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Skincare Cafe Sexy Body Scrub

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Brand: Skincare Cafe / Type: Body Scrub / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Smoothes, Exfoliates,

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2007 11:50
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      This is a prettily presented natural body scrub but wasn't to my taste - too greasy

      This year I was lucky enough to get on the testing panel for The Green Beauty Bible (organic/natural sister book to The 21st Century Beauty Bible). I was quite unbiased when testing most of the products because I didn't know most of the brand names and therefore had no idea of the price or their reputation either. I had ten things to test and this was the body scrub.

      For some reason I love things in Kilner jars so this made a good first impression on me. It was rubber sealed and I think it was airtight (I don't really want to fully test this though, given that it contains a lot of oil). The presentation of this product was simple but still attractive with a geuinely home made feel (some would say ameteur but I guess it depends how you see it!) There was a little lilac tag attached to the jar with ribbon displaying the product's ingredients, which is handy if ingredients concern you. There doesn't appear to be anything scary in it, everything sounds very natural with an aphrodisiac blend of essential oils, including Ylang ylang, petit grain, patchouli, mandarin and chamomile.
      I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to using this scrub at all so I was slightly biased to start with. It is a sea salt scrub and from past experience I know that I really hate these and I think a lot of people are the same - you either like them or dislike them because they are very oil/slimy to use, an acquired taste. But I tried my best…

      (",) Using the scrub (",)
      I decided to use it in the bath due to the slimyness because I didn't want to fall over in the shower. Also, being a jar you'd need to be careful not to get any water in whilst the lid is off, no mean feat in the shower. As I said before the scrub contains a lot of oil, which when I look on the label is marked as virgin olive oil, renowned for being excellent at maintaining skin condition, so it's not all bad. I mixed it round a bit with my fingers before using it and discovered little bits in the scrub which on closer inspection were the organic rose petals mentioned in the ingredients. Scooping a small handful of scrub out wasn't too bad but it did require a careful hand else you'd have oil and salt scrub all over the side of the container and your bath. It didn't hold itself together and was very runny so I found it better to apply little bits at a time. Once on my skin it was quite easily massaged around and it spread well because of the oily consistency. You didn't need to use too much to cover a fair amount of skin, but this was one of the few plus points for me. It was just so slimy and oily it felt like pouring some olive oil on yourself and rubbing it around. The smell wasn't up to much either, but I know this is personal preference. I really don't much like the scent of rose in beauty products, I think it smells very mature and over-40, being 24 it doesn't really appeal. This might appeal to other people though - the scent was a muted natural rose smell, nothing synthetic about it.

      I tested the scrub on my whole body but to be perfectly honest this was only because I wanted to give it a thorough trial for the Beauty Bible. I found it so digusting to use on anything but my legs, because my legs get really dry and the rest of my body doesn't, but even on my legs it was a lot to take. Another of the few plus points was that it dissolves in the bath rather than sitting at the bottom like a layer of sand. Surprisingly it didn't particularly grease up the bath either, so I tried it in the shower another time and it didn't make the floor slippery.
      After I'd finished using it I found myself wanting to wash the greasy residue off, but the first few times I didn't, just to give the moisturising properties a fair trial for the Beauty Bible (the things I do for them!!) Despite the immense oilyness of my skin I didn't find that the scrub gave a lasting soft effect even with the oil left on. My skin went from oily back to normal again overnight. Really disappointing. My skin wasn't even left feeling particularly smooth.

      After finishing the testing I checked Skincare Café's website for price of this product. They sell their stuff from their website and this jar costs £14.99. If rose scents and sea salt scrubs are your thing then perhaps this would be reasonable value and a nice treat, but it definitely wasn't for me. I'll be sticking to my non-greasy cocoa butter based Cocoa Therapy scrub from Origins. Yum.
      See www.skincarecafe.com for more information on the brand.


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