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Radox Spa Purify Wellbeing Shower Gel

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3 Reviews

Brand: Radox / Type: Shower Gel / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Purifies,

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    3 Reviews
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      02.09.2013 21:17
      Very helpful



      A lovely shower gel which leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean

      I am not particularly loyal to any shower gel and I tend to try different ones, usually based upon which one is on offer and the latest one that I tried was the Spa Purify Shower Cream by Radox.

      What does the product do?
      The product's main purpose of the product is to cleanse the skin to leave you feeling fresh and clean. In addition it promises to draw impurities from the skin using white clay to leave the skin deeply cleansed. It also includes milk and Lavandin Oil to nourish the skin and to leave you feeling fresh and glowing.

      Packaging and Price
      The shower cream comes contained within a transparent plastic bottle which has some flowers on the front and some extra information about the product on the back. You can see the product inside which gives the bottle a lovely pale blue colour while it is full. It has a clear flip top lid which is easy to open and close even when your hands are wet and soapy. The product will cost you around £1 and it can be bought from a range of shops such as Boots, Superdrug, large supermarkets and a variety of online websites.

      Appearance and Performance
      The product has a lovely pale blue colour to it and they are some dark blue particles floating around in it. I'm not sure what they are there for but you can't feel them within the mixture. The product is perfumed, but only lightly, and it shouldn't put you off using the product at all. I quite like the fragrance and it smells a little bit to me like the ck1 fragrance. The aroma makes this one suitable for use on both men and women.

      The consistency of the product is creamy and it is a bit like a light body lotion. It feels hydrating on the skin and it glides over the skin nicely. It has a really hydrating quality to it and it does make the skin feel pampered as soon as it is applied. When applied straight to the skin, it does foam a little bit but you need to use a sponge if you want to create plenty of bubbles. The formula is gentle and it hasn't caused me any irritations or caused my skin any discomfort. The product is easily rinsed off the skin and it leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean, and feeling soft.

      All in all, this is a lovely shower cream which leaves you feeling fresh and clean. It is hydrating on the skin and has a lovely scent to it. The shower isn't particularly special but it gets the job done and does what it promises. It will also look beautiful on display if you have a blue bathroom!


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      07.08.2009 17:32
      Very helpful



      Worth every penny even when not on special offer!!

      I felt I had to just write about this lovely shower cream from Radox, well in fact it is a Spa Scrub from the WELLBEING Range. I have been using Radox for years now and know that if I buy it, it will be of good quality.

      This comes in a shape similar to other shower creams, but it goes a bit pointy at the top. It is a creamy beige colour with lots of tiny little speckles of brown dots in it. On reading the back of the bottle it turns out that the tiny little speckles are actually finely ground apricot seeds with a blend of sea minerals.

      On opening the bottle which has a fliptop lid I notice that it has that lovely
      fresh clean smell about it ( I love that smell when I have just come out of
      the shower feeling all clean and fresh). When squeezing some into my hand
      it comes out really easy not to thin nor is it to thick that you have to really
      squeeze hard ( then the bottle flies across the bathroom out of your slipperey wet hands!!).

      This creamy shower wash has a very slight gritty feeling to it, which when
      rubbed on your body does a great gentle exfoliating job. I always feel so
      refreshed when I have used this as it leaves my body feeling smooth and
      glowing just like it say's on the bottle unlike some I have tried in the past!

      There is a whole wide range of WELLBEING products by Radox here are
      some that I have seen:

      White Tea and Orange Blossom~~~
      Green Tea and Jasmine~~~
      Spa Cleanse White Clay & Sea Minerials~~~

      I have been looking to buy some of their Shower Smoothies, but haven't
      seen them in my shops they look really lovely from the advertisment I have
      seen. They come in all sorts of fragrances like:

      Spirit Booster~~~ A combination of Yoghurt and Pomegranate
      Natural Balance~~~ A combination of Yoghurt and Honey
      Soul Soother~~~A combination of Blackcurrant and Cranberry Seeds
      Energy Therapy~~~ This is Lemongrass and soft loofah bits
      Tropical Tranquility~~~ This has Coconut, Almonds and Myrrh

      I want to buy all of them as they sound good enough to eat!!!!
      Showering is certainly not what it used to be with all these lovely goodies
      to self indulge in and be pampered!

      I got my Shower Cream from Tesco's as it is on offer for £1 instead of £1.93,
      it comes in a 250ml bottle. I believe this offer is on until the middle of August.

      Hope you enjoy this Shower Cream as much as I have!!!


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        24.07.2009 13:59
        Very helpful




        I work shifts and consequently a few times a week I am required to get up at the unearthly hour of 5:25am. The routine is as follows: My alarm sounds, I lazily throw my arm out of the duvet, feel around on top my bedside drawers for my clock-radio, hit several buttons until it stops "buzz buzz buzzing", scramble out of bed, trip over yesterdays dirty laundry which is lying in a heap in the middle of the floor, feel my way onto the landing and into the bathroom, flick the shower switch, yelp in shock when the water temperature is -5 degrees and eventually peel open my eyes to greet the shift ahead!

        You see some people use coffee to wake themselves up in the morning... I use my morning shower and rely on a shower gel that will invigorate not only my skin, but my mind and senses as well! Many a time have I turned up at work, still half asleep because a particular shower gel has failed to fully arouse me from my slumber!!!

        So in need of a new shower gel I visited my local Boots and noticed a new shower gel product from Radox "Spa Purify - Wellbeing". The offer price was £1.30 for a 250ml bottle and I decided to give it a try...

        About The Product
        Radox Spa Purify Wellbeing is a hypoallergenic shower blend with Dead Sea salts and aloe vera that promises to hydrate and purify the skin. The blurb on the back of the packaging states that this shower gel will breathe some life into the skin (perfect - exactly what I need at 5:25am!!!). Apparently the blend of aloe vera and Dead Sea salts gently cleanses, purifies and hydrates the skin, leaving a feeling of being refreshed and revitalised. On stepping out of the shower you'll feel as good as new. And hopefully awake enough to start an early shift!

        This product is hypoallergenic and so is perfect for sensitive skin, which I have in abundance. Another reason why this product is potentially perfect for me!

        What's gone into it?
        * 100 years of Radox know-how
        * A spoonful of aloe vera (helps the medicine go down... or is that sugar?)
        * Dead Sea salts
        * A perfect pH balance
        * A thumbs-up from the skin experts

        The Packaging
        The bottle design looks very tranquil and relaxed. It has a sanctuary feeling about it, and I can imagine the accompanying advert containing a woman bathing beneath a waterfall! It's a transparent, curved bottle and the shower gel can be seen inside containing lots of little air bubbles. The green and white Radox logo is located on the front, with the product name and description and a very calming and soothing picture of pebbles on ripples of water. I can almost hear the sound of water lapping against a lake shore...

        The Smell
        The smell of a shower gel is very important. I don't want to walk into work smelling of cheap bog water! On opening the bottle and having a good whiff, the smell is heavenly! I could literally stand and inhale this wonderful scent for hours (if only I didn't need to be at work within the hour). It is hard to describe and capture the scent in words, but it's slightly fruity and incredibly fresh and invigorating. Again it conjures up the image of bathing deep within a jungle, beneath a waterfall, with bird song for company...Opps, back to reality...

        My Experience and Opinion
        I squeeze a generous blob of this shower gel onto my already wet shower poof and begin to wash. It lathers up perfectly, not so much that it takes 10 minutes to fully rinse off but enough to know that it is doing its job and cleansing the skin. It feels light, soft and silky on the skin and the smell is the same and just as strong as when I sniffed it in the bottle - Mmmm! It easily rinses away and doesn't feel like it clings or clogs the skin.

        Did it meet my morning "wake-up challenge"??? Well the gorgeous, fresh fragrance was enough to start awakening my senses, and the actual shower gel felt like it did hydrate and cleanse my skin. It made my skin feel like it was wakening up and coming to life and I felt invigorated to start my day! And it passes the arm pit test - I whiffed my pits after showering and they smelt clean and fresh - result!

        I have used this shower gel for a few weeks now. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and the smell lingers after showering. It's not overpowering, but reminds me that my skin has been cleansed, purified and hydrated. I feel ready to face the days challenges and I feel fresh and clean.

        As I mentioned before I have super sensitive skin and some shower gels leave me itching, however this isn't a problem with Radox Spa Purify and I would recommend this shower gel whole heartedly to everyone! Go on... wake yourself up!

        Other Radox Mineral Spa shower gels are available including:

        * Mineral Spa Clay
        * Mineral Spa Scrub
        * Mineral Spa Seaweed

        The full price is £1.95 in Boots and I would pay that because in my opinion it is a quality product. More information is available on the Radox website: www.radow.co.uk


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