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Radox Daily Elements Restorative Shower Cream

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2 Reviews

Brand: Radox / Texture: Cream / Type: Shower Cream / What it does: Cleanses, Restores,

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    2 Reviews
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      19.10.2008 14:21
      Very helpful



      Great shower gel and fragrance for this time of year!

      Having just bought this solely because it was on offer in Superdrug, I was a bit tentative about how it would turn out.
      I had just finished a Simple shower cream and was disappointed to say the least.

      So anyway Im in the shower, got my shower pouff at the ready and my first downer was that the lid was a bit stiff to open. Perhaps after a few flicks it was open with more ease, but I had to use both thumbs to exert enough pressure to flick it open (not much fun when in the shower).

      Right so I get it open and pour a generous helping on my pouff and set to work.
      Firstly the fragrance is heavenly to me, I hate sweet things, but then I also like the feeling of clean that a slight fragrance offers. This has a fresh, natural, pleasant and almost "plant like" type of fragrance.
      It lathers really well and I will now learn not to use as much, especially on a pouff!
      I didnt have to reapply more and it coated over my skin really well and the lather holds. When you rinse it also washed down quite well and didnt continue to just produce more lather in contact with water.

      I like that I can see into the opaque bottle so I know where Im at with a level. The bottle is well designed with the flip lid which means it can be hung in the shower for ease of use. It stands upright on itself really well and the shape itself is quite sexy, nice curves and so it sits well in your hand when you're using it.
      I also noticed it doesnt take too much pressure to squeeze some out as often happens with some shower gels.

      The fragrance lasts well, my skin isnt dry and I feel really clean after using this. I would also say it lives up to its name "restorative" I definitely feel a lot better with that fragrance following me and am looking forward to my next shower.

      Price wise its competitive with similar Dove, Imperial Leather offers, I think I paid £1 for this on offer, regular price of £1.29 I think. If its still on offer Im tempted to stock up on a few more!


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      13.05.2008 21:28
      Very helpful



      Another great Daily Elements Shower Cream.

      I recently wrote a review about the Radox Daily Elements Deeply Cleansing Shower Cream which I had received as part of a set of three Daily Elements products. I said at the end of that review that I would also review the other two when I had tried them.

      Well I have now tried the second of these which is Radox Daily Elements Restorative Shower Cream.

      The three Daily Elements products all look slightly different from the usual Radox shower gels. This one comes in a pale turquoise plastic container as opposed to the usual clear one but it is opaque so you can still see the level of the liquid inside and you know how much you have left.

      The 250ml container is the same in design as all the other Radox shower gels. It has a hook set into the top of the container which unclips and turns through 180 degrees so that you can hang your shower gel up in the shower for ease of use.

      The labeling looks different too - somehow 'natural'. The front of this one has the usual Radox logo in green together with the words 'daily elements restorative shower cream'. Then there are two pictures one looks like a bright green plant and the other looks like little blue pebbles. The writing underneath says ' Mineral shower wash with sea fennel and vitamin E to help nourish and restore well being. Now with 10% added moisturiser to help leave skin soft and cared for'. There is also a circular logo with the words 'Blend of natural minerals and herbs' written around it.

      I know some people aren't interested in the packaging but I felt it was important because this does look quite different from the standard range of Radox shower gels. It has a natural look to it giving the impression that it will be good for your skin. It may well be a marketing ploy of course! You can see what I mean by looking at the picture at the top of the review.

      Anyway enough about the packaging lets get stuck in and get showering!

      As I squeezed a blob of shower cream out into my hand the fragrance that wafted up from it was lovely! I always find smells difficult to describe but it is sweet but not sickly and has a slight smell of the sea about it.

      It is pale turquoise in colour and lathers up very well, increasing the fragrance as it does.

      After rinsing the shower cream off the smell remained both on my skin and in the air in the bathroom and it did leave my skin feeling lovely and smooth. I also found that the cream did seem to moisturise my skin.

      Apparently the sea fennel, vitamins B5 & E and minerals will cleanse and help restore the natural condition of your skin which can be affected by the environment. This is all combined with 10% added moisturisers which will help to combat dryness and leave your skin feeling 'silky soft'. It certainly seemed to do all this for me anyway - and it smelt great too.

      Radox is made by Sara Lee, which is a part of H & BC UK Ltd. I have now found out that it is the same firm that makes the gateaux, which I always do find a strange mix of products for one firm.

      As with most of these products the shower gel does carry a warning to avoid getting it in your eyes - if you do wash out immediately with cool, clean water, obvious I know but worth a mention just in case.

      Since this was a present I didn't have a clue how much it had cost but looking in Boots the normal price is currently £1.69 mark although they are often available as part of a buy one get one free offer so stock up!!

      Incidentally the daily elements range is also available in deodorants too so I shall definitely be trying those as well!

      I am also looking forward to trying my remaining daily elements shower cream too!

      This review may also get posted on Ciao.


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    • Product Details

      A cream enriched with sea fennel, vitamins B5 & E and minerals, to cleanse and help restore the natural condition of your skin /

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