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Palmolive Thermal Spa Turkish Bath

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Brand: Palmolive / Type: Shower Gel / Cream

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2011 14:17
      Very helpful



      An effective but very highly perfumed shower gel

      Until last month I was living with the very real prospect of redundancy so I've been looking around for areas where I could make some savings and that includes using up everything in the house before replacing it. One area where I didn't need to make any savings is in respect of bathing and hair care because I can't remember the last time I actually went into a shop and bought either shower gel, shampoo or conditioner. This isn't because I don't wash, I hasten to add, but mainly because my daughter never completely finishes up any of the lotions and potions she buys, so there's always about half an inch to an inch of product left in the bottom of all the bottles. Being the cheapskate I am, I put them in the bathroom cupboard and use them up myself. The latest of these abandoned shower gels to be road tested by me is Palmolive Thermal Spa Turkish Bath.

      The product:

      Turkish Bath is the latest addition to the Palmolive Thermal Spa range which, as the name implies, claims to recreate 'the magic seductions of a Turkish bath' in your own home. Turkish Bath is perfumed with poppy extract and eucalyptus and the shower gel is sold in a 250ml bottle. The price of this product varies hugely from a special offer price of 50p in Tesco and Asda up to £2.03 in Boots. All the Thermal Spa products have a shelf life of 12 months.


      The clear plastic container, to my mind, has a shape which resembles a fish standing on its tail, with a clear body and the top being in pearl white with a fresh spring green flip top. The product itself is clearly visible through the bottle and is a pale opalescent green. The label is very simple with just the product name and a picture of hot stones in green, presumably meant to symbolise a Turkish bath. On the reverse is a pale green foil label with darker green lettering. This label is highly reflective which makes it very difficult to read the text, including the ingredients list, but suffice to say the ingredients all sound very scientific.

      My opinion:

      My normal shower gels of choice are Dove for everyday and Sanctuary Spa Essentials for weekends, high days and holidays, and I compare every other product against those two.

      My first thought was that producing a shower gel to replicate a Turkish bath experience was a little contradictory given that a shower takes a matter of minutes and a Turkish bath is a much slower process. It would have seemed more appropriate if this had been for use in a bath. However, one of the aims of a Turkish bath is to reinvigorate and this product certainly does that.

      The shape of the bottle is such that it's very easy to hold, even with wet hands, although on opening the bottle and taking a sniff, I was in two minds whether to use this shower gel at all. It's very highly scented and although there is just a hint of eucalyptus, it's the poppy extract which takes centre stage and, just like Turkish Delight, this is very sweet and sugary. In fact the perfume put me in mind of Dolce & Gabbana's Light Blue.

      Only a small amount of this gel is required to produce a rich and creamy lather which has a heady aroma that completely fills the air. Although it's difficult to pick up even a hint of the eucalyptus contained in the gel once the gel has turned to lather, it's effects can be felt both by a tingling of the skin and in the nose. I suffer from slight hay fever at this time of year and tend to wake in the mornings with a stuffy nose. This gel certainly helped to clear my nasal passages! On drying off I found my skin felt soft and moisturised and just a hint of the scent lingered for a good couple of hours. I wouldn't really regard this as a unisex shower gel because of the perfume which definitely is more suitable for females.

      I can't fault the results with regards to leaving my skin refreshed and moisturised but as I'm not a fan of sweet and sugary perfumes this isn't something I would want to use on a regular basis. However, for anyone who uses D&G Light Blue, this would certainly appeal and would definitely provide a much cheaper alternative to D&G's own shower gel.

      For me, this doesn't even come close to my two favourites and as no more has appeared in the bathroom, I'm assuming my daughter isn't impressed either.


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