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The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish

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2 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Polish / What it does: Moisturizes

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2013 22:43
      Very helpful



      Gentle exfoliator which cleans without being abrasive

      This might sound daft but I didn't actually know what this stuff was. I had a Cranberry Joy gift set given to me last Christmas and this was included. When I glanced at it I just saw the word polish and presumed it was just that- polish. Not wanting shiny skin I cast it aside. Anyway a few months ago I happened upon a review for it and realised that it is infact an exfoliator. Once I'd established what it was I decided to use it.

      The tube I have which came in the set is 75ml, I see on their website that similar products of the same size retail at £5. Cranberry Joy being seasonal only comes out at Christmas but can be found in store during their sales- I've seen it recently on sale by the door. 200ml is also available on Ebay at the moment for £4 plus postage- I like it but not enough to purchase it other than on sale in store.

      It comes in a festive looking soft plastic tube with a picture of a cranberry on the front. The tube stands on it's gold coloured flip top lid, which enables the polish to be squeezed straight out.

      The polish itself is bright red with black bits suspended in it, it contains cranberry extracts and fair trade honey. The gel consistency is hard to describe, sort of thin but not runny and gooey but not sticky. The bits in it are soft somehow and far apart making this seem like a gentle exfoliator.

      This smells absolutely gorgeous, it is my favourite scent of any product (their peach being a close second) it smells so fruity, sweet and fresh. I don't find it particularly festive, I'd say it's suitable for all year round.

      Once in the shower I dollop a generous blob onto whatever wash article I happen to be using, last time it was an exfoliating glove but I have used a sponge, hand and a bath lily- bath lily probably being my preferred as it helps lather it in- mind you the bits do get stuck in it. It cleans me up without skinning me- obviously when used with an exfoliator glove I get a more serious scrub down but still it's not harsh.

      It says not suitable for your face but of course I've tried it but wouldn't recommend it, it didn't irritate me but it just didn't feel very nice and got in my hair.

      I don't use this very often as I find the glove with shower gel does a good job of a smooth down, and the bits in this polish are a bit of a pain as they tend to stick to my skin. Therefore this has lasted months but hasn't gone stale.

      I do like it and would recommend it. It leaves me feeling super clean and smooth especially when used in conjunction with Cranberry flavoured body butter. Without the butter the scent doesn't last which is a shame.

      I give it 4 stars because I'm not sure about the texture


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      02.02.2013 09:33
      Very helpful



      A beautiful Body Polish product from The Body Shop.


      I adore the "Cranberry Joy" range of festively-fragranced body care items that is released by The Body Shop each Christmas time. I had requested the Cranberry Joy Gift Set from Santa, and was delighted to receive it among my other gifts on Christmas morning. This review will outline my experiences of using "The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Polish."

      I received a 75ml tube of the Body Polish among some other items in my gift set. This item was available to purchase separately, for around £5 I think, but I believe the Cranberry Joy range has been 'semi-retired' now from The Body Shop as it is a festive-themed range. I have often purchased items from the range during promotions and sales that run throughout the year in branches of TBS, in addition to finding some of them available via their website at www.thebodyshop.co.uk. Alternatively, you can regularly find items from the range to purchase from online retailers such as www.ebay.co.uk and www.amazon.co.uk, and in fact I purchased a brand new tube of the product from eBay a few weeks ago, paying in the region of £4 including postage costs.

      * The Body Shop is against animal testing of any kind. *

      The packaging for the polish is in keeping with all of the other items in the Cranberry Joy range, which I believe received a bit of a 'face lift' in the run up to Christmas 2012. Comprising of a plastic tube, there is a gold-coloured plastic cap at the bottom with a standard 'flip up' design. The attractive Cranberry Joy logo appears on the front of the tube, depicting a fresh looking cranberry covered in snow, surrounded within The Body Shop's logo, but with some attractive snowflakes at the top. There is nothing remotely un-festive about the product's appearance and I thought it made a very pretty and attractive gift to receive at Christmas.

      It's worth mentioning too, I think, that the packaging not only looks good but performs very well. The plastic tube is not made of materials that are overly hard, so I find it easy to squeeze the tube as much as I want, even though I suffer with limited mobility and weakness in my hands. Likewise, I find the 'flip up' cap is easy to open and close, without me needing any help.


      The Body Polish is basically a scrub sort of product, but I find its consistency is significantly thinner than most other scrubs I use regularly, and in particular those from elsewhere in The Body Shop's assorted ranges. This is merely an observation, and there is nothing about the consistency of the scrub that I find disagreeable. It's colour is a deep red shade, and there is a whole variety of assorted 'particles' contained within, which of course form the base of the scrub. The smaller of the particles resemble grains of sand or something similar, with the larger resembling crushed seeds or fruit pips, and these are much darker in colour. The scrub's consistency reminds me of jam, but one with a slightly runny texture, although it is worth noting that the scrub itself doesn't drip or spill easily from the bottle when it is being dispensed.

      The Cranberry Joy Body Polish has a lovely, fruity aroma that is just wonderful. This aroma contains the most delicious scent of fresh fruit that is entirely reminiscent of berries. I can't confess to being overly familiar with the scent of cranberries, so I'm not sure I'd have known THIS was the fruit contained in the scrub, but it really makes no difference as the smell is so entirely gorgeous. With a deep and robust earthy core, it's delicate fruit-based sweetness lies neatly on top, so as to offer a perfect balance within the overall fragrance. This is quite difficult to describe, but I find the end result feels wonderfully invigorating and refreshing, with the sweetness feeling subtle enough to subside into the backdrop, allowing the fragrance to continue to 'build' without feeling heady or at all sickly. I like too, that the scent is rather robust, so it is evident even as the delicious 'jam-like' polish is squeezed from the tube into my open palm.

      Using the Body Polish is without difficulty or fuss. I simply dispense a small amount into my open palm and smooth this over the skin. I tend to only use scrub or polish type products on the areas which suffer from the most dryness, so for me, these include my upper arms, elbows and knees etc. I find that simply using the palm of my hand to 'spread' the polish over the skin takes a mere moment, as its consistency is thin and this makes the product very easy to move around the skin's surface.

      I always try to take my time to concentrate on those troublesome areas at my elbows and knees by using gentle 'circular' motions to allow the product's particles to work their magic. I find a little GENTLE pressure goes a long way here, as this allows the polish to really penetrate the skin's surface, but I do take care not to be overly harsh with any scrub-based product, particularly as my skin is extremely sensitive and will 'flare' easily in protest if I am aggressive during my application technique with such products. I find that using circular motions during the 'scrubbing' or indeed 'polishing' routine really allows the grainy texture of the scrub to exfoliate the whole surface of the skin. Taking my time during this routine usually always pays off - and once rinsed, the polished skin looks just that - polished, squeaky clean and without any evidence of those annoying dry or rough patches that have now been polished into oblivion.

      There are admittedly a few stray particles left behind after rinsing, stubbornly clinging to the skin's surface, but these are easily removed with a little gentle lather and warm water, which is no real issue considering the Body Polisher is designed to be used in the bath or shower. I love using the sister product to the Polisher, namely the "Cranberry Joy Shower Gel" which I find is the perfect accompaniment to this lovely product. My reason for choosing to use the matching shower gel over any other product in my collection is simply to allow for the gorgeous fragrance of these products to be experienced as long as possible. I find that co-ordinating my toiletries in this way allows the deep, berry fragrance to feel slightly 'layered' and this adds to its robustness and its depths, allowing it to linger on the skin's surface for longer than if the products were used alone. Finishing off my bath time routine with the application of the co-ordinating "Cranberry Joy Body Butter" allows the gorgeous fragrance to develop even more, and this allows it to whisper its presence for much, much longer than if the Body Polish is used alone. 'Layering' and 'Co-ordinating' my toiletries to such a positive outcome is really only possible in rather 'premium' products in my experience, with products of a poorer quality proving to be disappointing in this regard. For this reason, I have no doubt that the Cranberry Joy Body Polish is a product of a very high quality that is worth every penny of its purchase price.

      As a side note, I tend to find that applying my Body Butter straight after bathing and drying works best, as the skin seems to be slightly more porous or something, possibly due to the grain-like particles in the Body Polisher/Body Scrub used previously. Certainly, the Cranberry Joy Polish and matching Body Butter work beautifully in this respect, with the creamy butter absorbing quickly and easily thanks to the perfectly-smooth surface of the skin's layer, left behind by the Polisher's expert ingredients.

      The end result is silky, soft, smooth skin that is free from anything dry, having had all imperfections smoothened out. Additionally, I find this result is rather long lasting - impressively so - which has found me feeling it necessary to only carry out this part of my body care routine a couple of times a week. The polishing properties of the Body Polish certainly last longer than its predecessor, a mundane offering from Boots.

      So, for all of the reasons outlined in this review, I cannot recommend The Body Shop's Cranberry Joy Body Polish enough and it is a product that is more than deserving of full marks in the product rating score, in my view.


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