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Superdrug Fruit Source Orange & Satsuma

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4 Reviews

Brand: Superdrug / Type: Shower Gel

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    4 Reviews
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      17.06.2013 03:30
      Very helpful



      A great shower gel that hold its own against bigger names

      =Superdrug Fruit Source Orange & Satsuma =
      I have the bottom of my wardrobe full with different types of toilettries, creams, lotions, perfume and make -up, so I have been slowly working through the supply.

      = Availability=
      This is a Superdrug own brand product and can be brought in store or online, the shower gel is available in a 250ml bottle, or a 75ml travel bottle, which is what I had.

      =Travel Bottle=
      The contents are the same as the larger bottles, but the small one has a black screw top lid at the top of the bottle.
      The bottle is clear plastic, and quite sturdy, but you can squeeze the bottle when you get near to the bottom.

      =I liked=
      What I particulary liked about the bottle was the opening as it was about 1cm wide, so when finished I have washed the bottle and put it up for travelling so I can top up with shampoo or shower gel as I need at the time.

      =The Bottle=
      On the bottle, it says that te shower gel contains natural orange and satsuma extracts, it is ph balanced, soap free and has additional skin conditioners.

      =The Shower Gel=
      As soon as I opened the bottle, I got the wonderful smell of oranges, i literally felt that I was transported to an orange field, it was a natural smell, not over powering, but enough to tickle the smelling buds into action,

      I found the gel to be thin, and the first time I used it, a lot came out on the shower puff and when I was using it, I thought it was never going to stop lathering, after that I poured gently.
      Whilst getting a shower, I noticed the same orange smell from the lather and my skin felt like it was being refreshed with the zing of the fruit.

      It was easy to rinse off, and my skin still felt very soft and had a faint aroma of the orange left.

      Even later in the day my skin felt soft, and I could still smell a faint whiff of orange.

      =My Niggle=
      My only niggle is how thin the gel is, (lose one star) as if I had been just relying on that for a holiday I would have lost a good few showers worth in one go.

      =Would I recommend=
      I would highly recommend this gel, it definitely holds it own against the more expensive "branded" shower gels.


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      07.06.2013 12:39
      Very helpful



      A great, fruity shower gel for days when you need a boost.


      I've got a huge stack of travel-sized bottles of Superdrug shower gel at the moment, all purchased for trips away as part of a good multibuy offer Superdrug had a few months ago. Since my toiletry drawer is starting to buckle I thought it was about time I started working my way through the products!


      Superdrug's Orange and Satsuma shower gel is the most recent one I've tried. The travel-sized bottle contains 75ml, and unlike the full-size product imaged above, this one has a black screw-top lid at the top of the bottle. Bought on its own Superdrug.com state it would cost £1. I think this is very expensive for a travel bottle, but if you're flying you may not have a choice as you have to comply with the strict international liquid limits allowed in carry-on luggage.

      The bottle is made of a clear, sturdy plastic. There is some flexibility to it, allowing the product to be squeezed out fairly easily. The screwtop lid is easily opened, and the entire unit is easily removed. Since the bottle neck is just under 1cm wide it would be fairly easy to refill the bottle and use it again.

      The bottle claims that the shower gel contains natural orange and satsuma extracts, is pH balanced, soap free and contains additional skin conditioners.

      The gel has a wonderful smell that hits you as soon as you open the bottle. The orange scent is strong and very energising, meaning this is a great gel choice for mornings when you struggle to wake up!

      The gel is quite thin, making it easy to pour; a little too easy to pour, perhaps, as I managed to accidentally half-empty the bottle the first time I tipped it up! It lathers very well and the orange scent lingers on the skin well after the product has been washed away. My skin felt very soft and moisturised after use.


      This is a lovely, fruity shower gel for days when I need a boost. I wouldn't want to use it every day as the scent is strong, but for a winter boost, or for a good summer day start, this gel is ideal.


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      31.03.2013 08:04
      Very helpful



      Lovely product

      **About The Product**
      - 250 ml
      - 99p, can be bought online and in store
      - Can be purchased in travel size too
      - Use within 24 months of opening
      - BUAV approved
      - pH balanced

      ** What Is Said About The Product**
      "Give yourself a kick start with a boost of Superdrug Orange and Satsuma Shower Gel. Step into the shower and unleash the deliciously tangy aroma to help you feel clean, fresh and energized for the day ahead. A perfect way to awaken your sense."

      The bottle is very lightweight and made of plastic. The bottle and lid can both be recycled. The front of the bottle displays the name of the product, with an orange logo, which included pictures of orange segments. It also has the signature Superdrug star at the top of the product. The back of the bottle is simple in design. A lot of writing is evident. In a clear font the ingredients, the quote from above and other information is written. The BUAV logo is also printed on the back of the bottle.

      **My Opinion**
      Again this is another great product by Superdrug. I love strong smelling shower gels and this is perfect. When I have the money I tend to shop at Body Shop or buy Original Source products, but this is a much cheaper alternative and just as good in quality. There are a range of flavours including mint and lime, but as a citrus lover, this was always my choice. When in the shower I still can't get over how strong the aroma is. Even a few hours after showering I still get a smell of orange on my skin. Which is one of the top things I look for when buying a shower gel. At 99p this product is very cheap, but does not slack on quality. The only thing I would say is be careful when using it. I'm a little clumsy and got a splatter of the gel in my eyes. And believe me it really does sting. So as long as you are careful then the product is brilliant.


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      11.02.2013 11:48
      Very helpful



      A really nice shower gel that smells delicious

      I love the Original Source range and often buy it when its on offer, however I was shopping in my local Superdrug just before Christmas and noticed that they now do their own range similar to Original Source but cheaper. I'm not sure if this is a new range or if I have just missed it on the shelf. I bought a couple of them one of which was Orange and Satsuma, I love the zesty ones in the Original Source range so I was keen to try Superdrugs equivalent. 

      The Orange and Satsuma Shower Gel is sold in a clear plastic rounded bottle allowing you to see the bright orange gel inside, I always like clear bottles so I can see how much product is left. The shower gel has a simple black flip top lid which is flat allowing you to stand the bottle up. 

      The front of the bottle has the Superdrug logo, a little silver star, and states that the Orange and Satsuma shower gel is "Cleansing and uplifting with a splash of juicy orange and satsuma". The label also shows a picture of orange slices and informs the customer that the shower gel will give 100% happiness guaranteed! 

      The back if the label gives the ingredients, directions for use, safety advice and a small paragraph about the gel, it also states that this shower gel contains natural orange and satsuma extracts, has added skin conditioners, is PH balanced and soap free. 

      The shower gel has quite a thick gloopy consistency and smells delicious, it has a lovely natural fresh orange fragrance which is both sweet, fresh and zesty, its a lovely combination that smells clean. . I always use a body puff in the shower or bath and I found the gel stayed on there without running off before I could use it and the bottle is easy to flip open with one hand even when wet. A little of the gel goes a long way and creates a lovely rich lather which leaves my skin smelling and feeling really fresh and clean. 

      Although the shower gel doesn't claim to be moisturising I did find my skin felt quite soft after using it, I could also smell it faintly on my skin for a few hours afterwards too. I can be a bit funny with some bath and shower products they sometimes make my hands a bit itchy but I had no problems using this at all. 
      Orange and Satsuma is an ideal fragrance for both men and women making it an ideal shower gel for a family bathroom. 

      I have been really pleased with the Superdrug Orange and Satsuma Shower Gel, at just 99p for a 250ml bottle its good value for money considering a bottle of Original Source shower gel of the same size will set you back more than double that, it smells gorgeous, really fresh and zesty and leaves my skin feeling soft, fresh and clean. When compared to more expensive brands I would say this one from Superdrug stands up very well and I would certainly recommend trying it.


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