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Radox Herbal Bath Radiant Touch

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2 Reviews

Brand: Radox / Type: Bath Cream / Oil

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    2 Reviews
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      24.04.2007 10:39
      Very helpful



      A bubble bath with Acacia to uplift spirits

      All Princesses need a big bubble bath, this particular Princess was also in a very bad mood and in need of a good soak (and a large bar of Dairy Milk!) This apricot coloured bubble bath has Acacia which is 'renowned to help heighten spirits and lift emotions' Sounds good!

      +The Bath +

      The neck of the bottle looks fairly narrow compared to Tesco's own big bottles so I turned the pot over and gave it a squidge. Don't do that! I had about a quarter of the bottle in the bath, it shot out at such a speed I couldn't stop it! So a gentle pour is all that is needed! I poured it under the hot tap and within seconds unsurprisingly I had about 5 inches of bubbles on the top of the bath.

      I could smell an odd smell at this point. My son shot upstairs took one look at me and said 'Mum? Have you wet yourself?' He hit the nail on the head this smells slightly like urine, not so much that you'd smell of it after but I certainly wasn't impressed with the fragrance. Its almost like urine and flowers?

      So, I got in, and the water was very soft, if a little smelly! It felt nice against my skin and not irritating. There were so many bubbles I felt like a girl in one of those adverts where the bubbles cover her modesty. I didn't feel particularly relaxed though, or very radiant! But it was an ok bath.

      + The Bottle +

      This is made of recyclable plastic and is thin and tall, with a lovely little lid that looks like a button. It is clear and the label is attractive and looks quite posh. The liquid is the most gorgeous colour, its apricot coloured and a bit shimmery, I only bought this particular variety because it went with my bathroom!

      + Availability +

      I have seen this in all the supermarkets, and chemists. There are also various other varieties in the range to pick from (which I strongly advise you to do!) They have different herbal mixes and say they do different things. I fancy trying the Milk one next, well, if its good enough for Cleopatra ....!

      + Price +

      A 500ml bottle is £1.58 but Tesco's recently had a 2 for £2 offer, making it very cheap. Even £1.58 is a very reasonable price for a nice product. I sometimes buy Tesco's own 1 litre bottles of bubble bath and this is so much nicer although it is twice the price. You don't have to use too much of this so I'd say it would last a lot longer than Tesco's one if you didn't squish it in like I did!

      + Ingredients +

      Apparently it also has a blend of natural herbs and minerals, but its all written in chemical speak on the ingredients list, possibly Cinnamon is in there somewhere (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Extract?). They don't state these natural ingrediants other than the Acacia, so we are none the wiser, in fact looking at the list it just looks like lots of the same things seen on most bottles. You have to use it up within 12 months of opening, which isn't too bad I suppose although my son is the onlyone using this bottle now because I'm too worried I'll go round stinking of wee!

      + Was it relaxing? +

      It promises to be 'proven to relax' but I'm not too sure it did. A bath always relaxes me and I don't think this gave me any extra relaxation.

      + Did it heighten spirits and lift emotions? +

      No lovies, I'll have to stick to the chocolate for that!


      *** 3 stars as I'm going to try all the other variants because on the whole the product was gorgeous other than the smell. But it certainly lost 2 stars due to that!

      Oh and my 2 year old daughter said it doesn't taste very nice she just tried to suck the lid while I was looking at the pack!


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        11.12.2006 22:56
        Very helpful




        Drifting into Peaceful Calm…

        In this season of mad, frenetic activity, where every day is a battle with the nose-to-tail traffic on the way through town and the queues for garish wrapping paper in your local WHSmiths, not to mention the anticipation of a huge credit card bill and an early payday that will NEVER stretch until the end of January, it’s really not surprised that we all, each of us, get a little stressed out by it. Overwhelmed. Headachy. And ready to curl up in a pile of leaves at the bottom of the garden and hibernate till spring…or is that just me??!!!!

        Well I have found, quite by accident, a fairly easy cure to stressful days. Not coffee by the gallon (though that does help…!) and not drugs either. Not even huge amounts of vitamin supplements. Bubble Bath. The simple, humble, bubble bath!

        I was in Boots last week, buying a certain something for a certain someone’s Christmas stocking, and I chanced upon this. It looked so pretty and so calming that it was in my basket and through the checkout before I really had time to think about it, so although being a complete impulse buy (which more often than not turn out to be mistakes!) I have been so impressed with it I felt compelled to tell you all, so that you will all know a little piece of peacefulness in this riotous season of goodwill to all men and all that jazz!

        These bath bubbles are in a new range from Radox, and called Radiant Touch. The packaging conveys a glowing, warm, calm sort of image, and the colour of the bubble bath is a beautiful apricot.

        Acacia is a plant that is in the same family as Mimosa, another scent which I adore, and has a sweet, soft scent and beautiful yellow flowers, just like the mimosa.

        The smell I think, is the what helps me chill out the most – it is almost sweet, very flowery, but not overbearing, and there is a very subtle undertone of cinnamon to it. Vanilla and almond are there, very soft, and honey too, but the threads of scent blend so well that you really have to sniff pretty hard to separate one from another!

        On the front of the bottle it says that acacia is “renowned to help heighten spirits and lift emotions” and I have to say I truly do agree. Some may find the scent a little too much, but in small quantities, this makes a very relaxing, calming bath.

        Pouring the stuff into the water, you see that it is quite thick, and you don’t need an awful lot to get a large amount of bubbles – they stay for ages after you get in too, which in my opinion is the making of a good bubble bath experience!

        The bottle holds 500ml and should see you through at least 15 baths, unless you pour half a bottle in every time! The bottle is made of recyclable plastic, so a quick rinse out when it’s empty and it can go in the recycling bin, which is great. The bottle cost me £2.49, which is quite expensive if you compare it to other brands, especially supermarkets’ own brands. However, it was a bit of a luxurious treat, and normally when I’m treating myself to a bath-type-item, I’m in Lush, and spending well over a tenner! So I’m going to justify the cost to myself that way!

        The only negative with this product is that it claims to have natural, calming essential oils in it…and the only one I could find on the ingredients list on the back was caster oil…..so not sure about that claim!

        Other than that, this is a great product, I would definitely buy it again, and I can thoroughly recommend it for the purposes of bathing, cleaning or, perhaps at this time of year, most importantly, relaxing. I can also tell you that as soon as I have posted this review, I shall be taking my half empty bottle of Radiant Touch Herbal Bath with Acacia, running myself a long, deep bath, and having a wee spot of relaxing-ness to ease the day of small stresses I have had today into little more than a distant, softly scented memory!

        Thank you for reading, Kate x


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