sorry to shout about it but i don't usually get something for nothing and if i do get a free sample it's usually one of those tiny samples that when you squeeze it there is hardly any in it. So i was really pleased when i recieved this one, It was a 50ml bottle.

          Original source has been around a while and the company state that they only use 100% pure and natural essential oils. These are extracted from parts of plants and fruit peels. Essential oils are known for their relaxing and rejuvenating properties. These days people are turning more and more to natural products.

          They also state that they do not test on animals or use a third party that does. They are also registered with the vegan society ( again with the i'm not eating it! ). They are also a member of the aromatherapy trade council.

          It comes in a plain clear bottle with a black screw top. On the front in plain bold black writing it says Original Rose Source Bath Foam. It then states in small writing that it is a totally sensuous and aromatic bath experience. You can also re-cycle the bottle when finished.

          Ok it's very rare that i get to have a long relaxing bath without interuptions, with the 2 monsters around there is always something they need urgently ( I can think of a few things! ). So i waited until they were tucked up and the other half was comfortable with his remote controls and off i went.

          The first thing i noticed was the smell, The geranium seems to be the stronger which i thought was strange as i thought it would be the rose. The bath foam is pink in colour, it pours nicely and not in big blobs. I used about 10ml and poured into the running water, It foamed up nicely and the smell was very strong the whole bathroom smelt of geranium ( which really pleased the other half ). The bubbles were nice and thick and did last for quite a while and there were still quite a few when i got out. After drying myself i could still smell the scent on my skin for a little while after but it didn't linger for ages, In some ways i was glad about this as the strong geranium smell was getting a bit much. My skin did feel nice after and not dry.

          As already stated it contains essential oils this one obviously has rose & geranium but i was surprised to see that it had quite a few others. Lemon, orange, sandlewood, lavender & grape seed oil. It does also include others with very long names so if you do have reactions to some foam baths you need to check before you use this. Also bath foams can dry the skin but i didn't notice that it did with me.
          Essential & aromatherapy oils do not suit everyone and just because they are natural they can still cause reactions so you should test on a small patch before you use all over. Also if you are pregnant you need to be careful and check before using.

          You can get this a most Boots and Superdrugs for around £2.99 for 350ml. If you want to try before you buy then go to the original source website and register for your free sample.

          Quite a large range of bath foams
          Basil & lemongrass
          Mandarin & sandlewood
          Tea tree & lavender
          Almond & coconut
          Rose & aloe
          Fir & juniper

          I don't think i would buy this particular one again but i like the idea of using natural oils. Mind you the smell did keep all the monsters out of the bathroom for a while, So maybe it's worth getting again for that!

          Property of madmum71/lisa8871


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            10.12.2005 15:24
            Very helpful



            Smells lovely and feels great on your skin

            ~Background ~ Value~

            The Original Source Company started in 1997 and was aquired by Cussons in 2002. They produce a variety of personal hygiene products; shower gels, shampoos and conditioners, anti-perspirants etc. They trade on their 'natural' approach, particularly their use of essential oils.

            I have always liked the intensity of Original Source products, so when I heard that they were offering free sample bottles on their website I decided to take a look. I ordered the Rose and Geranium bath foam which arrived shortly afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the sample which at 50ml provided me with three bubble baths. On the website a 350ml bottle retails at 2.99. I reckon you'd get between twenty and thirty baths out of this which I think is good value.

            Original Source don't use synthetic perfumes, the scent in their products come from essential oils which have a very strong smell. Essential oils are known to have physiological and psychological effects and many people believe they can help improve health. I used to visit something called a steam tube, in a salon near where I used to live. It was three quid for twenty minutes sitting in a tiny sauna type contraption which had essential oils poured in the bottom so you absorbed them. My favourite mix was eucalyptus and geranium. Eucalyptus because it made me feel fresh and clearheaded for a couple of days afterward and geranium for the beautiful scent. My friend used the tube too, and reckoned that the geranium helped to clear up her skin problems.

            ~The Bath ~ Ingredients~

            Firstly when pouring the contents of the bottle under hot running water remember that you don't need loads of this, in fact you'll probably be pleased at how little you need to get up a good lather. My impulse with bubble bath is to tip plenty in, but I wanted this to last and it did, without stinting on the bubbles, of which you get plenty and they are are fairly long lasting.

            It smells beautiful, quite a heavy musky scent with a touch of citrus. The geranium is the strongest scent, despite rose being listed first on the ingredients list, (which usually means a larger quantity), so I think a more fitting description for this product is Geranium and Rose rather than Rose and Geranium. There are several oils mentioned in the list. Besides rose and geranium there is coriander seed oil, lemon and mandarin peel oil, sandalwood, rosewood and lavender. All of this makes for a pretty intense smell as I have come to expect from Original Source. The scent lingers pleasantly around the bathroom for quite a while after you've left it, but it is not overpowering and the scent left on your skin is quite light. It left my skin feeling soft and pampered.

            Original Source claim that Geranium Oil has uplifting & stimulating properties and that Rose oil is sensuous and calming. They also state that bathing in this product can tone and condition the skin, improving circulation and complexion. I don't know whether there is any true scientific basis for these claims, but I have no reason to dispute them.Geranium definitely does something for me. I would say that the whole experience is very pleasant, relaxing and improves your mood.

            A quick mention here of Sodium Laureth Sulfate which, ( along with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), you will find in almost all products that produce foam. It is a controversial substance, which is linked with carcinogens and disliked by people who prefer natural products. It is listed in the ingredients here. However, it is actually pretty difficult to find a bubble bath that doesn't contain it, so it's not a big criticism, but just to point out that not all the ingredients are as 'natural' as they are implied by the advertisers.


            The packaging is recyclable.The bottles are bold and striking, Rose and Geranium is a thick, deep pink with the trademark black lid. After Cussons aquired the company there was a revamp a due to the fact that so many rivals were copying the design.

            ~Free Samples~

            When I last looked there were six free original source product samples available from the website at www.originalsource.co.uk. These were: two shower gels; Tea Tree and Lemon or Tea Tree and Mint, two bath foams; Rose and Geranium and Lavender and Tea Tree, Tea Tree and Mint Shampoo and Tea Tree and Mint conditioner.

            ~Just Two More Points~
            If you are pregnant you should always check with your midwife or GP before using any products that contain essential oils.
            Original Source say they do not test, (or employ a third party to test), their final products, or the ingredients therein, on animals.


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              08.12.2005 13:01
              Very helpful



              My favorite

              When the original source range first came out it was new and exciting, with lots of different new fragrances for the bathand shower, there was even the opportunity of logging onto their site www.originalsource.co.uk where you could go and get a free sachet sample sent to your home, you can now go and get a free bottle but you have to register with the site first.
              Out of all the different fragences of original source products i prefer the Rose and Geranium one.

              You can buy original source in the supermarkets for around £1.45 sometimes they come on offer buy one get one free which is a good time to stock up. The bottle of Rose and Geranium is a see through plactic bottle with a really nice pink coloured liquid inside.
              I like the colour as it looks inviting, when you open the bottle you can immediatly smell the lovely scent of roses with a hint of geraniums, to me it has the smell of turkish delight which I also love.

              You only need a small amount of this liquid in the bath as it's quite thick and a little goes a long way. you can add a small amount onto the bath sponge, loofah or bath scrunchy and it will make lashings and lashings of thick creamy white lather, which smells of roses and geraniums.
              It also has essential oils in which are good for relaxation and revitalisation if you've had a hard day.
              Rose oil helps to calm and granium oil helps to stimulate and up lift you.

              It's made by cussons who make imperial leather products so you can tell it's going to make lots of lather as their other products do too.
              It isn't tested on aniamls so could be unsuitable for people who have really sensative skin, unfortunately the only way to tell if your going to have a reaction is to try it out, but my daughter has sensative skin and so far this has been alright for her to use.

              The bottle is a 250 ml bottle and as a little goes a long way it will last a few weeks so is good value for money.
              I love it and would recommend it to you if you haven't already tried it.
              For a luxury creamy bath which leaves you feeling relaxed and calm there's nothing better.

              Have fun x


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