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Scottish Fine Soaps Highland AromaticsCoorie In Basket Set

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Brand: Scottish Fine Soaps / Body Care Type: Gift Set / Type: Body Wash/Cleanser / Subcategory: Soap / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2013 15:48
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      A delightful gift set from Scottish Fine Soaps

      As I am someone who adores beautiful toiletries, I was delighted to receive a message from Dooyoo during mid-December when I was advised that I had won a prize in their Christmas competition. The gift in question was a Coorie-In Basket Set from Scottish Fine Soaps, a company that is based in Stirlingshire, Scotland and has been manufacturing products intended for the mind and body for over 35 years.

      I was so excited to receive my parcel, which had been ordered from Amazon, where inside I discovered a cylindrical shaped woven sea grass basket measuring approximately 12 cm in height and 12 cm in diameter. In addition, the basket sported a cute deep lid with a knotted bobble on the top. I immediately fell in love with the basket, as it well suits my taste, particularly as I prefer to store all of my toiletries inside something as opposed to plonking them all over the bathroom. I cannot admit to having previously been familiar with Scottish Fine Soaps although they are clear a superior and luxurious brand with the lid of the basket displaying a pretty fabric gift tag with the company's name displayed in beautiful embroidery.

      Attached to the label are a handful of cardboard tags which provided details of the products contained inside together with a little information on the company. I was intrigued to learn of why the basket was known as "Coorie" and the answer was provided on one of the tags where I learned that it is old Scottish word meaning "snuggle" or "cuddle". Whilst the Amazon website lists the details of the basket together with information advising that the packaging may vary, I would advise that one of the three items contained within the basket did not match the product description. This did not disappoint me in the least, particularly as I adore toiletries and because my basket was a gift. However, I would point out that there are a number of buyer's comments against this gift set on Amazon, as it is clearly a common occurrence, so you may wish to bear this in mind if you intend making a purchase. The next few sections of my review will discuss each of the items together with my thoughts.


      I am a huge fan of lavender, as in addition to its delightful fragrance being extremely calming and beneficial for promoting relaxation, the aroma always transports me back to happy times in my childhood. The 60g bath fizzer, which was protected in tissue paper, didn't quite replicate the image provided on the Amazon website, as its appearance was similar to that of a slightly squashed ball. I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of bath fizzers, particularly as they do not offer fluffy white soft bubbles, but I was eager to try this out solely due to its lavender content.

      I've previously used bath fizzers, which have been quite large in size, but the one contained in this gift set was sufficient for one bath although I suppose I could have removed it after a minute or so and kept the remainder for another bath. The pure white fizzer offered an appealing appearance with lavender seeds being contained inside. It offered the most stunning and very authentic lavender aroma, which is a must for me, particularly as so many brands simply cannot achieve a true scent.

      I popped the fizzer into my running bath and watched as it began to frantically fizz away and emit its very authentic scent into the room. I disappeared to the bedroom to undress ready for my bath and when I returned I was a little alarmed to discover a considerable amount of lavender seeds nestling on the surface of the bath water. There was obviously quite a few seeds hiding inside the fizzer and I didn't relish the thought of having to clean the bath after my relaxing dip. I stepped into the water, which was soft and smooth to the touch although I cannot find anything in the list of ingredients that would have offered the smoothness. Fortunately, the lavender seeds weren't uncomfortable when I was lying in the bath where I allowed the soothing vapours to send me to a relaxing place.

      After a few minutes I was no longer able to witness the lavender scent, which I found a little disappointing although it could well have been that my nasal passages had got used to the aroma. I did not find the bath fizzer drying on my skin, as it left a slight oily texture to the surface, which I found very favourable. The only grumble for me was that the lavender seeds did not vanish down the plug hole with the water, as the majority rested firmly on the base of the bath. Consequently, it was a case of getting out the Flash spray and a cloth and cleaning the tub, which is the last task I wanted to be performing following my relaxing dip. However, the seeds were easy to clean away and the surface of the bath tub was free of any grease or oily residue.


      Whilst Amazon advises that the basket should contain a 100g tin of sumptuous body butter, I actually received a 100g bottle of body lotion. The appearance of the sturdy plastic bottle is considerably appealing, particularly due to the luxurious text, which provides us with a little information in relation to the lotion's contents. Prior to removing the lid I felt assured that this would be a high quality product due to its ingredient inclusion of oatmilk and pure Acacia honey. The lid was easily unscrewed and I found that I had to gently squeeze the fairly rigid bottle to release some of the pure white lotion although its consistency was thicker than I had anticipated and resembled that of a cream.

      The lotion was easily applied and spread over my skin and despite my initial reservations relating to the anticipated honey aroma, which is not something I particularly like, the fragrance that greeted me was extremely pleasant although initially I was unable to pick out anything specific. Whilst the lotion was easily applied and spread it took a little longer to absorb than the other products that I generally use. The scent became evident after the lotion had fully soaked into my skin where I was able to witness a soothing and calming creaminess together with a hint of oats and honey, which I found very favourable. The lotion did not offer any stickiness or greasiness to my skin with the surface feeling wonderfully soft and smooth as well as being sufficiently moisturised. The only problems I experienced was when I was nearing the end of the bottle, as due to it being fairly rigid, it was impossible to remove the remaining contents, so there was a little waste.

      SOAP BAR

      The 80g white coloured soap bar offered an adorable appearance and as it was chunky I guessed it had been cut from a large block. I generally only purchase Imperial Leather when it comes to bars of soap, as I adore the luxurious creamy lather. When I removed the soap from its protective tissue paper covering I was immediately able to witness the creamy texture and a quick look at the label attached to the basket informed me of its shea butter and glycerine content, so I was assured that it would be very caring towards my skin. Whilst there was no information to suggest its aroma, it offered the identical scent to that of the bath fizzer.

      After introducing a little water, the soap created a sufficient lather, which I would describe as rich, soft and creamy. The delightfully calming lavender aroma intensified during use and I would describe the soap as very luxurious. I opted to use the soap during my bath times, particularly as it wasn't a huge bar and I didn't want it running low quickly, which would be the case if I placed it on the sink as my husband would have used it. The soap was efficient at thoroughly cleansing my body with the lather being easily rinsed away without leaving any sticky residue. I favoured the fact that there was a delicate lavender aroma lingering on my skin for a short while after use, which is something I favoured, as I found it so relaxing. The soap didn't last a considerably long time where I would estimate that I achieved around fifteen baths, which I feel is pretty good going considering its size.


      Located on one of the tags, which were attached to my basket, is a little information where I learned that Scottish Fine Soaps are against animal testing.


      You can purchase this delightful sea grass gift set from Amazon for the amazing price of just £9.99 inclusive of postage and packing and whilst there are a few negative comments on the site, I was thrilled with the products with the exception of the bath fizzer. If the lavender seeds were omitted from the bath fizzer I would have found it quite favourable and for this reason and the issue with removing the last drop of body lotion, I feel it necessary to drop one star. As a result, this luxurious gift set receives a four star rating from me. My products have now been used and as I love the sea grass basket so much, I have placed it on top of the bathroom cabinet and filled it with cotton wool balls. This would make a wonderful gift or a treat for yourself.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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      Coorie: An old Scots word meaning snuggle or cuddle / Let nothing come between you and some quality time with this gorgeous gift set / Contents 100g Sumptous Body Butter, 80g Soothing Soap Bar, Lavender Bath Fizzer / Presented in a woven seagrass basket /