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Superdrug Classic Florals Rose' Bath Salts

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Bath Salt

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    1 Review
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      18.01.2009 21:53
      Very helpful



      Not at all nice or good!

      I love buying myself bath products as I love having a long lazy bath and am a real water baby! Because I love bath-times one of the things I really enjoy parting with my cash for is bath bombs, foams and salts and I really do like buying more luxurious stuff than Radox and Imperial Leather etc as I don't feel any of that is particularly pampering or indulgent.

      Wandering around Superdrug I saw this on offer. Usually it's £3.00 and down to £1.00 (when I bought mine but they arnt now) I couldn't resist buying them purely down to the pretty light pink and white packaging looking so girly! lol

      The Packaging....

      Well the 'salts' come in a cardboard light pink with white spots sort of box which is quite large and oblong in shape. It folds to the top to open and close and is secured with a white ribbon with small light pink spots on it. It looks like a gift item sort of thing more than everyday usage product. On the front there is a cream box of colour and on that in lime green and bright pink writing I'm told it is 'Classic Florals, Rose, Bath Salts'. On the bottom of the packaging I'm told again what they are, given directions for use, ingredients are listed care and safety advice is given along with the size (300g) and contact details for A.S Watson Health And Beauty UK are given (the people who make this product for Superdrug). As I said previously this is nice and girly looking and looks like a nice gift to give someone.

      Using Them....

      Well upon opening the box I was met by a clear plastic, sealed bag full of very light almost transparent pieces of crystals (salts) that were small and well formed. No aroma was given off through the box or the plastic at all.

      When I opened up the plastic bag to use my salts I took a big sniff. The smell of rose is almost none existent. The smell of anything is, it just doesn't give one off lol and it takes time and lots of sniffing lol. The smell is so light it's really hard to detect at all. It's slight at best. Yes it is rose and no other smells comes through but as I said so light is this is may as well smell of nothing.

      So when it comes to adding some to my bath water I chucked in almost half a bag hoping for a little fragrance. Well after running my bath I got met with clear water with no bubbles when I went back to my bath to get in it. No smell of rose at all was apparent and it looked like I'd forgotten to add something to my water and I could see where some bath salts hadn't melted into my bath at all and sat like chunks at the bottom of my bath waiting to grate my bum. I tried to swish the water around to melt them but no they wouldn't budge till they were ready!

      As I lay in the bath the chunks of salt did eventually melt but no there was nothing to my experience really. I felt like I had nothing in my bath. I couldn't smell anything, my water felt like water and it wasn't moisturising or anything at all, it was odd. It was a dull, plain bath full of water.

      The only good thing about this is if you don't like fragranced bath products then it's fine for you. I used a highly fragranced body wash and I smelt purely of that when I got out of my bath but really I think this is the most boring bath I've ever had! Not recommended from me I'm afraid they were a total bore lol


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