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Sainsbury's Bath Bubbles

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / bath foam.

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    2 Reviews
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      17.03.2013 19:13



      Quite simply, a waste of money

      After months of using Sainsbury's Stress Away Bath Soak and being pleased with the product I have just opened a newly purchased bottle and despaired. Soon as I went to squeeze a well-rehearsed quantity into the bath water I realized that it was a much weaker consistency . Gone within a couple of minutes were the foam bubbles and the past fragrance was non existent too, leaving me stressed and angry and the complete opposite of the labelling. I can only assume that I am the victim of devisive marketing and instead of raising the price the company has seen fit to lower the quality to fit around a budget price, a bit ironic that my purchase was "buy one get one free" !
      This will have two resulting effects on me, one that I will now look for an alternative product and two I will be looking to see whether deceiving the customer is a new tactic by Sainsburys, in which case I will vote again with my feet.


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      09.01.2008 13:17
      Very helpful



      Reasonably priced bath bath

      I like bubble bath to be bubbly, so was tempted by the promise that this one is "super bubbly" I also do most of my shopping at Sainsburys, so this is easy to pick up.

      ~~*~~ THE PROMISE~~*~~

      As well as being super bubbly, the bath bubbles have not been tested on animals and is dermatologically tested. It will also leave skin feeling clean and smelling great!


      I like the way this is packaged. A 750ml bright green plastic bottle with a handle to carry it. The handle just makes it so easy to hold when pouring the bath bubbles into the bath; there is just no chance of it falling out of slippy hands and into the water.

      Open the screw top yellow cap for a whiff of the bath bubbles. Yes, this being apple, there is a distinct apple smell- very fruity! The bath bubbles themselves when they are poured out, are a pale green colour, and because it's quite a thick consistency, they don't all pour out of the bottle when the can is tipped up.

      ~~*~~USING IT~~*~~

      The instructions tell me to pour under running water for a "mass of fruity bubbles"


      this is available online at www.sainsburys.co.uk or instore. Priced at £1.25 for 750ml of the stuff, it is good value.

      ~~*~~WHAT I THINK OF IT~~*~~

      This is good stuff, and is indeed very bubbly. Pour a small amount under running water and there are bubbles and lots of them. The fruity smell is quite strong, but I find it quite pleasant, and it does smell clean when the bubbles are in the water.

      The easy carry bottle is a winner, and there have been no accidents with whole bottles falling into the bath. It also means that young children can pour in their own bubble bath because they have a greater level of control than with bottles without handles.

      The bubble bath does the job of cleaning although I can't say it's been used on anyone really dirty, and Little Miss doesn't seem to have had any adverse reactions to the stuff. It does seem quite moisturising, and I haven't noticed her skin drying out.

      The price is great - all those bubbles for a very small price, and because only a small amount is needed, it lasts for ages.

      A great smelling reasonably priced bubble bath which I will be buying again.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela x x


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