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Radox Care Me Shower Cream

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2 Reviews

Brand: Radox / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Cream

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    2 Reviews
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      06.09.2008 09:42
      Very helpful



      lovely shower creme, leaves your skin feeling ever so soft.

      I have to say im spoilt for choice on my visit to morrisons this week as the radox shower creams are on offer at 74p for a 250ml pack. So all those students due to go back to uni it's a good time to stock up. I'm certainly going to be stocking up for my daughter.

      Care for me is a girly cream, pale pink in colour, I am sure the men in our lives won't use this one. It is a really feminine shower crème.

      Radox care for me is a blend of rosemary oil and natural cotton extracts. It has a lovely mild aroma; it smells a little like rose petals. The pack comes with a handy hook so that the crème when hung up is always instantly released. This product is dermatologically tested. It's also PH balanced and contains active moisturisers.

      Radox has been making bathing products for 100 years first making bath salts in 1908.

      *Radox products are recyclable
      *Radox also does not test on animals
      * No Radox products contain any product derived from animals, only by products such as milk.

      Radox products are produced by Sarah lee. which also make great brand such as Ambi Pur, Ball Park, Douwe Egberts, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean, Kiwi, Sanex, Senseo, and of course Sara Lee.

      Over all this a really lovely shower crème, leaves your skin feeling ever so soft, the fragrance is light lathers really well.


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      21.07.2008 19:30
      Very helpful



      A truly superb smelling shower gel

      Last year for Christmas as stocking fillers I asked for shower gel with hooks to hang in the shower. In our old house I found that the ones without hooks far too much trouble to use and I often ended up dropping them in the shower. I'm luckier now as we also have a little shelf in the shower at our new place so this year I shan't mind whether they have hooks or not! LOL!

      Anyway I got plenty of them as usual and I am still working my way through them - just how dirty does my family think I am? LOL!

      I took a fresh one out of the cupboard last week and it was Radox Care For Me. I hadn't seen this one before so what would this one be like?

      It comes in a pale pink coloured plastic squeezable container with a hook clipped into the top. The end of the hook comes away from the container and twists through 180 degrees so that it stands proud of the top and you can then hang it up in the shower. It can be used easily whilst it is hanging so it makes life very easy, especially for someone like me who always seems to be in a hurry.

      The front of the container has the Radox logo in white lettering on a bright green background together with the words 'care for me' and some pink flower petals.

      As I know I have said before I am really impressed by the actual gel dispenser itself. To use the shower gel you just have to flip open the plastic lid and squeeze the container, the same as you would any other shower gel, where the gel actually comes out there is a clear plastic disc covering the opening with a tiny hole in the centre which means that the shower gel does only come out when you give it a squeeze. In turn this also means that if you do happen to drop the container in the shower whilst the lid is open the shower gel won't ooze out and be wasted. I thought this was just a design peculiar to Radox but I have now used Boots shower gels with the same brilliant design.

      The gel itself is a light, delicate shade of pink and the smell is absolutely gorgeous! As I said earlier I hadn't tried this one before and I wasn't really thinking about it as I went into the shower. Trust me I do have other things on my mind rather than thinking about what my shower gel is going to be like! As I lathered it onto my body the smell was so lovely it really made me stop and register it.

      The writing on the container states that it is 'fragrant shower cream to protect and care with extracts of cotton and milk'. This doesn't actually help to tell me what the smell is. It also says that it contains a 'blend of natural minerals and herbs', but still no help in finding out what the smell actually is! So all I can tell you is that it is a sweet but not sickly smell that reminds me of flowers (which flowers I have no idea!) and I could still smell the gel for some time after I had finished my shower.

      It is also 'PH balanced and dermatologically tested' and has 'active skin conditioners'. My skin certainly felt soft and as I said the fragrance is really great.

      Radox products are made by Sara Lee, which is a part of H & BC UK Ltd. If you are wondering it is the same firm that makes the gateaux, which I do find an odd mix of products for one firm.
      As with most of these products the shower gel does carry a warning to avoid getting it in your eyes - if you do wash out immediately with cool, clean water, obvious I know but worth a mention just in case.

      Since this was a present I hadn't a clue how much it had cost so I have been to www.boots.com and it is currently £1.62, although both Boots and Tesco often have offers on Radox shower gels - usually buy on get one free.

      I must just warn you - there are sure to be more varieties in the cupboard which have not yet been reviewed!


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      With extracts of cotton and milk /

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