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The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Wash

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5 Reviews
  • Delicious scent
  • Works well
  • None in particular
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    5 Reviews
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      14.09.2015 10:19
      Very helpful


      • "Works well"
      • "Delicious scent"


      • "None in particular"

      Lovely shower gel

      I’m a huge fan of The Body Shop and always take the opportunity to try out their products. A while ago I bought a bottle of a perfume called Dreams Unlimited, which I really liked – it was a gorgeous floral fresh scent. When I saw that there was a matching body care range I knew I wanted to try it.

      I rarely buy Body Shop products at full price – I always wait for a discount code or voucher. This was how I came to buy this shower gel plus some other products. It came in a long thin bottle, clear plastic, with a handy flip-top lid. It had an attractive pastel-coloured design.

      The shower gel was clear in colour, and not too thick. It was easy to use in the shower and lathered up well. It had a lovely fresh floral scent, similar to the perfume. It cleansed well and didn’t dry my skin out, although it didn’t moisturise it either. I wasn’t too bothered about this as I used the matching body lotion at the same time, before layering up with the perfume. In itself, the shower gel’s scent didn’t last, but layered up, it worked well.

      Normally priced at £4, this shower gel is a bit expensive at full price, but when on offer it is a good value product, especially as a little goes a long way. I would recommend it to anyone who likes the Dreams Unlimited perfume.


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      17.09.2013 18:28
      Very helpful



      A lovely fresh body wash from The Body Sh op

      I love my body washes, bubble baths etc and get through a lot. Just coming to the end of yet another one and I must say I have really taken a liking this one and certainly will grab another!

      Body Shop - Dreams Unlimited Body Wash:

      'A soap-free body wash with the fresh, white-floral scent of Dreams Unlimited: a fusion of citrus, green chilli, white flowers and cedarwood notes'

      - www.thebodyshop.com

      My Findings:

      I received this as part of a set in a gift pack, it took me a while into the year to open it up as well it didn't appeal to me like my others Christmas / Birthday gifts it. However, certainly one of those cases where looks can be deceiving as I love it!

      For me personally I really am not one for floral scented items but this has a lovely air of fresh sweetness to it. The scent makes me feel clean too, light sweet but still very noticeable. This is a body wash so you can use this either in the shower or bath.

      I've used it in both and either way you get a really good lather. In the shower putting a squeeze of the body wash gel on my sponge, rubbing it over my skin the lather is so soft and smooth. Makes you just want to keep scrubbing!

      In the bath you get a massive array of bubbles and your bathroom just fills with the lovely rich aroma. Certainly making you more than happy to lay there and relax, another plus is that the bubbles last for the duration of your bath.

      For me I seem to detect more of a citrus scent but it definitely has a unique air to it, like a little sweet mystery. Like with most body washes the fragrance never seems to last as long as you hope on your skin. I say around thirty minutes max on this. But I also have the moisturiser and the perfume to keep the scent going.

      At times my skin can get somewhat sensitive but luckily this causes no reaction at all. After use my skin feels nice and clean and doesn't dry it out in anyway, rather disappointed I only have enough left for one more bath!

      This comes in a plastic bottle that you squeeze upside down; the product comes out with ease. The body wash is clear and a slightly thin consistency. But a little of this surely goes a long way. The lid top you just flip open to use.

      Price and Availability:

      I received this as a gift so there for I didn't pay for it, right now it isn't available to purchase but will be coming back soon so I'm told from in store. Soon as it does I will be purchasing again! As it is a Body Shop product you will have to purchase from one of there stores or via their website and the 200ml will cost around £6.00 mark.


      This really is a wonderful body wash, it makes you feel clean. Even though I know I have just washed but it is lovely and fresh perfect for when we had some warmer weather because of its sweetness. Fully recommend this when it comes back in stock.

      Five out of five stars from me.

      Thank you for reading.

      Aqua (Solvent/Diluent), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Surfactant), Glycerin (Humectant), Cocamidopropyl Betaine (Surfactant), Parfum (Fragrance), PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate (Emulsifier), Phenoxyethanol (Preservative), Sodium Chloride (Viscosity Modifier), Sodium Benzoate (Preservative), Mel (Natural Additive), Citric Acid (pH Adjuster), Limonene (Fragrance Ingredient), Linalool (Fragrance Ingredient), Hydroxycitronellal (Fragrance Ingredient), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Oil (Fragrance/Essential Oil), Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone (Fragrance Ingredient), Citronellol (Fragrance Ingredient), Disodium EDTA (Chelating Agent), Citrus Reticulata Leaf Oil (Fragrance/Essential Oil), Citrus Medica Limonum Oil (Essential Oil).


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      18.07.2013 22:28
      Very helpful



      A lovely smelling shower gel

      I bought a bottle of The Body Shop Dreams Unlimited Body Wash in the online sale, I also used a voucher code so I got it very cheaply. I like the Dreams Unlimited perfume by The Body Shop so I knew I would like the scent of this shower gel. It's available in a couple of different sizes- 60ml and 200ml, the 60ml is very small, I would call it travel sized. The 60ml would be good for testing it to see if you like it.

      I really like the design of the packaging, it is a clear plastic bottle with blue, purple and pink details. The bottle itself is very simple and basic, it's got a flip up lid so you can squeeze the shower gel out. There is information printed on the back of the bottle, the label shows the ingredients and tells you that this product is soap free which I like because that means it's a lot less likely to dry the skin out.

      The scent of this is quite aquatic and very fresh, it's also quite floral but not an old fashioned flowery smell. There are definitely some citrus notes which add a bit of zest and tanginess and make this a very summery scent. There are also some slightly warm and woody undertones which give this a lovely all-round fragrance and add depth to the scent.

      This lathers up nicely and is a smooth, easy to spread consistency. It is quite thick, it's not runny but not a thick, solid jelly texture like some shower gels. I squeeze some of this into a pouf and lather it up, the bubbles release the lovely scent and fill the bathroom with a subtle fragrance. It isn't overpowering, in fact I'd quite like it to be a stronger scent but I also wouldn't call it a weak smell in any way.

      The scent stays on the skin for a white, it's very gentle and subtle though but I like how it does leave a nice fragrance on my skin. This is especially good if using the matching body butter and eau de toilette to layer and build up a stronger scent.

      My skin does feel soft after using this, but I'm not sure if it actually has any moisturising properties. The fact that it is soap free is a plus though and it leaves my skin clean without drying it out.

      I would definitely recommend this, it's a good shower gel with a nice scent and it's sometimes available cheaply due to The Body Shops offers and discount codes they release regularly.


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      17.10.2011 19:23
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Dreams Unlimited Body Wash

      After going mad in the Body Shop buying practically all the product range in this beautiful fragrance I am now ready to review them. I first tried the Dreams Unlimited scent in the body butter as it was a free give away with Marie Claire magazine back in June. As soon as I tried it I was hooked. The fragrance is really unique and unusual and really quite intoxicating. It's one of those fragrances that you get lots of compliments on because it is quite different from anything else in The Body Shop or on the fragrance market in my opinion.

      The Body Shop describe the fragrance as a fresh, white floral scent and having a fusion of citrus, green chilli, white flowers and cedar wood notes. I definitely agree that it has a fresh smell to it. I would describe it as summery scent, a perfect beach smell and great for the summer but you can use it all year round if you wish. The smell does stay on your skin for quite a while but is not overpowering or anything like that.

      The body wash version of this scent is lovely. It is actually a soap free body wash so if you have a problem with soap drying out your skin then this could be a good product for you. I find that the body wash is really nice on my skin and makes it nice and soft when I step out of the shower. The body wash lathers up well and as I always use a bath puff a little of this product goes a long way as you can add a dollop and foam it up in the bath puff and clean your whole body with just that one dollop. There is a lovely smell in the shower whilst using this product as it envelops the whole of you and leaves you smelling lovely too.

      The bottle is nicely designed and looks good in the shower. The bottle is white and has Dreams Unlimited written on it with the beautiful blue and purple colours of this range designing the rest of the front of the bottle. A 200ml bottle costs £6.50, a little bit expensive compared to other normal shower gels not he market but its nice to have a change now and again for something a bit nicer and luxurious.

      The bottle has a flip top cap so I guess if I had any criticisms of this product it would be that you can't hang it up in your shower, you have to just have it on the floor or on a shelve but it's a real minor complaint and can't take away from the beautiful smell and good quality of this product for me!


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        01.03.2011 19:22
        Very helpful



        a product I can't fault

        I first fell in love with The Body Shops Dreams collection when I went into the store in Canterbury. They had a display to showcase this new collection and so me being me obviously had to try it out and then immediately regretted it because I loved the fragrance but had no money to buy anything! So, on a recent trip to the store nearest me I immediately made a bee-line for their dreams collection. After weighing up the options I eventually walked away with the body wash. I chose this quite simply because not only was it the cheapest option but I already have a regular perfume that I wear and so wanted something that would complement that without replacing it; I thought this body wash was exactly that product.

        The Packaging

        The bottle it comes in, like most of The Body Shop's perfume collection, is very attractive and would easily make itself at home on anyone's bathroom shelf.

        The bottle itself is a clear plastic with a transparent white lid. Through the bottle you can see the clear gel inside; although this is clear being a gel it distorts everything you can see through it. The label stuck on the bottle is see-through and on the front of the bottle is the name of the product which is dreams unlimited. It also tells me that it's a body wash and that the bottle contains 200ml. There's a strange pattern on the bottom that starts off purple and gradually gets lighter into a light blue. I think it's supposed to be flowers and/or grass leaves but it's made up of different sentences which, if I could be bothered to sit here and work out, look as if they would make up a poem that describe the scent of the product but I don't have either the patience or inclination to work it out!

        The label on the back is blue and tells me that it is soap free. This label also lifts up to reveal ingredients and to tell me that the product contains Community Trade Honey. Community Trade is The Body Shop's fair trade programme.

        I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this contained honey as bathing in honey is supposed to help moisturise skin and provide a natural glow. Whether or not this product lived up to these expectations I had remained to be seen!

        The Smell

        Body Shop describe the smell as "a fusion of citrus, green chilli, white flowers and fresh aquatic notes." (Information taken from www.thebodyshop.co.uk)

        I'm not sure I'd quite agree with this. The scent is definitely floral, I'm not a fan of overly floral scents but this is very delicate and definitely very feminine. There is something underlying this though that I wouldn't classify as any of the above listed scents it seems almost woody. For some reason the scent reminds me of my perfume "Angel" I'm not sure why really since the two aren't really that similar but they do complement each other which is why I chose this.

        Either way I absolutely adore this scent and will purchase other items in the range.

        Using The Product

        The lid is indented below where it flips open to allow your thumb to get underneath and this makes it really easy to open. I have found some products from the Body Shop hard to squeeze out of the bottle; however I didn't find this an issue with this product and only a small squeeze released some gel onto my hand/puff.

        I have used this product with both a shower puff and just my hands, neither produces a large amount of lather but it is easier and you use less product with a shower puff. Despite only producing a small amount of lather I found it very easy to apply and only a small amount was needed to cover my whole body. I assume the lack of lather is due to the fact that it's soap free.

        I always like to leave any body wash on my skin for a few seconds to allow it to work and to allow my skin to absorb the scent slightly better and so I did the same with this. After leaving it on for around 10 seconds I rinsed it off without any problems

        My Opinion

        I've raved about this product already so it should be pretty obvious I loved it! The bottle looks very pretty and looks nice on my bathroom shelf, it's delicately decorated and so should fit in with just about any décor.

        The scent is absolutely gorgeous and lasted the whole day, it was subtle enough not to be overpowering but blended in nicely with my perfume. That being said I could if I wanted to have skipped the perfume completely and just used this as a scent - it would have been a lot more delicate but still noticeable.

        It's not the cheapest product around but since the scent lasts I don't mind paying that bit more as I'd rather have a product where the scent lasts all day then one which fades after a couple of hours. That being said I only needed a tiny bit of product each time I used it anyway and so it offers good value for money in that sense anyway.

        The body wash was really easy to apply with both my hands and a shower puff and once I'd gotten used to the lack of lather and stopped associating lather with cleanliness then I realized that it really did work to clean my skin too.

        After stepping out the bath my skin did feel soft and hydrated. I also noticed that I needed less moisturiser with this body wash then with some others I have used and so it obviously does work to moisturise my skin. That being said it stands to reason that it also didn't dry out my skin - this is a common problem I have, especially on my legs. I think the fact it's soap free probably helped with this.

        I've also successfully used this as a shaving gel. When used like this it probably doesn't lather up enough for most people but if you can get over that and be happy with it anyway it does hydrate your skin really well and protect from the dryness that comes when shaving, not to mention the gorgeous scent it'll leave on your skin.

        The bottle has a shelf life of 12 months and when used every day over my whole body I can see this lasting around 7 to 8 months so it really does offer very good value for money.

        I highly recommend this product and it gets 5 out of 5 from me.


        Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Parfum, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Mel, Citric Acid, Limonene, Linalool, Hydroxycitronellal, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Oil, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Citronellol, Disodium EDTA, Citrus Reticulata Leaf Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum Oil.

        According to The Body Shop most of these are fragrances which makes sense considering the scent of this is so strong and lasts so long. The only thing I will say though is that, as you can see, this contains SLS so you might want to avoid it if you're sensitive to that.

        Price And Availability

        Being a Body Shop product this is only available through them but can be bought both online and in store. It costs £6.50 for a 200ml bottle.

        Other Products In The Range

        * Eau de Parfum (30ml for £14, 50ml £18, 80ml for £20)
        * Body Butter (200ml for £12.50)
        * Body Lotion (200ml for £7.50)

        They also do three gift sets:

        * Gift Trio (£25): containing 200ml Body wash, 200ml Body lotion and 50ml Eau de Parfum
        * Gift Duo (£15): containing 200ml Body wash and 30ml Eau de Parfum
        * Small Gift Box (£10): containing 60ml Body wash, 60ml Body lotion, 1.2ml Eau de Parfum and a bath lily

        Other Information

        Like all Body Shop packaging the bottle, including the lid, is fully recyclable. The product also contains Community Trade honey (Community Trade is The Body Shops Fair Trade programme). Again, like all Body Shop products this has not been tested on animals.

        This product is suitable for vegetarians, however due to the inclusion of honey it is not suitable for vegans.


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