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The Body Shop Aloe Comforting Bath Oil

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Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Bath Oil / Subcategory: Bath Cream / What it does: Smoothes, destresses / Contents: 250ml

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    1 Review
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      18.10.2010 10:50
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      Bring it back!!!

      The Body Shop Aloe range came out a few years ago and when it did, it immediately caught my interest. As you may know, I suffer from eczema, which I manage to keep under control most of the time, but I have to be very careful about the products I use. Most products for eczema sufferers contain Paraffin (also known as mineral oil), which is a by-product of the petrol industry. Although it is a very effective moisturiser, it does not suit my skin at all, and although my doctor has prescribed different bath oils, they all irritate my skin and make me very itchy. Therefore, if I can find a natural product that does the job better, I am very happy.

      The Body shop Aloe bath oil was actually recommended to me by one of the members of staff in store. The Body Shop have a policy that if a staff member recommends a product and it does not suit you, you can bring it back and get a refund, so it gave me the confidence to buy the product.

      The oil comes in a 250ml bottle, which is a bit small for a bath product. I would have preferred paying a bit more for a bigger bottle. I think the oil cost about £3-4. The bottle is transparent plastic and you can see the oil inside, which is tinged an olive green shade. The key ingredients in the oil are Aloe Vera, which is well known for its anti inflammatory properties, and organic soya oil, which is a very rich moisturiser, containing fatty acids that repair the lipid barrier of the skin. These ingredients are "community trade", which means that the Body Shop pays the farmers in Guatemala and Brazil a fair price for their products. The oil has been dermatologist approved for sensitive skin.

      The main ingredient in the bath oil is sunflower oil, but thankfully, the oil does not smell like crisps! The bath oil has a very light fragrance, hardly any at all, but it smells much nicer than the paraffin based bath oils that I got from the doctor, which smelled of chemicals. To use the product, you simply pour a little under running water, although they don't really give you a guide on how much to use, so you have to guess! The oil mixes well with the water to create a lovely sheen on the surface of the water, which makes the bath very inviting!

      A bath in this oil is very luxurious and it certainly feels like a premium product. It is very moisturising, but does not make the bath overly slippy or leave any oily marks behind in the bath afterward. When I came out of the bath, there was a fine layer of oil all over my skin which felt lovely and made it quicker for me to dry myself off. The main difference I noticed was that my skin felt calm, whereas it is usually quite red and itchy when I have an oil bath. It was so moisturised that I didn't really need to use any additional moisturiser.

      This is such a brilliant product for people with sensitive skin! Unfortunately, I have not seen it in the body Shop for ages, and I think it may have been discontinued. I have had a bit of a scour on the internet, and the BS site here in the UK has not got it for sale, but the US site has. I have also seen bottles on Ebay selling for 99p, which is a bargain, so you can still get this stuff if you look for it. I haven't a clue why Body Shop would discontinue such a great product.


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    • Product Details

      Pour a little of our aloe-enriched oil into a deep, warm bath / Relax into skin smoothing heaven / Containing Community Trade aloe vera gel and soya oil to moisturise /