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Superdrug Naturals Cranberry & Pomegranate Bath Essence

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Brand: Superdrug / Type: Bath Oil

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2009 14:34
      Very helpful



      Despite the bubbles disappearing, I loved the smell!

      Looking in Superdrug for a bottle of bubble bath, I came across their range of "Naturals" bubble bath. I'm a big fan of coconut so I picked up a bottle of Naturals Coconut & Shea Butter Foaming Bath Milk, but then I spotted the Naturals Cranberry & Pomegranate Bath Essence and thought it sounded nice, so that went in my basket too.

      Normally, the Naturals Coconut & Shea Butter Foaming Bath Milk costs £2.63 for a 250ml bottle, but when 2 bottles of bubble bath from the Naturals range are bought together you currently pay just £3.99 for them both (The Naturals Coconut & Shea Butter Foaming Bath Milk was £2.44, so I made a saving of £1.08!).

      When picking up the Naturals Cranberry & Pomegranate Bath Essence you'll notice it is 2 tone - in other words, it is baby pink (think strawberry milkshake colour) at the top and a dark pink at the bottom. Before opening the bottle, it needs to be shook to mix the two together.

      *Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake*

      Upon opening the bottle I was met with a delightful smell. I thought it smelled a bit like strawberry milkshake, but it's not quite a strawberry smell... I'm guessing it's a mix of cranberries and pomegranates, but never having smelled them both mixed together, I can't be sure.

      As per the directions on the bottle, I poured some of the "essence" (in other words, bubble bath!) under (very) warm running water. The fragrance that had been contained within the bottle now filled the bathroom and I was beginning to wish I had a milkshake (a dairy-free one, of course!). At this point, I will issue a warning... The liquid in the bottle isn't thick at all and I would probably say it has the consistency of milk (I would describe this as the Nesquick of bubble baths, rather than a thick McDonald's milkshake consistency!). So you have to be careful you don't pour half the bottle into the bath at once!

      I gave the bath water a swish and let the force of the water coming from the taps mix the bubble bath in. As promised by the bottle (the back label describes it as a "two-phase foaming bath essence"), bubbles appeared and there seemed to be quite a few.

      With the bath filled and a layer of bubbles resting on the water, I climbed into my nice hot bath with the beautiful smell of cranberry & pomegranate and relaxed. At this point I thought that I'd picked a great bubble bath - the delightful scent, the bubbles, the price and (as promised) my skin was feeling silky soft! Then I opened my eyes...

      There seemed to be fewer bubbles in the bath. I concentrated on the bubbles... They seemed to be disappearing! Now, I'm well aware that soap will often make bubbles disappear quite quickly, but I hadn't even touched my soap bar at this point and the bubbles seemed to be disappearing before my very eyes!

      When most of the bubbles had disappeared, I noticed an oily film on top of the water. Was this what was making my skin feel silky soft?

      By the time I climbed out of the bath the bubbles were all but gone and by the time the water had disappeared down the plug hole there was no sign that I'd ever had any bubbles in the bath (where as there is usually a pile of bubbles left over).

      After being initially excited about my new bubble bath, I was now left slightly disappointed by it. However, after towelling myself try and getting into my PJs, my skin still feels soft and I can still smell the scent of the bubble bath.

      The label on the bath of the bottle does recommend using their body lotion or butter to "restore moisture and leave skin feeling smooth and nourished", however, I can't be bothered with all that and my skin feels just fine.

      On the plus side...
      - Smells great
      - Good price
      - Leaves skin feeling soft and scented
      - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (though not to be consumed!)
      - Superdrug is against animal testing
      - The bottle is recyclable

      On the down side...
      - Oily water
      - Bubbles don't take long to disappear

      Would I buy this again? A surprising yes! Why? Well, the smell is just so good and I like how my skin feels afterwards as well as still being able to smell the fragrance.


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