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Simple Relaxing Body Wash

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8 Reviews
  • It was inexpensive
  • No perfume
  • It's really nothing special at all
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    8 Reviews
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      09.03.2015 21:30
      Very helpful


      • "It was inexpensive"


      • "No perfume"
      • "It's really nothing special at all"

      It's simply not the best

      I have bought a fair few products in the Simple range and I like them as they are really kind to my skin and they don't affect my dry skin or eczema. I bought a 250ml sized bottle of the Simple Relaxing body wash the other month as it was only 99p in Home Bargains. I remember when this was double the price a few years back but I never would have paid that much for it then.

      As with most items in the Simple range,t his was very plainly packaged and not at all luxurious looking but to be honest that never really puts e off as it is the content I am really paying for, after all.

      This product is meant to be kind to skin, and as such, it contains nothing artificial BUT it also means it contains no perfume wither. I really missed having a nicely perfumed shower gel and this really was a huge minus for me. The active ingredients to this body wash are geranium and lavender oil. It has no smell and no perfume but I was at least hoping for a light niff of lavender ..... sadly, there was nothing.

      The shower gel does lather up a lot but I actually personally found it to be rather thin in consistency and for me, this made it hard to get onto my bath sponge as it kept running off. My skin did feel soft and smooth afterwards, however, but I really missed there being any perfume or smell. It is gentle enough to use on the whole family and I have used it a few times when I have bathed my little girl.

      It was fine for the price, just about, but I won't be buying more of this.


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      09.03.2010 19:43
      Very helpful



      great feeling product for all the family except me (see write - up)

      I received this as part of a homemade hamper for christmas and have just stopped using it.
      I`ve used it a couple of times and thought it was a lovely "feel" product but unfortunately it reacted with my skin and I`ve come out in dry, red patches.

      On first appearances it looks fairly simple in its packaging and has an easy to open flip lid. Its priced around the £2.49- £2.65 mark for 250ml and is available in Boots and other big retailers.

      On opening theres no distinct aroma but on squeezing it onto your hand it looks thick and luxurious. It lathers well and is very creamy, with a good coverage, impressive really, after using it your skin feels moisturised and soft, but unfortunately it wasnt for me.
      It promotes vitamins, skin loving, no parfum or colourings, with no unnecessary or harsh chemicals and its dermamatologically approved. But I have sensitive skin so I `ve stopped using it, I haven`t proved its this yet but when my skin reacts, i tend to narrow things down until it improves and then re-introduce them one at a time.

      But I love the feel of this product and would like to use it again

      Aqua, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Coco-Glucoside, Glyceryl Oleate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Panthenol, Cocamine Oxide, Glyceryl Laurate, Citric Acid, Bisabolol, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Dipropylene Glycol, Hydrolyzed Wheat Gluten, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Trideceth-7, Potassium Sorbate, Anthemis Nobilis Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Phenoxyethanol, Methylparaben, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides Citrate, Tocopherol, Propylparaben.

      I must add that my partner uses this product and he has not suffered any reactions at all and uses it daily.

      Hopefully in the future I can use it as it feels like a quality item and leaves your skin feeling baby soft


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      20.12.2009 00:03
      Very helpful



      An ok product that is kind to sensitive skins!

      I love a bargain so when I saw this priced at a pound a bottle in my Sainsbury's store I couldn't resist purchasing it and I always have room for another bottle of shower gel in my life as I don't half get through the stuff at the rate of knots!

      The Packaging:

      250ml see-through plastic bottle with a flip top lid concealing a small hole to the bottom of it. On the front label I'm told it is Simple, Relax Body Wash 'Active Ingredients Geranium And Lavender Oil' and that it's suitable for sensitive skin and that it contains no perfume or colour. Other information on the back of the bottle includes other information being told a bit about the product, ingredients are listed and the size is stated and contact details for Accantia health are given (the manufacturer of the product). Simple bottle pardon the pun!

      A Bit About The Product According To The Bottle:

      Gentle cleansing combined with a blend of naturally enhancing, aromatic ingredients that nourish your skin and treat your senses.

      Calm and pamper yourself with our Relax Body Wash, your skin will feel indulged, soft and silk.

      Natural Benefits:

      Geranium Oil: Conditions and regenerates.
      Lavender Oil: Soothes and calms.
      Copper PCA: Moisturises and enriches.

      Using It:

      Well like any body wash you can of course use this in the bath or in the shower. Me, well I've used it in both the bath and shower and there is no real difference at all to be honest with you about how it performs either way lol.

      All you need is a blob of this transparent thick whitish gel and to rub it over your damp/wet body. It lathers up richly and quickly and feels nice as you sweep it over your body. It also smells lovely and of lavender and in a really natural way and it isn't a scent that's overpowering at all.

      It cleanses really well and I personally feel that it is a calming body wash. not only cos of it's wonderfully natural aroma but also because it's unfussy and uncomplicated to use, lathers up well and you can shave your bits and bobs with this if desired but it also rinses off quickly leaving no residue behind either.


      This is a simple and kind body wash that really is 'Simple'! I think this is a mild enough body wash to use every day and by anyone if desired including men as the smell doesn't linger on the skin for above half an hour anyway and even if it did it's only a natural light smell anyway!

      I like this uncomplicated body wash, it softens my skin without overly hydrating it but I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it again purely as the fragrance isn't as strong as I'd like it to be to be honest!

      Expect to pay around £1.89 a bottle for this in all good supermarkets and chemists and there are other fragrances to choose from in this range too and they always in my neck of the woods seem to be on some kind of offer!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      26.10.2009 16:32
      Very helpful



      For £1 i can't complain, i just don't love it.

      After looking at the previous reviews written on this site, I was shocked that they are all negative in regards to this product.

      I have quite sensitive skin but my skin seems alright with this shower gel, I must confess I did pick this up in the local supermarket because it was closest not because of the brand or anything I'd heard about it.

      Simple is a brand that I know, and have other products from the Simple range. They claim to be experts in sensitive skin so that is most probably why I tend to pick up Simple items.

      The body wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle, I like the bottle as the lid is on the bottom, so none of this messing around trying to get it to the right end to squeeze it out.

      It has geranium and lavender oil in to help relax you, I'm not a fan of lavender if it is strong, as I find it over powering but I cannot even smell it in the body wash.

      The bottle has all the ingredients and other information on the back on a transparent label. The bottle holds 250 ml of liquid.

      The body wash itself is a light green liquid, it is quite opaque. It is quite thick in consistency and nice because it doesn't run off my sponge.

      It almost looks as bit like a gel rather than a liquid, which I suppose it is.

      It lathers up well using a sponge and cleans well; I like the faint smell it leaves on your skin. The only thing I will say is it does leave my legs very dry and I end up moisturising them straight from the bath.

      This product costs: £1.00 (in Asda).

      I will probably not buy this again but not because I hate it, just because I like to try different things and only go back to something I'm in love with, and this isn't the case with this item. It is average.


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      25.10.2009 20:44



      just dont but it

      This is the worst shower gel that I have ever, ever used in my life. I am begging you not to buy it until you see the label new and improved on the front of the bottle.

      Where should I start. The smell, it is a scent that I really cannot describe. I am not saying that it smells like dust bins but it is not necessarily pleasant any way. When you wash, this dull gel oozes out of the bottle.

      There is nothing at all inspiring about this gel, I would not say that it is particularly ,moisturising. In fact it did not really feel like I had washed at all. I probably would have been better off just wasing in the water itself.

      After that first shower, I just tipped the rest down the drain and but the bottle in recycling and then on my way to work I brought another brand. Never again!!!


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      18.09.2009 18:52
      Very helpful



      It just lacked that certain something.

      After a while you get used to seeing all of the products that have maybe not taken off as well as the manufacturers thought they would offered at a reduced price.
      I often buy items from the `Simple` range and I love the Simple moisturising cleansing wipes, they make quick work of removing the days make up plus they leave your skin feeling good too.

      We bath and shower, if I have loads of time then I prefer to have a bath and in turn if I bath then I like a good old fashioned bar of soap. If I shower then more often than not I will use a body wash, a bar of soap always seems to end up sliding out of my hands and into the bottom of the bath with a resounding crash.

      The Simple Relax body wash was on offer at Lidl's , which surprised me - £1 for 250ml.
      I picked the bottle of body wash out of the basket and I thought that it looked refreshingly pleasant.
      It is simply presented in a plain plastic bottle and the very pale green body wash is clearly visible.
      The colour scheme on the packaging is fresh and contemporary and it looked appealing.

      So, the Simple Relax body wash is designed for sensitive skin, it states on the front that it has no colour and no perfume.
      The body wash contains Copper PCA, which acts as a moisturiser, Lavender oil to relax and soothe the skin and Oil of Geranium to refresh and condition.
      It has been dermatologically tested and it contains nothing from animals.

      Now, this is where the matter seems to start to get complicated.
      On the bottle is also says that due to the contents of the bottle containing natural ingredients the colour of the product may change. Yet on the front of the bottle it says that there is no colour - so maybe that should have said - No added colour ? Oh, turn the bottle over and read the back label and sure enough Simple state that it contains no added colour.

      No perfume ? I can clearly smell something coming from the neck of the bottle that smells like floral oils, so yet again I turn the bottle over and find that the body wash contains no added perfume.

      Now I do not want anyone to think that I have anything against the range of Simple products, in fact quite the opposite I hold them in high regard but the information on the labelling is ever so slightly misleading.
      Surely I should have realised that a body wash that contained both geranium and lavender oil and looked pale green in fact contained both some perfume and colour.

      Anyway, lets move on.
      The plastic bottle is a friendly shape, one that you can grab hold of easily and it also has a flip top that acts as a flat bottom to allow you to stand it up on the side of the bath.
      The body wash is extremely pale green and pearly, it is also thick and it feels quite...snotty? ( pardon me )
      It smells good, the geranium oil has the upper hand in my opinion.

      The Simple relax body wash flows out of the bottle easily, in fact if you didn't watch points you could end up squirting out far more than you need.
      The body wash builds into a good lather which smells and feels fairly luxurious. The thick lather rinses off well and afterwards your skin feels clean and refreshed.

      If I said that I felt relaxed I would be telling fibs but that is too much to expect from any bottle of body wash, relaxation comes from within not from the contents inside of a body wash bottle.
      I am going to sit in the middle when it comes to this product, I have to say that I was not bowled over with it.
      It did the necessary and that was the main thing but I do like to feel soft, lithe and desired (lol) when I step out of the shower and the Simple Body wash was slightly lacking in something.

      But I am sure it won't be long before I find yet another body wash on special offer that I can test run.


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      19.10.2008 14:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Dont bother, buy another brand

      I dont think I was born with the nose of a bloodhound but even I had trouble picking out any of the scents in this one.
      I even re-read the packet to try and find out what I should be smelling!

      I boought this when on offer (as I do with many shower gels) as my skin seems pretty hardy and I havent found "the one" yet for my skin.

      Lather wise I was pretty disappointed compared to other brands. I know the idea with Simple is that they are simply products without chemicals etc in them, but considering there is a multitude of natural ingredients out there which in other products really tick the box, I was disappointed that Simple didnt seem to deliver in the same way.

      Fragrance was lacking, lather was disappointing (even using a pouff) and the flip lid was a bit flimsy and after I got about half way through I thought the next time I use it the lids is going to snap off!
      Packaging wise its pretty safe, say whats its meant to do, comany logo and a bit of blurb.
      Price is it falls into the same category with Dove, Radox etc at rrp, but even if this was on offer again I still wouldnt buy it.

      I actually found that my skin felt a bit dry and tough, and I didnt notice any moisturising properties at all! I didnt feel clean and I was really annoyed to be honest. I felt a bit lied to with all its promises!

      Buy something else, this isnt worth the effort.


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        01.06.2007 20:02
        Very helpful



        A average bodywash

        I prefer to use body washes over soap as soap seems to dry my skin out and I have always used the Dove range and never had a problem but in a moment of sheer impulse I decided to be a rebel and bought this one (I am sooo bad!!) So will this one replace my beloved Dove?


        The Simple range was launched in 1960 and the first product was the famous simple soap. They worked out the 2 most common ingredients that caused skin reactions were perfume and artificial colours so they took them out. In 1978 they launched the first skincare regime based on the 3 steps of cleanse, tone and moisturise. Today they are the UK’s no1 in a lot of their different products.


        Feel relaxed by this indulgent body wash with a blend of natural geranium and lavender oils, which create a calming aroma. Sensuous jasmine extract helps you unwind after a stressful day and copper PCA moisturises and enriches your skin feeling pampered, soft and silky with a light luxurious scent.


        This is quite nice and plain, You have the usual flip top that you stand up, the bottle itself is plastic and clear and you can see the wash which looks a very light greeny blue. You have the famous Simple logo and the name of the product, which also tells you it calms and softens, is not perfumed or coloured and dermatology approved. When you squeeze the body wash out it has that plastic bit that pops out with the liquid.

        The directions state to use on a sponge or your hands but I use a body puff thing, so I put a nice amount on it and of I went. The wash does lather up very well and a little does go a long way. The scent is not strong at all you can really smell the geranium but it does smell quite sweet and a bit like fizzy sweets! To be really honest the smell was a bit weak and did not linger on your skin I couldn’t smell it at all after drying. I did feel clean after and my skin didn’t feel very dry but I really can’t say that it felt soft and moisturised. As for calming well lavender and geranium are supposed to calm you but I can’t say I felt much calmer after bathing but to be honest it would take a bucket load to calm me after dealing with my lot in the evenings!

        Anthemis nobilis…Chamomile, an anti-irritant to soothe the skin
        Lavendula Angustifolia…Lavender oil
        Panthenol… Pro vitamin B5 improves moisture retention and stimulates skin regeneration.
        Pelargonium graveolens… Geranium oil
        Tocopheryl acetate… Vitamin E, guards skin against damaging free radicals

        There is also a long list of other ingredients that are on the bottle or you can go to the Simple website.

        PRICE & RANGE
        Relaxing… £1.89
        Nourishing… £1.89
        Refreshing… £1.89
        Soothing… £1.89
        Exfoliating… £1.89

        To be honest I don’t think I will buy this again and will go back to my Dove, I found this one disappointing and I shall have to keep my rebel tendencies suppressed for a while but who knows what I will change when they pop up again? Maybe the other half!!

        Property of madmum71 & lisa8871


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