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Radox Daily Elements Revitalising Shower Scrub

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Brand: Radox / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / What it does: Vitalizes, Exfoliates,

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    6 Reviews
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      19.09.2009 23:05
      Very helpful



      worth trying for problem skin

      Radox Daily Elements - revitalising shower scrub

      I bought this shower scrub, as I needed help with exfoliating my skin for getting my fake tan for my wedding. Someone had recommended that I tried to this shower scrub.

      *WHAT IS IT**

      It is a shower scrub, which is a mineral shower wash with exfoliating beads, and sea minerals know to help smooth and reveal radiant skin. It will help to remove dead skin, which may block your pores, so it leaves your skin smoother. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed.


      It comes in a see through bottle and you can see the beige shower scrub with the bits inside. The bottle is plastic and is very durable and will withstand being dropped.

      It has a special feature, which I did not notice at the start and that is there is a handle, which you can pull up so you can hang it in the shower. Once you are finished you can click the handle back down so it will leave the bottle easier to store. This handle is grey and is a different colour from the bottle.

      On the front the label has the Radox label in green and it gives you a brief description of the product. There are two small pictures side by side one is of stones and the other I'm not sure what it is (it kind of looks like a nut to me).

      On the back there is a beige coloured label giving detailed information on the shower scrub.


      It has a blend of sea minerals which will help the skin against skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and acne. It is supposed to help the appearance of lines and wrinkles as it will stimulate the skin, nourish it and hydrate. The results will leave skin feeling softer and healthier.

      There are exfoliating beads, which will help remove dead skin leaving fresh new skin.

      **THE PRODUCT**

      The shower scrub is beige with small brown bits through it. There is a very fresh pleasant smell and you are left feeling very fresh after using the shower scrub.

      How to use: - You take a blob of the shower gel and massage your body under a warm shower. You will feel it will seem slightly rough as you can feel the exfoliating beads this is normal. Make sure you wash the scrub off thoroughly.

      You are recommended to use this shower scrub daily for maximum benefit. It claims to help blood circulation, which I have a problem with and I think it does help slightly if it is used properly especially on the legs as it gets the blood circulating better. It will leave your skin looking fresh and radiant.


      I like this shower scrub but I do feel that it didn't really get rid of all my dead skin before I got my fake tan done and I was slightly patchy from dry skin. This may have been because I had bought it at the least minute and only had used it twice before getting my tan done. Therefore I suppose I didn't really give it a proper chance.

      Since then I have found this shower scrub good at helping the circulation in my legs. This may be because I am massaging the shower gel in more and are more aware of it as it has the exfoliating beads in it.

      It has a fresh smell off it so you come out of the shower feeling refreshed and that you have got rid of all your dead skin, dirt and grime that may be trying to block your pores.

      This shower scrub cost me around £2, which is a reasonable price to pay as it does last long. It is not the cheapest product though and I do usually spend less.

      I would recommend it to someone who has skin problems as I feel it slightly helps if you use it regularly. If you do have acne make sure that you don't rub too hard over the infected area just in case it makes it raw and sore. I would buy it again if I felt my skin needed some exfoliating.


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        23.02.2009 14:12
        Very helpful



        An ok every day shower lotion that does clean!

        When it comes to what shower gels and/or lotions I use I'm really very fussy indeed. I'm a cleaneraholic when it comes to my personal hygeine and I don't mind spending hefty amounts on my body care purchases if I feel the need or get the compulsion lol. I'm not really a fan of Radox and see it more as an everday brand and I don't mean to sound snobby but I'd rather pay more for better brands and more luxury. I don't just have a quick shower I take my time and I'm looking for a wonderful smell on me and in the bathroom after using it but also great feeling skin too. This one I didn't buy and wouldn't. This one was bought by my Mother and put in the bathroom for family use. I always take one of my own in the bathroom cos like I say I prefer more luxurious items as a rule but one day I forgot so was wet and soggy and decided to give it a go!

        The Packaging....

        250ml recylable quite see through bottle with a handle to the top which you can leave down and isn't really all that visible or you can pull up and use to hang the product in your bathroom with. At the bottom of the bottle there is an almost white (but again see through) flip top concealing a small hole. On the front I am told it's Radox, Daily Elements, Eseential Minerals, Revitalising Shower Scrub which is a blend of natural Minerals & Herbs and is to 'Keep skin smooth & glowing with exfoliating beads & sea minerals' and is 'Proven to care'. All this is told to me in white and dark blue writing and there is a picture drawn of a walnut and rocks in what appears to be a rippled pool of water. On the back of the bottle all in green wrting I'm told a bit about the product, I'm told a little about other products available from Radox, ingredients are listed, contact details for Sara Lee are given the recycle symbol and size is shown and finally there is a bar code. It is a nice enough bottle and is actually quite attractive and nice to display in a bathroom to be totally fair to it. It's functional and contains as much information as you possibly need and I do like the fact I can see through the bottle to judge when I need to rush out and purchase more!

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle....

        To give your skin that healthy radiance, you need to gently scrub away dead skin cells every now and again. And that's exactly what the exfoliating beads and sea minerals do. Showering with our revitalising scrub will help you get your blood flowing too. Step out of the shower with brighter and clearer skin.

        What Goes into It?....

        A few thousand exfoliating beads - Natural sea minerals - A perfect pH balance - A thumbs up deom the skin experts - 100 years of Rdox know-how.

        Using It....

        Well the first thing that surprised me was the smell of it. As soon as I dispensed a dollop onto my scrunchy in the shower the smell hit me and it's really lovely and classy. Not particulary feminine as such, in my view men or women could use this. It has a sweet cocunut and caramel smell to it. Although rich and fresh soapy smelling it remains delicate and not in your face. It's just very fresh and not like any other smell I've smelt before and for this reason is very, very hard to describe to you lol.

        You don't need alot of the oatmeal beige liquid to wash with. About the size of a 10p piece is more than enough and it comes out of the bottle as a creamy lotion with little browny/orangy specks (which is the exfoliating particles) scattered throughout. It isn't a gush out liquid you do have to squeeze the bottle to dispense the product out but it really isn't a hard or harsh cream either. It's just glossy and of good consistency.

        Washing with even though it's an exfoliator is a very pleasant experience indeed. This lotion really hydrates the skin, you can shave your bits and bobs if desired and it lathers up into rich white foam as you go. In my view this is a very economical every day shower wash that is gentle and kind to the skin, as promised.

        I do the like the way this is gentle enough to use every day and as I say it does work out economical as you don't need much for a really thorough cleanse but for me this falls flat in one area. After using it the once I decided I liked the smell so much that I would use it for the week and see if I got soft, glowing and radiant skin. It's fair to say skin is very lightly hydrated after using it though not to any rave about standard as I don't think it buffers or exfoliates the skin at all even with prolonged use and a fair old amount of scrubbing. Sure I didnt expect amazing results in the scrubbing stakes (I do use a sugar scrub by Ted Baker twice a week) but really I felt no benefit at all with this though it certainly never hurt me but to me it may as not be an exfoliating product as the particles within it are too fine and not abrasive at all.

        It is an easy product to use and is a perfectly nice and gentle shower creme and I can't knock it's cleaning abilities and the fact it leaves you very delicately fragranced for a couple of hours after using it and doesn't dry out or over moisturise the skin but I can't see the point in calling it 'revitalising' cos in my view it isn't at all but as I said it IS nice enough just don't expect a radiant new you after using it!

        I paid £1.46 in Wilkinson't for my bottle but it is widely available.


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          04.02.2009 18:33
          Very helpful



          not to everyones tastes

          Wholst shopping in morrisons a few weeks back they had the radox daily elements shower gels on special offer at just £1 each so with this being a great bargain i brought one each of all 5 in the range, this was the first i tryed

          The first thing i noticed about this particular shower gel is that it has a strange beige colour to it and has dark brown bits in it that look like sand, me being me didnt bother to read the packet in the shop so only discovered when i came to use it for the first time that it actualy has exfoliating beads in it which is ok as it isnt no where near as harsh as an exfoliating scrub so can be used daily to leave my skin nice and refreshed, it is ph balanced so doesnt agrivate your skin which i have found is correct, it also contains natural sea minerals to balance the oils in your skin.

          Well as a gentle exfoliator it works very well but as a shower gel i am not too keen, it is more of a creamy consistency than soapy and doesnt lather very well at all, the beads make a right mess of your bath and are quite harsh on very soft or broken skin. This would be great for someone who wants a daily exfoliator but not for me, it does smell quite funny too, i wouldnt say it has a natural smell to it but more of a sickly sweet smell to it that reminds me of caramel.


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          06.12.2008 14:38
          Very helpful



          A fantastic bathroom product

          In my continuing quest to save money, I picked this up because I thought I could use it as shower gel and body scrub in one - saving time, money and packaging into the bargain!

          It was also a good price, being £1 from the pound shop.

          I'm not usually a big fan of Radox products, but I thought I'd give it a try for all the reasons listed above.

          The white bit shown at the top in the picture actually unfolds to become a handle to hang it up in the shower, which I thought was a thoughtful touch.

          The lid is also on the bottom so you don't have to turn it upside down to get the last bits out.

          The scrub itself is quite liquidy like shower gel, but with tiny bits in which I assume must be the 'Gentle exfoliating beads and sea minerals' listed on the packaging, creating the 'scrub' part. It smells clean and fresh, nothing unusual or exciting really - just slightly fragranced.

          It is great as a 2-in-1 shower gel and scrub because it combines the texture of both and it works well. It doesn't take your skin off or feel harsh - just a bit grainy. It does the job really well and at such a good price I'll be buying it a lot.


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          27.10.2008 17:09
          Very helpful



          Gives you smooth skin.

          I seem to be having a thing for reviewing shower gels so I am going to continue the theme with this Radox daily elements revitalising shower scrub.


          The bottle is as in the picture above. It sits upside down which is a big plus as you don't have to stand there waiting for the end of the product to go to the bottom. The lid is a flip open one which so far hasn't leaked. At the top is a flip-up shower hook which I have not used yet but which allows you to hook the gel onto the shower if you have not got somewhere for it to sit. This hook is white as in the picture but also has lots of blue/grey bits which I presume is to blend in with the product. The actual bottle is very nearly clear but with the product in looks beige with grains of what looks like sand!

          The design is very slightly different to the one on the picture with a slightly different picture.

          ---The product---

          So this product, like the previous shower gel I reviewed is also a shower scrub, but unlike that one, this is not a gel, it is more like soft liquid moisteriser. I apologise for the poor description! it contains a lot of what look like grains of sand, these make up the exfoiliating part of the scrub. I use about two squirts to do my whole body. It does lather up but takes a little while, but not too long. It washes off easily and leaves my skin feeling soft. When out and dried my skin is still soft and is definately in a much better condition.

          As for the 'revitalising' properties, it says it gets the blood flowing with brighter skin. I presume this is down to the scrubbing element of the product.

          Now to the part I do not like, the smell. It smells like a bar of soap. It is not a bad smell, smelling of soap means you are clean, but for me, I don't like this smell. I wish this product had a nicer smell to it, perhaps something herbal. This is the only real problem I have with this and is why I am giving it 4 stars.


          The reason I bought this was the price. It was at the end of the till in Wilkinson's reduced to 50p so for that price I had to try it. It does say that the full price was £1.97. There is 250ml in this bottle which is about the normal amount for shower gels.

          So in all, a shower scrub which does what it says but for me, with not a great smell!


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            18.05.2008 21:38
            Very helpful



            A great shower scrub

            Last year as part of my birthday present I received one each of the three Radox Daily Elements Shower Gels and as I have already written reviews on two of them I figured that it was about time I tried the third one. I knew you'd all by dying to know what I thought of it! Yeah right!

            This one is Radox Daily Elements Revitalising Shower Scrub to give it its full name.

            They all look slightly different from the usual Radox shower gels in that they are in opaque coloured containers. This one is beige in colour, but you can see through it to judge the level of the liquid remaining inside.

            The 250ml container is the same in design as all the other Radox shower gels. It has a hook set into the top of the container which unclips and turns through 180 degrees so that you can hang your shower gel on the shower tap.

            The labeling looks different too. The front of this one has the usual Radox logo in green together with the words 'daily elements revitalising shower scrub'. Then there are two pictures one looks like nuts, possibly almonds and the other looks like little blue pebbles. The writing underneath says ' Mineral shower wash with exfoliating beads and sea minerals known to help smooth and reveal radiant skin'. There is also a circular logo with the words 'Blend of natural minerals and herbs' written around it.

            I know some of you don't want to know about the packaging but I felt it was important because this does look quite different from the standard range of Radox shower gels. It has a natural look to it and gives the impression that it will be good for your skin. You can see what I mean by looking at the picture at the top of the review.

            The other reason that I always mention the packaging is the fact that I (and I assume others amongst you) like to know if it is excessive and also if it is recycleable, which of course this one is as it is plastic!

            Anyway enough about the packaging lets get in the shower with it!

            I squeezed an amount out into my hand and the fragrance that wafted up from it was lovely! It is difficult to describe but it is sweet without being sickly and has a smell of almonds, so I guess the picture on the front that looks like nuts is almonds then! LOL!

            The liquid is beige in colour and lathers up very well, which serves to increase the power of the fragrance as it does. The thing that is different about this one is that it is gritty in texture as it is a shower scrub not a shower gel as such. It is just gritty enough to feel as though my skin is being gently exfoliated without being uncomfortable.

            After rinsing the shower scrub off my body the smell remained both on me and in the air in the bathroom and my skin did feel lovely and smooth.

            Apparently the exfoliating beads and sea minerals help to gently remove the dead skin cells to condition and improve the skin tone.

            It is suggested that you use this product daily under a warm shower to 'increase blood circulation and leave skin looking radiant'.

            I maybe wouldn't go as far as to say I'm looking radiant but it certainly did make my skin feel much better and the exfoliating quality made me feel really clean!

            Radox is made by Sara Lee, which is a part of H & BC UK Ltd. I have now found out that it is the same firm that makes the gateaux, which I do find a strange mix of products for one firm.

            As with most of these products the shower gel does carry a warning to avoid getting it in your eyes - if you do wash out immediately with cool, clean water, obvious I know but worth a mention just in case.

            Since this was a present I hadn't a clue how much it had cost but looking in Boots the normal price is currently £1.99 mark although they are often available as part of a buy one get one free offer so stock up!!

            Incidentally the daily elements range is also available in deodorants too so I shall definitely be trying those as well!

            So all in all I am definitely a fan of Radox Daily Elements and this one is my favourite!

            This review may also get posted on Ciao.


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          • Product Details

            Gentle exfoliating beads and sea minerals help to remove dead skin cells and condition and improve skin tone /

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