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Philosophy Mimosa 3 in 1

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Brand: Philosophy / Type: Body Soap

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    3 Reviews
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      13.02.2012 10:44
      Very helpful



      bathing and cocktails

      I've been using Philosophy bath products for a number of years now. They are quite expensive, but they are superb quaiilty. I do normally stock up if we go to the US because the products are a lot cheaper over there, for example the Philosophy mimosa bath and shower gel is £14.00 in John Lewis for a 16fl. oz size (473ml), and it is $16.00 in the US.

      I especially love the Philosophy bath and shower gels, they are 3 in 1 products; ultra rich shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.
      The mimosa fragrance is definately one of my favourites, it is a perfect summer fragrance. It has a gorgeous bubbly champagne and refreshing citrus scent. The orange citrus smell is so fresh and sweet and it wakes you right up in the morning. The long lasting fragrance does linger on your skin all day, it wears off a bit towards the end of the day, but there is still a faint lingering trace left.
      This is a really gentle, creamy conditioning formula; it creates a rich moisturising lather on your skin when used as a shower gel, it creates loads of huge soapy bubbles as a bubble bath, and it cleanses and condtions your hair. I find that this leaves both my skin and my hair feeling ultra soft.

      It is a really large bottle, at just short of 500ml, and a little really does go a long way. A bottle lasts me around 3 months. I normally buy the mimosa bath and shower gel when on holiday in the US, it's kind of my summer holiday signature shower gel now! I've also bought a number of the other Philosophy bath and shower gels as well. Philosophy do spectacular limited edition Christmas fragrances and gift sets.
      I also like that a number of the food fragranced bath and shower gels have the corresponding recipe on the bottle. The mimosa fragrance does have a mimosa recipe on the front, I have tried it, and it makes delicious mimosas. It's a really indulgent treat to make yourself a mimosa and then enjoy this whilst soaking in a mimosa fragranced bath!!


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      25.02.2010 20:11
      Very helpful
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      An adequate 3 in 1 product but not worthy of the price tag!

      I received this as part of a hamper of goodies some time ago and have only just worked my way through many of the others to get to it!

      I had no idea of the price or brand prior to receiving this but have since found out that it is available online at John Lewis at £13.60 for the 473ml bottle.

      - What is it? -

      The packaging states:
      ~ Award winning ultra rich shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath.
      ~ Absolutely delicious shower gel.
      ~ Gentle enough for everyday use.
      ~ Extra rich and creamy formula.
      ~ Recommended for adults only (I haven't fathomed out why, as yet!)

      - Packaging -

      This comes in a no-fuss, simple, transparent plastic bottle on the front of which is a recipe for a champagne cocktail.... Perhaps it's just me but I haven't been able to work out the relevance of this recipe to the product!
      There is a screw top black lid which also has a flip top with a small hole from which to dispense the product.

      - My Experience -

      ~ Smell and Appearance
      This has a strong citrus based smell. Deep orange in colour I was expecting to smell of satsumas after using it but this isn't the case. It gives off a lovely fresh aroma which lasts but doesn't clash with any fragrances you may want to put on after washing with this.

      ~ As a bubble bath
      When using this in the bath, I tend to unscrew the top and let it dispense through the larger hole at the top of the bottle. It has quite a thick consistency and therefore comes out in a 'blob' which sticks together in the bath under warm running water. In order to get maximum bubbles it needs to be swilled around in the bath whilst the water is running otherwise minimal bubbles are created.
      A pleasant smell but not great on the bubbles!

      ~ As a shower gel
      I use the flip top lid to dispense the product when using it as a shower gel. Only a small amount is needed on a flannel or sponge to create a good lather. It cleans my skin well, leaving a refreshing scent on my skin.

      ~ As a shampoo
      Having very frizzy hair I tend to use hair care products that are specific to my hair type. However for the purposes of this review, I have used this as a shampoo. A great lather is created with quite a small amount. It cleans my hair very well, again leaving a lovely fresh smell to it. On the downside, it isn't very nourishing to my dry, coarse hair and isn't great for me. I can, however see the advantages of having a shampoo and shower gel in 1, if you have got manageable hair that doesn't need conditioners etc.

      - Philosophy Products -
      Philosophy provide a wide range of products:
      ~ moisturizers
      ~ hand and foot treatments
      ~ hair care
      ~ hair removal
      ~ cleansers
      ~ fragrances
      ~ make-up
      ~ eye and lip care

      - Other Bath and Shower Gels -
      There's quite a range of these products available some of which I've listed:
      ~ café au lait
      ~ red velvet cake
      ~ blackberry sauce
      ~ holiday spice
      ~ layer cake
      ~ caramel apple

      - Overall -
      This scores highly for me as a shower gel but not so good as a bubble bath or shampoo. Ideal for short breaks / holidays as it serves as a 3 in 1 which means that you don't need to take lots of toiletries with you. However as with quite a few products I've been using recently, the quality falls short of the price tag!
      A pleasant change to try since it was given as a gift but not one that I will be buying when this bottle is finished!

      Thanks for reading.
      N.B. Review also appears on ciao.


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        01.02.2010 16:35
        Very helpful
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        Philosophy Mimosa worked well as a shower gel and bubble bath but need a lot for shampoo

        The Bottle
        The bottle is made of a transparent plastic with a push top black plastic lid. On the front of the bottle is the brand and product name, a recipe for a mimosa, type of product and size of bottle which is 236.6ml/8 fl.oz. On the back of the bottle is information about the product, directions, caution, ingredients, contact information, recycle symbol and the fact that the product needs to be used in 24 months once opened.

        My Opinion
        I am a huge Philosophy fan and was getting the QVC today's special value every three months for a year and the Mimosa 3 - in - 1 was in one of the boxes. When looking at the product you notice the colour and it looks like a sherbet orange colour which is very attractive. When first opening the bottle you will have to peel off the foil top to get the product out, this to me is a good thing as you know no one as used it before you. The product is thick in consistency but not so that it won't come out of the hole at the top. The smell is lovely; it does smell of a freshly peeled orange and is slightly sweet. Now I will go over the three uses and what I think.
        *Shampoo - When using this as a shampoo I found I needed a lot of product as my hair is very thick and long. It did lather well and left my hair clean and shiny. It left my hair smelling of oranges for a good couple of days too.
        *Shower Gel - Using this as a shower gel I found it cleaned well and lathered into a lovely white fluffy foam. It left my skin soft and I had no reaction to it. I found I didn't need to use too much of the product either.
        *Bubble Bath - With the bubble bath it softened my water and created a mass of fluffy white bubbles and left bathroom smelling of oranges. My skin felt soft afterwards and of course like the shower gel I had no reaction to my skin.
        Overall I enjoyed using this product, although I tended to only use it as a shower gel and bubble bath. I think if you have thinner or shorter hair it might be better. The bottle has just about lasted me the three months that I had between my sets. I would recommend this product and really enjoyed using it and hope it is in another special value so I can get it again.

        Price and Availability
        Philosophy Mimosa is available in John Lewis and online. It is priced from £13.60 onwards.


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