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Sanex Dermo Sensitive Cream Bath

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7 Reviews

Brand: Sanex / Type: Bath Cream / Subcategory: Bath Cream / What it does: Smoothes, Protects

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    7 Reviews
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      29.04.2015 17:55
      Very helpful



      Kind to skin :)

      I know I go on but I really want to put the point or review across for those with sensitive skin and although I mentioned it in most reviews it because its true!

      The SANEX range is quite possibly up there with the best of them in terms of how professional and dermalogically tested they are.

      Although they wouldn't be the first brand I would chose in terms of scent, because there hardly is any but it terms of skin results and comfort its a small price to pay.

      This contains a large percentage of LACTOSERUM a milk based protein that contains @

      All these ingredients combined help to restore your skin, moisturise and replenish skin which also includes anti-aging. However for me this means I can work this into my skin, confidently knowing it won't cause irritation. I was able to enjoy he added benefit of stronger/ firmer skin that helps builds up elasticity.
      This is part of the LACTIC ACID family which will help smooth your skin within stripping it of the vital minerals it needs, it perfectly balance your PH level and I can 100% say this was worked so well on my skin and hopefully yours to:)

      I am most surprised that this is such a fantastic product at such a great price. I always purchase this from BOOTS as it only retails a t£1.80 for 500ml. This lathers up really well so 'less is more' with this product.

      I would highly recommend this product for anyone but especially those with sensitive skin.


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      22.02.2010 15:36
      Very helpful



      see review

      I do like my toiletries, as anyone who has read any of my previous reviews will know. However my bank balance is less inclined to agree and so I'm really trying to stick to a budget. *Trying* really being the operative word!

      My intention at the moment is to think do I truly *need* to buy this product? If it's a yes then into my basket it goes without too much guilt thrown in and in this case it was a definite yes!

      Myself and my two young sons all seem to have skin that borders on the sensitive side so buying items such as bubble bath, we opt for the likes of Infacare etc.

      As we were getting low on bath cream, I did intend on buying some on my next visit to Superdrug so I was very pleased to see this super sized bottle of Sanex in my local supermarket at well under the £2 mark.

      The price and packaging~
      This is a huge 750ml bottle of bath cream and is housed in a large, upright standing plastic bottle. The bottle is straight up and down on one side but on the other is a slight arc that goes inwards presumably to make it easier to grip. The plastic bottle is an opaque peachy colour with an easy to open/close blue flip top lid.

      There's nothing too glamorous about the actual packaging but the sheer size makes it stand out on the shelf.

      I have bought this in the past from the likes of Superdrug/Boots and it retails not short of £3 - normally around £2.89 to be specific.
      I picked this up from Netto for £1.49 which was a fantastic bargain in my eyes.

      My experience of using it~
      The first thing you notice on opening the lid is the scent that you get with Sanex products. It's hard to describe in words but smells clean and healthy if that makes any sense at all.

      Though it has a similar scent to the deodorants in the range I found this has a slight fruity smell to it. It's smells like the bottle looks - a hint of peach and the bath cream is also the same colour.

      On gently squeezing the product into the water I see it's thick in consistency and so only a few 'blobs' are needed to create lots of bubbles.

      This lathers up fantastically if using as a shower gel also (I do this sometimes with these products) and it's gentle and cleansing on my skin.

      My sons have bathed using this and it's left their delicate skin nice and soft and caused no problems whatsoever.

      I have bought this in the past a long time ago and remember being impressed with it back then but the main selling point to me this time was the price.
      Having said that this is a huge bottle that is going to last quite a while and I would buy it at normal price as it does the job.

      I won't go into all the ingredients but it does contain something called Lactoserum that is rich in milk proteins which helps keep sensitive skin healthy and soft (apparently).

      For more information visit www.sanex.com

      Fantastic product. Fantastic price. Enough said.


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        30.11.2009 23:21
        Very helpful



        A sensitive product that wont leave you feeling as much after using it.

        I remember the days when I was younger and I could use any kind of bath cream or more commonly a shower gel and it did not have to be the sensitive variety and as with previous reviews you may have gathered that I like Lynx Deoderant and also used to use Lynx Shower Gels also but then something personally not very nice was discovered by myself and by reading other such reviews and reviews by other Dooyooers in general I am not on my own in the condition I have and I would not wish this on anyone as it is not nice.

        From years of going in the sun when I was a child and going to Scarborough or Bridlington or generally to the coast I was never prone to using suncream and how I do wish I had used it now as I do personally believe this is a contributing factor as to why I have such sensitive skin today and when I use certain products it is harsh for my skin and even when shaving or simply spraying a deoderant can sometimes leave me feeling in quite some pain.

        I always remember one day when I went for a shower and for some reason instead of using my normal sensitive shower gel I used the Lynx Africa Shower Gel and this turned out to be such a bad decision for me as by the time I had finished it felt like my skin was burning and I felt in so much pain and had to go outside in the open air and in the cold to try and relieve the pain and after many hours of using the Shower Gel the pain eventually subsided but I promised myself that I would never again put myself through this torture.

        Now I dont really have many baths well not as many as when I was a child or a teenager as I find a shower is more effective and a hell of a lot quicker and I am always on the look out for a Sensitive Shower Gel or something similar that will be kind to my skin and also have a decent lather when washing myself so I know that I have had a proper shower.

        I had seen the Sanex Dermo Sensitive Cream Bath in Tesco and this was the 750ml variety and a fair bit bigger than the display picture. As you can see it comes in a beige container with a blue top and an easy enough open top lid and then on the front of the bottle is emblazended Sanex and below this stating that is foaming cream bath is dermo sensitive and dermo active 3, it has lactoserum in it and claims to Keep Skin Healthy.

        Well I have been using this Bath Cream for over a year now and as I stated before I dont do baths so use it in the shower instead and it for me has always been a great product to use as I get the right amount of cream on my sponge and then let some water go onto the sponge and then this creates the perfect lather and then I wash myself allover, the aroma of the bath cream is a nice one its not too strong also which is good. Once I have finished my shower after about 5-10 minutes I always feel better and fresher and the Bath Cream really does help in that process.

        I am always on the lookout to see if it is on offer as one bottle for over £3 can be quite expensive but as an example Superdrug have these on offer and that is to BOGOF but not literally as they will lose custom but to buy one bottle at £3.42 and then you get a bottle free and this seems like a great offer to me and the bottle always seems to go a long way and here is a link below to check out this great offer by going to the Superdrug website link below and searching for Sanex Dermo Sensitive Cream Bath :-


        So if you are like me and other members of Dooyoo with the problem of sensitive skin then I would give this Bath Cream a go for either a bath or shower and I promise you will not be dissapointed with the results.

        Thanks so much for reading and I hope this review can be of use to people.

        Rob :)


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          07.08.2009 23:35
          Very helpful



          A simple, caring bath product that smells yummy! I love it!

          Normally when it comes to purchasing bath and body products for myself I do like them to appear luxurious and I have no problem in paying a little bit extra for my toiletries...normally! Though this week I've had a load of bills all hit me at once and so when I saw this massive size of bath creme bath from a brand I am aware of an at a bargain price I decided it had to be worth a go!

          The Packaging:

          750ml very large yellow bottle with a dark blue flip top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole. There is a dent to the side of the bottle that I do feel is worth mentioning as it is a nifty thing! As it's a large bottle they can be hard to handle but with this indentation to it it is somewhat easier to handle of course! On the front I am told it is Sanex Dermo Intensive Vitamin E 'Bath' Cream Bath that is for dry skin, keeps skin healthy and contains 'Dermo Active 3'. On the back of the bottle I'm told a bit about the product, warnings and ingredients are given along with contact details for Sara Lee (the manufacturer of the product) and then the size, the recycle symbol and bar-code are all shown. It's a nice enough bottle and contains all the information you may need however it doesn't look luxurious as such but actually gives off the impression it is a trustworthy and solid product type of thing.

          A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Bottle:

          This foaming cream bath, enriched with Vitamin E, has been specially formulated to help soften dry skin and leave it feeling moisturised and comfortable.

          New Sanex with Dermo Active 3 bath & shower complex actively works with your skin to offer 3 benefits to keep skin healthy:

          Protection: Improves your skin's natural protections barrier.
          Moisturisation: For soft and well moisturised skin.
          Rebalance: Restores skin's natural balance.

          Me Using It:

          Well I switched on my taps and spurted a fair amount of this rich, white and glossy looking bath cream into my water. When I got back I was greeted with a gorgeous smell (sort of fruity and sweet but none distinctive and unisex) and a whole lot of thick, rich white bubbles.

          Once in the bath I noticed how lovely and soft the water was and once in it I enjoyed the sensation so much I stayed put for about an hour and a bit to which when I drained the water away the smell and bubbles were still very much apparent. No scum was left in my bath and I patted myself dry and it was job done!


          Brilliant and I never thought I would rave about a Sanex product before now lol! My skin was left looking brighter, fragranced and felt very, very soft and nourished indeed. Usually when out of the bath I can feel clammy but not with this and neither did I feel the need to reach for a body moisturiser either. Even the rough skin on my feet felt slightly more hydrated after using this!

          This is a lovely day-to-day bath cream for the whole family in my view that you can really trust. It gave me no skin issues or agitation after using it and the smell really did hang about soft, clean and gentle for ages afterwards (and that's on me and in my bathroom!). It's a nice trustworthy bath cream that is kind to the skin... even sensitive one's like mine! Great buy, and me..I shall definitely purchase this time and time again!

          Expect to pay about £2.61 a bottle for this (and it is available in a 500ml size as well) but at the time of me writing this review it cost me £1.30 a bottle in Sainsbury's!

          This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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          14.12.2008 16:23
          Very helpful



          An all round good product which improves the condition of your skin whilst soothing you at bath time

          Who will like this product:
          People who would a quality bath product which softens and protects the skin without a hefty price tag.

          How much does this product cost:
          I picked this product up for £2.48 at my local Asda store, which is very cheap anyway but i think ive also seen the Sanex product line in Savers at around £1 each so have a look there too.

          Product Description:
          This product comes in a yellow botttle and of consists of 750ml of product. The classic blue and white Sanex sign. It has a pop down lid that allows the product to pour out easily. This product claims to activley work with your skin to offer three benefits to keep your skin healthy: 1. Protection: improves your skins natural protection barrier, 2. moisturisation: for soft and well moisturised skin, 3. Rebalance: Restores skins natural balance.

          Product Performance:
          This product poured easily into my bath and worked itself straight away into lathery bubbles. It smelt lovely and afterwards i noticed the softness of my skin was improved due to using this product. This product is an excellent creme bath but also makes a great shower gel as it is quite thick in texture. This product smells really nice and left my skin smelling very fresh too.


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          19.11.2008 12:33
          Very helpful



          My credit crunching bath for those non Lush days !

          Yep that's right, this isn't a Lush review!

          Somehow I always find a way to spend too much money wherever I am, the other night it was at Sainsburys! Doing the food shopping I was enticed down the health and beauty aisles and spent a small fortune on things I didn't need BUT they were such bargains (as I kept telling myself)
          One of these bargains was this huge Sanex bubble bath for sensitive skin.
          The majority of the Sanex range is currently half price at Sainsburys stores so worth checking out on your weekly shop.
          There were 4 bubble baths to choose from in the range, these were: Intensive, Protector, Omega 3 and this one; Sensitive.

          I do love my Lush stuff, as I'm sure you've by now realised...but it can work out quite expensive to bathe with Lush products every single night of the week so when I saw this product on such a good offer I decided I NEEDED it as in the long term it would save me money (this is my shopping logic and I actually convince myself its true)

          The Packaging
          First I must say this bubble bath is absolutely huge, it's in a 750ml bottle, yep ¾ of a litre of bubbly stuff! It's a curved rectangular bottle with just a dip in one side; I guess this makes it easier to grip if you have wet hands.
          This is a peachy coloured bottle with a bright blue plastic flip-off lid. The Sanex branding is white writing in a blue rectangle. Underneath this it says:
          dermo (in silver) sensitive (orange big letters) lactoserum (orange little letters)
          And there really are no capital letters at the beginning of the words.

          There is then a swirly pattern in orange which looks like water going down the plug-hole. A little silver and white circle states 'Dermo Active 3' which I will come onto later and then right at the bottom of the bottle it says: bath, foaming cream bath, sensitive skin (this is all in silver writing, again with no capital letters) There is also a re sticker on the lid which says Now more moisturising! I've never used this before so obviously can't comment on that aspect.

          The bottle is simply designed but doesn't look cheap, it does however take up a huge space at the side of my bath due to its size!

          The Product
          The bubble bath itself is cream in colour and slightly pearlescent.
          I recognise the smell from another product but can't put my finger on what! It smells to me like Almond milk; creamy and quite a gentle fragrance.

          There are no instructions telling me how much to use so I just squeezed a big blob under the running tap. The almondy smell gets stronger once it hits the hot water which is nice and the bubbles foam up instantly ,I must say after being used to Lush and their copious amounts of bubbles I was expecting to be disappointed when I resorted back to 'normal' bubble baths but this one was very impressive!
          The bubbles lasted ages too as did the milky almond smell even though it was only mild to begin with.

          My skin is stupidly sensitive and most things make it itchy and dry, I'm fine with natural products such as Lush and this was really kind on my skin too. Sanex's philosophy is 'Keeps skin healthy' any Sanex product is probably gentle so the sensitive version is obviously extra gentle!

          * Lactoserum: this is mentioned on the front of the bottle; lactoserum is an ingredient rich in milk proteins to sooth sensitive skins and leave them feeling comfortable and soft.

          * Dermo Active 3: also mentioned on the front of the bottle, this is Sanex new bath/shower complex for healthy skin, it offers 3 benefits to keep skin healthy:
          #1. Protection, improves your skins natural protection barrier.
          #2. Moisturisation: for soft and well moisturised skin.
          #3. Rebalance: restores skins natural balance.

          'A more complete solution to keep skin healthy'

          Sanex is a brand name of Sara Lee UK.

          This bottle will stay fresh for 12 months once opened.

          At the moment these bubble baths are available at Sainsburys for £1.34! what a bargain! RRP £2.69...still cheap!


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            08.10.2008 14:51
            Very helpful



            Bubble bath for the skin sensative... sanex to the rescue of a bubble starved child!

            Well, what to say about this product.

            Initially we were going to buy the children's version of this, however this one works out cheaper, and we caught a special offer at Asda when we tried it out.

            My youngest step daughter has Excema... a rather nasty skin complaint/disease. Fortunately for us it usually flairs up with products containing perfume, so usually we avoid children's bubble baths/strong smelling washing powders etc. but we wanted to treat her to a bubble bath. At 7 years old bubble baths are the bomb!

            Back to the product!

            The bubble bath has a real creamy appearance and smell, its white and has a moderate viscosity (bit like thick custard). It doesn't take much to make a foamy bath, a couple of table spoons is more than adequate unless you want a bathroom full of suds (which has happened to me - its called having kids!)

            You get a lovely feeling in the bath, it doesn't leave a oily residue and certainly feels luxurious. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth, and yet still clean.

            My step daughter was so impressed she insists I buy this monthly now and all the kids love it.... making the large size a boon! Her reactions are calming down and if she does have a flair up, a bath in this certainly helps her skin calm down.

            Asda currently sells this product for £2.68 for 750mls


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          • Product Details

            Sanex Dermo Sensitive Cream Bath has been specially formulated to respect and care for sensitive skin, helping it to stay healthy and naturally protected / The gentle formulation contains lactoserum, an ingredient rich in milk proteins / It creates a smooth and creamy foam and leaves the skin feeling soft and cared for /

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