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Radian B Foaming Muscle Soak

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2 Reviews

Brand: Radian B / Type: Foam / Subcategory: Bath Cream / Oil

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    2 Reviews
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      18.12.2012 08:31
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      Bubble bath

      Radian B Foaming Muscle Soak - Lavender

      I have absolutely no loyalty to any bath products and fortunately none of us has sensitive skin which leaves me free to try out anything on offer.


      This is basically a bubble bath containing lavender to leave the user feeling warmed calmed clean and relaxed.


      The bubble bath comes in a large 750ml bottle with a screw on/off lid and all of the information on the back. Because the bottle is clear, I can see that the product is a purple colour, which is fitting since this is a lavender product.

      When I unscrew the lid, and have a bit of a sniff, it does have a strong lavender small, which does appeal to me, and given that I know lavender has calming properties, then I think this may live up in some way to the claims.

      The bubble bath itself is a nice consistency, not so runny that it pours straight out of the bottle which is just as well as there isn't a dispensing unit as such but rather just the open bottle neck. It's also not thick and gooey, so when I first test it I know there's going to be plentiful bubbles just by the consistency.

      USING IT...

      The product should be poured under running water and wait for the bubbles. As mentioned before I was certain there would be plenty of bubbles, and I wasn't disappointed, and as well as the bubbles, when added to hot water, there is a pleasant and soothing lavender smell in the bathroom.


      I bought mine from Poundland and it cost £1!! I haven't seen it anywhere else but I did see it in Poundland in a different scent.


      A great value bubble bath which gives off a soothing smell, and which is very reasonably priced especially given that it lasts for ages and a little goes a long way. A bath does usually soothe me anyway so I cant comment on the soothing properties of this product.

      Its gentle enough for all the skin in our house, so I would recommend this one and will certainly be buying more.

      Thanks for reading

      Daniela xx


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        17.01.2011 17:56
        Very helpful



        A nice enough bubble bath!

        When it comes to bad aches and pains I am no stranger to them sadly. I get terrible back and pains in my neck and legs and try as much as I can to ease these things as much as I can without medication. I try natural rubs and wintergreen sprays and things like that and often purchase bath foams to soak my weary body in.

        This I spotted in a 99p shop in Coventry and I took a whiff of it when I saw it and liked it so decided to give it a go. The one bain in my life is usually that anything to help with tired/aching/painful muscles in this way usually stink my flat out but this being really nice and so cheap felt like it was a good punt!

        The Packaging:

        The bottle is clear plastic with a frosted white twist on/off lid to the top of it concealing a large hole. On the front of the bottle we are told that it is Radian B Foaming Muscle Soak 'Unwind with the calming aroma of Lavender, Bathing with Radian B Lavender muscle soak warms and relaxes a stressed body'. On the back of the bottle we are told a bit about the product, directions for use are given as well as cautions and ingredients, the size is clearly stated (as I have listed already) and contact details for the manufacturer are given. Nice enough, simple bottle, unisex in appearance and informative enough and easy to squeeze this is.

        A Bit About The Product According To The Information Given On The Back Of The Bottle:

        Help oyur tense muscles relax with this warming bath essence. Specially formulated with lavander extract, it will cleanse your skin while you bathe, leaving you to feel fresh and revitalised.

        Using It:

        Well this bath foam is quite runny really and a gel like liquid and is a light lilac in colour and it is highly fragranced with a sweet but entirely natural fragrance of lavender which smells incredibly fresh and cleansing and isn't one bit harsh at all but wonderfully aromatic.

        You don't need to plop too much of this into the bath and it does turn the water a very slight lilac colour and gives off plenty of white, thick foam. The fragrance plus the bubbles stay around for the duration of my bath which can take over an hour a time and it is a really relaxing fragrance that I like to unwind in.

        This makes the water soft enough without being oily however I don't find this to be a warming product or that it helps with any of my issues really anymore than lazing in any other bubble bath however I do like the fact the scent lingers on my skin for hours after bathing in it and that it gently hydrates my skin in a very kind way indeed.

        A nice enough product just don't expect it to help cure all ills!

        Available in all good chemists aetc and if not on offer like when I found it expect to pay close to £3.00 a bottle and this formula is also available in a blue colour called Ocean Breeze!


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