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Radox Shower Pamper Care Me

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3 Reviews

Brand: Radox / Type: Shower Gel / Cream

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    3 Reviews
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      16.02.2008 18:11
      Very helpful



      Great shower gel which lathers up well and moisturises. Smells too feminine for the blokes to use

      When I go shopping I'm always on the look out for a new bath or beauty product to test out. Last week when I was at Tesco's doing the weekly shop I went straight to the bath and beauty lanes looking for a bargain. The first thing which caught my eye was the large range of Radox shower gels and creams because they were on special offer. There were quite a few of them to choose from after about five minutes of smelling different ones I opted for the Care for Me Shower Gel. The shower gels usually retail for £1.99 for a 250ml bottle but they were on special offer and only cost £0.99 each.

      The bottle of shower gel is supplied in a tall see through squeezable plastic bottle which is in the shape of a tear drop. On the top of the bottle there is a white plastic hook which is used to hang the bottle up in the shower, but if like me you don't have a shower the white hook can easily be slid down onto the top of the bottle. On the bottom of the bottle there is a white flip style lid which is found on most shower gels these days. When you open the flip style lid there is a large circular hole which dispenses the shower gel by giving the bottle a light squeeze. The shower gel only comes out of the bottle when you squeeze it; even if the lid is flipped opened and the bottle is hanging upside down no shower gel will come out. This is because there is a small rubber disc behind the circular hole which prevents the shower gel from leaking out from the bottle unless it is squeezed lightly.

      The shower gel is light pink in colour and is clearly visible through the bottle; so you can see how much you are using and how much is remaining in the bottle. The shower gel is fairly thick in consistency and has a lovely smooth and silky feeling. I really like the thickness of the shower gel because you don't have to use a lot of it to get washed with because a little goes a long way.

      When I was using the shower gel I found that two blobs the size of a fifty pence piece were sufficient enough to get washed with. I was really surprised with the shower gel because it produced a very rich and creamy lather on my skin almost instantly. The creamy lather left my skin feeling really soft, fresh and clean, I felt as if the shower gel was also moisturising my skin at the same time. After I got out the bath and was getting dried my skin felt as if I had just moisturised it because it had a lovely smooth, silky feeling.

      The shower gel has a lovely fragrance which lingered on my skin for a few hours after I had bathed. The shower gel also fragranced the bathroom and the fragrance was still lingering in the bathroom an hour or so after I had bathed. I would say that the shower gel has a really light floral feminine scent which isn't too heavy or cloying. I think that the shower gel only smells of rose petals, it's the only floral note I can detect from it. The scent from the shower gel is really feminine and floral, so I don't think its one for the guys to use; unless they like floral shower gels. My husband will use almost any shower gel because he isn't really fussy, but he wont use this one because he says that it's too flowery and strong and he doesn't wasn't to smell like me lol.

      I've been using this shower gel for just over a week now and my skin feels and looks great. I like using the shower gel with my exfoliating gloves because the exfoliating gloves don't feel as harsh on y skin and the shower gel also helps to moisturise my skin whilst I am exfoliating. I think that the shower gel is great and it's reasonably priced too especially when it's on special offer. The only thing which I don't really like about the shower gel is the rose fragrance because it's too bland, it would have been better if the rose fragrance was complimented by another scent to give the fragrance more depth and body.

      The shower gel contains milk and cotton extracts which help to moisturise and cleanse your skin. It's also PH balanced and contains active moisturisers; so it's kind to your skin and adds moisture to it and giving it a lovely soft feeling.

      The shower gel can be bought from most supermarkets and chemists and the price may vary. A 250ml bottle retails at £1.99 although some places may sell it cheaper and have it on special offer from time to time so it's a good idea to have a look around for a cheaper deal.

      © Butterfly-Wings

      **written by me and also posted on ciao**


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        07.12.2007 23:09
        Very helpful



        A great shower gel

        Last year for Christmas as stocking fillers I asked for shower gel with hooks to hang in the shower. I find the ones without hooks far too much trouble to use and I often end up dropping them in the shower. I said I wanted lots so I would have a choice and they would last me for a while. My husband took me at my word and I ended up getting about 20 shower gels! And they all had hooks!

        Anyway I am still working my way through them AND I have had a few more now for this year's birthday! How dirty does my family think I am? LOL!

        So I took a fresh one out of the cupboard last week and it was Radox Care For Me. I hadn't seen this one before so what would this one be like?

        It comes in a pale pink coloured plastic squeezable container with a hook clipped into the top. The end of the hook comes away from the container and twists through 180 degrees so that it stands proud of the top and you can then hang it up in the shower. It can be used easily whilst it is hanging so it makes life very easy, especially for someone like me who is always in a hurry.

        The front of the container has the Radox logo in white lettering on a bright green background together with the words 'care for me' and some pink flower petals.

        As I know I have said before I am really impressed by the actual gel dispenser itself. To use the shower gel you just have to flip open the plastic lid and squeeze the container, the same as you would any other shower gel, where the gel actually comes out there is a clear plastic disc covering the opening with a tiny hole in the centre which means that the shower gel does only come out when you give it a squeeze. In turn this also means that if you do happen to drop the container in the shower whilst the lid is open the shower gel won't ooze out and be wasted. I thought this was just a design peculiar to Radox but I have now used Boots shower gels with the same brilliant design.

        The gel itself is a light, delicate shade of pink and the smell is absolutely gorgeous! As I said earlier I hadn't tried this one before and I wasn't really thinking about it as I went into the shower. Trust me I do have other things on my mind rather than thinking about what my shower gel is going to be like! As I lathered it onto my body the smell was so lovely it really made me stop and register it.

        The writing on the container states that it is 'fragrant shower cream to protect and care with extracts of cotton and milk'. This doesn't actually help to tell me what the smell is. It also says that it contains a 'blend of natural minerals and herbs', but still no help in finding out what the smell actually is! So all I can tell you is that it is a sweet but not sickly smell that reminds me of flowers (which flowers I have no idea!) and I could still smell the gel for some time after I had finished my shower.

        It is also 'PH balanced and dermatologically tested' and has 'active skin conditioners'. My skin certainly felt soft and as I said the fragrance is really great.

        Radox products are made by Sara Lee, which is a part of H & BC UK Ltd. If you are wondering it is the same firm that makes the gateaux, which I do find an odd mix of products for one firm.
        As with most of these products the shower gel does carry a warning to avoid getting it in your eyes - if you do wash out immediately with cool, clean water, obvious I know but worth a mention just in case.

        Since this was a present I hadn't a clue how much it had cost so I have been to www.boots.com and it is currently £1.62, although both Boots and Tesco often have offers on Radox shower gels - usually buy on get one free.

        I must just warn you - there are sure to be more varieties in the cupboard which have not yet been reviewed!


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          08.07.2007 11:29
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A creamy moisturising shower cream

          Ok I have a confession to make… I cheated! I made a promise to the other half that I wouldn’t buy anymore bath or shower products until I had finished all the half empty bottles in the bathroom. But the boys had ran out of shower gel and I needed to buy a new one for them, for some reason they won’t use up my ones for me, something about them being to girlie for them! So I bought them a new Radox one and to my surprise they were on buy one get one free! Now yes I know I should of bought them two bottles and I thought that I had but to my surprise when I unpacked my bags at home I realized that I had picked up this one instead!


          Radox first started in 1908 in the UK with their famous bath salts that were made from natural herbs and minerals. The name Radox comes from the words “radiated oxygen” as Radox said that their products radiate the scent of their product through the oxygen that comes out of a hot bath or shower. (God I feel like I am on brainiacs!) Sara Lee, the queen of the cakes, owns this company!!
          One last bit of useless information, Radox was the first company to make liquid soap!


          This product had been specially developed for your most caring Radox experience when you need some TLC. This shower cream contains natural ingredients chosen to soften and moisturise the skin and leave you feeling cared for.


          This is quite nice and subtle; it is shaped a bit like a teardrop and the bottle is clear with the famous Radox name and states that it is made with a blend of natural minerals and herbs which includes extracts of cotton and milk. The label makes the actual product look a pearly pink colour. It also has a white plastic handle and flip top lid with usual messy bit included!


          The first thing I noticed about this one is the scent, is it is lovely! I mean really lovely to the point where I can’t stop smelling it! I can’t really describe it and to be honest I have no idea what cotton is supposed to smell like! I think is has rose in it but its not over sweet, it is the best one I have ever smelt and believe me I have had my nose around a few!!

          It is a sort of pearly white colour and feels quite creamy and not over slimy, I use a puff thingy to wash and this lathers up really well with it. I don’t have to use a lot at a time and believe me my body isn’t that small! The lovely scent doesn’t fade while washing and fills the bathroom, rinsing off is very easy as the lather is very creamy.

          After rinsing and drying my skin does feel soft and I have had no dry patches or any skin reaction and my skin can be quite sensitive. The scent does linger on the skin and becomes quite light and fresh.

          PRICE & RANGE
          Moisture boost shower cream … £1.48

          Skin sanctuary shower cream … £1.48

          Care for me shower cream … £1.48

          Caress me shower cream … £1.48

          Spoil me shower cream … £1.48

          As for the ingredients well there are the usual long names and numbers, can’t see where it says cotton or milk!

          This also states that it has active skin conditioners and is PH balanced and dermatologically tested.

          So would I buy this again?
          Oh yes I will, I have finally found one that ticks all the boxes and I will stocking up when it is on special offer. So my innocent mistake turned into a really good buy and the other half is happier because I will now not have to buy lots of different ones and leave loads of half used ones back in the bathroom, Or will I?………

          Property of madmum71 & lisa8871


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