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Sanctuary Top to Toe Spa Kit

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Brand: The Sanctuary / Type: Bath Product

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    1 Review
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      08.06.2009 16:22
      Very helpful



      Better to buy the good stuff individually

      The Top to Toe Spa Kit Contains:
      Body Wash 75ml
      Body Lotion 75ml
      Body Scrub 50ml
      Foaming Bath Soak 75ml
      Body Moisture Spray
      Foot Soufflé 50ml
      Cleansing Facial Wash 50ml
      Protective 24Hr Moisture Lotion SPF15 15ml
      Body Polisher.

      Cost: £19.58

      For my birthday this year my lovely colleagues bought me the Sanctuary Top to Toe Spa Kit. I really couldn't have been happier when I opened my present because I had heard so many good things about sanctuary and sanctuary products but had always thought they were too expensive to justify buying them myself. So, my first impressions were good but that was mostly to do with the reputation of sanctuary among my friends. The packaging itself wasn't really much to look at. I'm usually not one to talk about packaging, if you want to know what it looks like you can just look at the picture, but as this is a gift set I feel that appearances are very important. This set does not look very gift like, it's just a bag with a bit of cardboard wrapped around it. However, I actually think this is better. Everything about this product is practical, there's very little packaging to throw away and while that does mean that Sanctuary have sacrificed presentation who really cares? I would much rather have a gift that was more environmentally friendly.

      The bag that all of the products come in is excellent. Orange is perhaps not the colour that I would choose but it is the only colour that this product is available in. I think that's unfortunate and that they should have a wider selection of colours. I think this bag is really practical. It has a hook on the inside that's designed to hang in your shower, although I have it hanging on my door, so it's really good for people who perhaps have more limited space. The bag is quite spacious so I find that I can fit more than just the products that originally came in the bag in it.

      I found that some of the products in this kit were excellent, whereas others were very disappointing.

      I used the cleansing facial wash and the moisture lotion for about a month, and still have a bit of the facial wash left over. For bottles that are so small they really last. The facial wash feels lovely when you're using it, really smooth and leaves your skin feeling so soft you feel like you won't need to moisturise after. However, I found that during the time I used this facial wash I had a few outbreaks of spots. I rarely get spots, my skin is generally very clear but I'm unsure if this is due to the facial wash or the moisturiser because I used them both at the same time.
      The moisturiser had almost the opposite effect to the facial wash. It felt horrible when I put it on but left my skin feeling soft for ages after. This moisturiser is quite greasy, although I did find that a little bit went a long way. Although I didn't particularly like putting this moisturiser on due to the greasyness it did leave my skin feeling really soft for the entire day. Again, it's difficult to know if it was due to the moisturiser or the facial wash, it could have been a combination of both that left my skin feeling soft.

      I'm giving the facial wash and the moisturising lotion 3/5...3 stars for giving me soft skin, -2 stars for giving me spotty skin.

      I usually like to use a salt body scrub in order to keep my skin exfoliated and I usually stay away from the gel body scrubs, but as the gel body scrub came with the kit I decided to use it. I wasn't overly impressed. Compared with other gel body scrubs it was okay, you could at least feel the rough bits in it but I just didn't think it was very good at exfoliating. I felt as though I might as well just use a normal shower gel. After using this product I still needed to exfoliate so it really seemed a bit pointless to bother with it. I guess if you're looking for a gentle alternative to a salt scrub then this might be a good product for you.
      I would give this product 1/5

      The body wash wasn't anything special. I used it on the body polisher that comes with the set and the one good thing that I will say about it is that you need very little of the product. Just putting a little bit on the body polisher was enough to wash my entire body and it did produce a lot of bubbles (which just adds to the enjoyment of shower time if you ask me!). I found that the scent was pleasant enough but was rather "masculine". I'm not sure if these products are supposed to be for men and women, but I certainly think that in terms of smell it would be suitable for both genders (not suggesting of course that men can't use products that smell "feminine" or women products that smell "masculine"). I should point out now that all of the products in this set smell the same. The smell didn't last for very long afterwards, perhaps an hour at most. I much prefer body wash or shower gel that you can smell for hours after you've showered. It did do it's job though, I felt clean after using it which I guess is the important thing.

      I give this product 3/5 for being a very average body wash.

      The body lotion again wasn't anything special. It left my skin feeling soft but the softness didn't last for very long. I always moisturise my body before going to bed and found that with this product my skin would feel soft when I went to bed but that the softness wouldn't even last over night and I would have to moisturise again the next morning. There are certianly better, longer lasting body lotions out there.

      The body moisture spray was amazing! If there's anything in this set that I will buy again it's this. You don't need much of it because like the moisturiser it is quite greasy and spreads really easily along the skin but it really does its job. I used it on areas of particular dryness and found that it really left that skin feeling soft and the softness lasted for a long time afterwards.
      This product without a doubt gets 5/5.

      The foot souffle was another great product. I don't have the nicest feet and tend to get a lot of dry and hard skin on the bottom so I was very keen to use this product. I found that it softened the skin almost immediately and the results have been excellent in the long term. My feet are looking a lot more attractive now, which is great with all this hot weather and the flipflops coming out, and they also feel a lot better. You can visibly see that the skin is softer.

      The final product in the kit was the foaming bath soak. I'm not a bath person, I like to take showers but I decided to take a bath in order to use the bath soak. Unfortunately this bath soak has done nothing to encourage me to take a bath over a shower. I had to put in over a quarter of the bottle just to get bubbles. When I put a little bit under the tap there were a few tiny bubbles on the surface, I added more and that seemed to do the trick. There were a nice lot of bubbles in the bath. However, in the time it took me to remove my clothes and get in (which would have been about a minute) the bubbles had significantly reduced. The foaming bath soak does foam, but not for long! I don't think it really left my skin feeling any different to how it usually does, but it's hard to tell with all of the other products that I use on it.

      Overall I'm giving this product 3/5 because there were some really great products in this kit and I liked the bag, but there were also some products that were really awful, and some that were just average. Overall I think that evens it out to a three out of five!

      This product is available from boots.


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