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Primark Opia Pink Sorbet Bath Creme

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Brand: Primark / Type: Bath Cream / Subcategory: Bath Cream / Oil

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2009 23:17
      Very helpful



      An ok every day product that is cheap and kind to skin

      Shopping in Primark last week was a complete nightmare for me! Queues were heaving and the whole shop in general was fit to bust at it's seams. No idea why but I was stuck in a queue for what seemed like a few hours (probably closer to an hour to be honest lol) and all the time I was stood there I was thinking maybe now I drop my basket and leave in a huff but by doing that you think oh I've come this far and does anyone but me care I don't get the things I've decided to buy? lol Nope I'm not into cutting my nose off to spite my face as my Mum puts it so I stayed put losing will to live I was and as usual scanned the shelves by the tills to keep myself amused.

      I do this so often nowadays in Primark that I've actually now tried most their toiletries they have on offer. Granted in normal circumstances I wouldn't look twice at 'cheap' or shops own products and after-all I have so much time on my hands I really can scout out bargains so need cheap bits and bobs. However as I said I get bored easy and have worked my way through the 'Opia' range with mixed results but usually quite good so I'm now easily tempted. There's nothing awful about this range at all..so far!

      The Packaging....

      500ml clear plastic bottle with white flip top lid situated to the top of it concealing a small hole. All of the writing is black and on the front I'm simply told it's Opia, Pink Sorbet Bath Creme. On the back I'm told very little about the product, directions for use are given, warnings are stated, ingredients are listed, contact details for Primark are given, size is stated and finally there is a bar-code on there. Economy packaging this is due to it's plainness but I do appreciate the bottle being see-through so I can see when I need to replace it when it is running out or empty or whatever!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

      Opia Pink Sorbet Creme has specially formulated to cleanse your skin whilst you bathe, so lie back and relax!

      Directions For Use....

      Pour desired amount under warm running water to create masses of bubbles.

      My Experience Using The Bath Creme....

      Well as directed I gently squeeze the bottle very gently and out comes to light pink, slightly shimmery liquid. Although runny it does have a decent consistency and remains ungloopy or thick. On contact with the water the creme 'breaks' and does froth up very well all by itself. Of course the more you add the more bubbles you get! I add a fair old amount as I like lots of white, thick bubbles in my bath!

      Smell wise, well it wasn't what I was expecting from something called 'Pink Sorbet'. I expected a sweet, sugary dolly mixture bath but what you get is a very grown up but feminine Orchid aroma bath! It's rather pleasant but to me the name doesn't describe one bit of what you get, so be sure to sniff it first and don't be misled by the title as I was lol.

      However you do get a bubbly bath though the water looks quite clear and although soft enough isn't anything special at all. It doesn't hydrate the skin or dry it out and doesn't irritate at all but it is very plain and that's that. The smell your bathing in vanishes along with the bubbles in about 20 minutes.

      It rinses off the body and out of the bath easily leaving no residue on the skin or in the bath is simple to drain away and pat yourself dry. However no real fragrance is left either on you or in your bathroom afterwards.


      An ok more every day kind of bath product which is really value for money at a £1.00 a bottle (I get about 20 baths out of one). You don't need loads to get a nice enough bath though don't get excited, although it causes no harm to the skin it isn't exactly an indulgent treat or anything. It's simply ok and one anyone in the family can use due to it not being highly fragrant using it and the smell vanishing on the skin as you dry off anyway! It does however leave you cleansed and refreshed and skin in the same condition as before you got in the bath! It's simply ok but nothing to rave about lol.


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