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Primark Opia Firming Body Wash

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Brand: Primark / Cleanser / Type: Body Wash / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Cleanses, Firms,

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    1 Review
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      19.01.2009 23:55
      Very helpful



      An ok every day body wash but nothing special!

      When it comes to bath and body products I really do get through them. I'm a scrupulously clean freak and like to pamper myself as regular as possible. However I do find this area of purchasing really eats it's way into my finances so me, well I'm constantly on the look out for bargains. I don't mind splashing out on designer stuff and Soap & Glory, Lush and Ted Baker smellies I buy all of due course (and use for more special occasions) but to try to slow my spending down I have looked at cheaper everyday alternatives of late with a whole heap of mixed results lol.

      Of course I like pound shop type of stores and you can really find a lot of bargains in supermarkets nowadays. Up until recently I have bought a lot of clothes etc in Primark and although I'm aware it's throw away fashion, in the main that meets my needs. I like to be trendy and up to date and don't actually need to pay loads to get an item to outlive me or anything. I'm happy enough with the quality for the short time I keep stuff after-all. However the toiletries worried me slightly. I like to look nice, smell nice, I have sensitive skin and I don't want to go and upset it with cheap and nasty crap to be perfectly blunt!

      However at a pound a tube and always by the tills they have started to call out to me and totalling up in my head that I am about to part with 16 quid for like 12 new outfits I always end up throwing stuff I don't need into my basket and usually that was belts and hair accessories but now I've started to work my way through the range of smellies. Like I say most things are a pound (of course at the moment coming through the check out at about 96p) so they feel like bargains and worth a go to me.

      The Packaging....

      250ml white tube with clear flip top lid situated to the bottom of it concealing a small dispensing hole. On the front I'm told it's Opia (the manufacturer of the product on behalf of Primark) and then written length-ways down the tube in large black letters I'm told it's Firming Body Wash. On the back also in black lettering I'm told a bit about the product, directions for use, warning about getting it in your eyes and what to do if you do, ingredients are listed, the size is stated, contact details for Primark are given and finally there is a bar-code on there. Simple but informative packaging it is. It doesn't look overly cheap or overly economy or anything and it's simply..well simple to look at!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Tube....

      Opia Firming Body Wash has been specially formulated with rice bran protein renowned to help firm the skin.

      Directions For Use....

      Apply to damp skin using a sponge, flannel, or hand, work into a lather and rinse well. For best results use daily followed by Opia Firming Body Lotion.

      My Experience....

      Well what woman doesn't want firmer skin eh? If you could have it you'd have it I'm sure, so me I was excited to try this one big time lol!

      I of course use mine in the shower and apply it to my body with my old faithful scrunchy! Now the liquid is white and opaque with a slight shine to it and talk about runny! You don't even need to squeeze the tube at all as it flies out all by itself (so making sure the flip top lid is secured after use is highly important, trust me! lol). For this reason it isn't that economical. It's very thin with not a lot of body to the body wash and to get a good lather I tend to find I'm using a quarter of the tube per wash. However at a pound I feel consistency wise I get what I pay for really however as I say I don't think it's particularly economical when I look at other brands in pound shops etc that we all know of and I don't half as many washes out of it.

      Smell wise it has a slightly creamy, sweet smell. I guess it's fruity but there isn't a distinctive smell to it at all it's just a nice smooth blend. It's delicate smell wise, pleasant when using it but once you've rinsed it off your body which it does easily enough the smell leaves your skin and doesn't highly fragrance the bathroom after-wards or anything.

      So yes, use enough product you get a nice, thick, white, bubbly lather. It feels smooth using it but not in an overly rich and powerful way but it is nice to use and if you want to shave your bits and bobs with this you can do without issue.

      The Results....

      Well I feel clean after using it apart from no smell staying on the skin when I've patted myself dry after-wards. I do feel clean and fresher and that's the main thing to me anyway. My skin is left naturally smooth (in a none fake way) and my skin is none irritated or dried out or overly hydrated or anything but again I'm happy at my skin feeling softer.

      Firming? Well no I don't feel at all firmed up and that's after using it a couple of weeks every day (I bought more than one bottle). Skin doesn't feel firmer straight after using it or in the long term and in this area I have no benefits at all sadly but was pleased that it never left a stickiness or any residue on my skin whilst trying to be firming it for me.


      It's a body wash that washes and works in that department very well. It hasn't upset my over sensitive skin and although I don't feel it gives me any skin benefits (though soft skin I do feel I achieve well enough) I would recommend this to try if you have a spare quid in your pocket! It isn't like it does nothing at all... after-all lol


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