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Radox Good Night Herbal Bath Soak

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3 Reviews

Brand: Radox / Type: Night Cream / Subcategory: Bath Cream / Oil

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    3 Reviews
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      12.03.2007 09:36
      1 Comment



      excellent bubble bath that really does help you unwind.

      I was having trouble getting to sleep , but not only getting to sleep but staying asleep as i kept waking in the night .
      I had tried all the usual things to help you sleep before bedtime a milky drink ,reading , and i had tried having a bath with other bubble baths but they didn,t help .

      I was in the chemist when i noticed this product its a radox product so i knew it was a good make ...
      Here is a bit about radox, they have being around for almost 100 years ,the first product from radox was in 1908 and it was a salts foot bath , ever since then it has gone on to produce lots of different products including liquid soap , shower gels, a good range of bubble baths depending how you want to relax, whether it be a muscle soak etc.

      There are lots of different types of radox products to choose from so you are sure to find one to suit you .

      The product i chose was the good night body wash, it comes in a clear 250ml bottle and the colour is purple, so its a bit of a give away it is lavender, its also got camomile in, both products are well known herbal remedies.
      i have always liked the smell of lavendar and this has got a really nice lavender smell , which is just right not too over powering.

      All you have to do is pour a few drops under the water you don,t need a lot as you get a lot of bubbles from a few drops.

      Then get in and lie back and relax , let the bubbles drift all the days troubles away and relax you ready for a good nights sleep.

      I paid about 2.00 for this product , which you can buy from the pharmacy and maybe even big supermarkets like asda or morrisons.

      Hope you will like this product !

      If you like a bubble bath i,m sure you will love it .

      Thanks for reading !


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        19.01.2007 22:26
        Very helpful



        A pleasant bubbly bubble bath

        Radox good night body wash

        I am forever in some of the savers shops near my place of work, and seem to be constantly stocking up on bath products. I think we all have a preoccupation with the maxim “less is more” when adding them to the bath.

        I have always liked radox products and at £1, this seemed a real bargain so I bought a few

        ~~The promise~~

        I like this a lot! The product promises to gently cleanse and moisturise, but best of all, it has apparently got a proven to relax formulation which will help to release the stresses of the day. So, this magic, and undisclosed formula is going to help my body prepare itself for sleep.

        It is also ph balanced and dermatologically tested, so hopefully it will do no lasting or immediate harm to my skin

        ~~How does it do it?~~

        It’s the magic formula. I always feel pretty unknowledgeable when I read the bottles because it’s as though I should somehow know how they do it. This has added moisturisers, so I know how my body will be moisturised, but I have no idea what the formula for relaxation is, although I assume it is something to do with the lavender and chamomile fragrance, which do I believe have soothing qualities.

        ~~Product and packaging~~

        This comes in quite a small looking 200ml purple bottle bottle. Unscrew the silver lid and you have to pour the body wash out of the hole.

        The body wash itself is a kind of pale lilac colour, with a pleasant, lightly scented lavender smell; not too perfumy, but enough to prove that there is lavender in the wash. It is also quite a thick substance, so I think a little will go a long way. It’s kind of a concentrated version of some of the more watery bubble baths.

        ~~How to use it~~

        Much like any other bubble bath or body wash, simply pour some of the product under running water, and wait for the bubbles. This is quite a potent(!) product, and a little bit does go a long way. My usual style is to pour vast quantities of the product under the running water so that I get lots of bubbles. With this, a little squirt is enough otherwise the smell could get a bit too strong, and the sleep inducing qualities may be too powerful.

        ~~Price and Availability~~

        I bought mine from a Savers shop, and whilst I don’t know exactly how much this usually retails for, most of the Radox products seem to be either £1.99 or £2.49, so I would imagine this costs about the same.

        This is widely available in supermarkets and chemists.

        ~~Made by~~

        Sara Lee (don’t they make cakes?)

        www.radox.co.uk On the website there is lots of information about the range of products. It’s actually quite interesting because you select the type of wash you want, whether it be uplifting, relaxing or other, and appropriate bath and shower products are highlighted.

        ~~Other Products~~

        Aromatic Bath Calm Me
        Aromatic Bath Embrace Me
        Herbal Bath Stress Relief
        Herbal bath Time out
        Herbal Bath Relax

        There are in fact a huge range of products, so it’s easy to find one to suit your own needs.

        ~~What I Thought~~

        I didn’t come out of the bath and fall instantly into a Sleeping Beauty type sleep, with the handsome prince waiting on the sidelines. However, the scent of the body wash is actually very relaxing. It’s certainly not a body wash to use first thing in the morning when you want to be wide awake; definitely one for night time.

        The product is easy to use, and produces a satisfying amount of bubbles in which to soak your weary body. The bath wash is mild enough for every day use, and had no adverse effects on even young skin; even sensitive skin appears to be ok with this one, so good news for anyone with delicate skin. There is a warning that if the product gets in the eyes it should be rinsed out immediately. I take this to mean the neat, undiluted product, because Little Miss did get some in her eyes when she was bathing, and didn’t complain of any sting.

        Although the bottle is quite small, there is enough for about 15 baths (the way I use it), so since I got this for such a small price, it has proved to be great value.

        A pleasantly scented, definitely relaxing body wash, which I will definitely be using again.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela xx


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          09.01.2007 11:20
          Very helpful



          Anothe great product from Radox

          Over the recent weeks late nights have taken their toll and now I find I am having problems sleeping. I have tried reading before going to sleep, drinks of warm milk, lavender drops on my pillow etc, but nothing worked. A couple of days ago I decided taking a warm bath before bedtime might help make me sleep, although usually I find having a bath wakes me up but I was so desperate for a good sleep that I was willing to try anything.

          I wandered along to my local chemist to look for something I could add to the bath to help me relax so I could hopefully have a good night’s sleep.

          I am a great believed in Radox bath products, especially after a hard day doing housework or gardening, it is nice to relax in a bath filled with Radox bubbles from their muscle soak range. However I had not tried the Goodnight Bath soak before so when I saw it on the shelf at my local chemist I decided to buy it as it seemed to be just what I was looking for.

          I cannot remember the exact amount I paid, but I think it was around three pounds for a 250 ml bottle. The bottle is plastic so no danger in the bathroom with glass being broken, and it is slim enough to sit nicely on the side of the bath. It is a lavender purple colour which gives a hint to the contents.

          The bath soak is made up with lavender and camomile, both well known herbal remedies to help with relaxing and sleep. Combine this with a warm bath and the usual radox ingredients which help with relaxing the body, you have a good combination to promote a restful night.

          The fragrance is not too heady, a pleasant delicate lavender scent, but not too strong as to be overpowering. I do like lavender so maybe I am biased in liking this product.

          To use the bath soak I start running the bath then pour a little of the Radox under the running taps and in no time at all the bath fills up with a bubbly foam. Don’t use too much though or you will disappear under the bubbles!

          Step into the bath, lie back and relax, letting the cares of the day soak away as you clear your mind and let the bubbles wash over you. Ah bliss!!! Then get out and dry yourself on a big fluffy bathtowel and you are ready for a good night’s sleep.

          Well, it worked for me, I had the best night’s sleep for a while after soaking in my Radox Goodnight Bath, so if you are feeling stressed after the festivities, then treat yourself.


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