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Simple Relax Bath Soak with Geranium & Lavender Oils

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Brand: Simple / Type: Bath Oil / Subcategory: Bath Cream / What it does: destresses

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    1 Review
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      12.12.2008 23:04
      Very helpful



      A must have for irritable skins!

      When it comes to having a bath I treat the time as a pampering session. I usually have showers daily so I guess for me having a bath is a treat particularly in this weather so when I do have a bath I do like bathing products that are a bit more luxurious and up until my Mum started going off her head about the staining and rubbish blocking up our drain I was really into Lush products but apart from the things about the products I have just mentioned I'm just simply not as much of a fan as I used to be. I used to spend about 3 quid on a bath bomb and know I was getting a real skin treat but nowadays I have had a run of what I consider to be bad products from the store so I've stopped wasting my money till Lush get back their fabulous best! (Yep I know they will lol).

      However I'm still not into using Imperial Leather or Radox or anything run of the mill so me, I use Soap & Glory and stuff I consider to be a bit more upmarket really and I don't mind paying that bit extra when it comes to my bath.

      However I was drawn to this product in Sainsbury's a couple of weeks ago. Firstly because of it's special offer price of a pound a bottle but secondly as I have been getting itchy, dry and spotty skin quite regularly of late. I have felt a bit dry in places and I really did feel like buying something simple and not too highly fragranced. (No pun intended! lol).

      The Packaging....

      400ml recyclable clear plastic bottle with a dark green plastic screw on/off lid and I can see the whitish/green opaque shiny liquid inside. On the front in dark green and purple writing I'm told it is Simple, Relax Bath Soak which contains active ingredients Geranium and Lavender Oils. Then there are some lines of colour and under that I'm told 'Experts In Sensitive Skin' , No Added Perfume Or Colour. On the back of the bottle I'm told a bit about the product, how to use it, ingredients are listed, the recycle symbol is shown, size is listed (as I've stated already), contact details for Accantia Health And Beauty are give (the manufacturer of all Simple products) and the bar-code is given. It's nice enough and simple packaging but informative enough!

      A Bit About The Product (According To The Back Of The Bottle)....

      Enjoy gentle pampering with a blend of naturally enhancing, aromatic ingredients that nourish your skin and treat your senses.

      Calm and pamper yourself with our relax bath soak and your skin will feel indulged, soft and silky.

      Natural Benefits

      Geranium Oil conditions and regenerates
      Lavender Oil soothes and calms
      Copper PCA moisturises and enriches

      We want your skin to look the best and be happy at times, which is why all our products are formulated using no unnecessary additives, and only the best ingredients specially chosen and only the best ingredients specially chosen to care for even the most sensitive skin.

      No added perfume or colour
      Dermatologically tested & approved
      Experts in sensitive skin

      To Use....

      Pour under warm running water to create a rich, relaxing bath.

      My Experience....

      Well the liquid pours out of the large hole hole situated at the top of the bottle really easily. You just need to tip the bottle upside down and gently give it a squeeze. It pours out rather than blobs out but it isn't really thin and does have a lot of body to it. I think of it more of a cream because on the fingers it feels really creamy, silky and soft and gentle.

      You don't need much of the liquid at all. It's hard to say how much you need I simply just squeeze the bottle a bit and put a decent amount in without skimping and the good thing is you can use little for an economical bath or like me, use quite a lot because it doesn't hurt skin by adding alot of it and skin doesn't become sticky or dried out or soapy or anything like that either when in the bath or after the event.

      So I splodge some in and fill my bath up to return to bath water with a slight green tinge to it and whole heap of brilliant white coloured thick, rich bubbles all over the water (they last a good couple of hours too without too many melting away!). The smell is very delicate indeed. The smell I can smell the most is the Lavender in a really nice fresh, flowery and sweet way but still in my opinion because of it's light approach would be suited for the whole family if desired.

      Sitting in it is a really is a nice relaxing experience and not often do I feel or say that about a bath product but I really did feel relaxed and calmed down a heck of alot. The fragrance is so gentle that it goes very well with other products you want to wash with no matter whatever they are and the water felt naturally soft and mild.

      When I came out of the bath and dried off I could smell just a hint of the fresh smell mixed with other products I had used to clean myself with. My skin felt very soft, clean and refreshed and I just felt great and shockingly for me very calm and chilled!

      After a few hours of using this product I still felt very fresh and clean and occasionally after a bath using highly fragranced products I get itchy and a feeling of dryness to my skin. Not after using this though my skin felt comfortable all day long!

      For me this isn't a highly luxurious product but it's a sensible one to pop in the bathroom and simply use when you don't want a fragrance that is too overpowering or could possibly interfere with fragrances say when going out on a big night etc or you have itchy and irritable skin. It's gently moisturising but not over moisturising so suitable for those of us that are prone to spotty skin too! It's an all round good egg!

      Normally around £2.00 a bottle to be found in all good supermarkets and chemists alike.

      Would I buy it again? Yes. It's simply very good!


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      Calm and pamper yourself in a relaxed bath /

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