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The Body Shop Ginger Body Scrub

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Brand: The Body Shop / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2008 14:44
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      I LOVE IT!

      I have already sung the praises of two of the other products in this range but I have definitely saved the best till last! Out of the four products in the range I own three and this one is by far the best of the bunch! I also own the shower gel and body soufflé. These are also favourites of mine but this outshines them in scent.

      I use shower gloves, loofah, loofah mitts or bath lily's when I take a shower and so haven't been bothering to use a body scrub because I use something that exfoliates every day. We when I noticed that these products weren't only back for a short time but were also half price I went shopping and stocked up!

      This ginger range was also out in December and disappeared again in January. The Body Shop (TBS) brings out limited edition ranges all the time, it gives us all a chance to try something a little different and I am guessing that they then consider bringing them out as a main range depending on their popularity.

      At half price this tub costs £6.00 rather than the usual £12.00 for 200ml. This is good value because £12.00 is their standard price for body scrubs of this size. The tub has a screw top lid, which makes scooping out some product simple, but you need to be careful not to get any water in the container.

      The part of this scrub which does the work is Community Trade Organic sugar that they (TBS) buy from Paraguay, the people they buy this from enjoy a better life because of the Community Trade scheme they (TBS) run, this is very similar to the better known Fair Trade Programme. This also contains Community Trade shea butter from Ghana to moisturise you skin while it scrubs.

      The sugar gently rubs off dead skin cells that are then washed away. This leaves the younger brighter, softer skin underneath feeling and looking great. I do not find this scrub overly rough so it wouldn't usually be my type of product as I like to feel it working but my skin really does feel an awful lot different because of it.

      This is rather an oily scrub, not like I had expected, it looks more creamy than oily. The oils feel like they are leaving a slick on my skin when I am using this product but once it has been rinsed off and I have dried myself my skin just gets left feeling soft and moisturised. The first time I used it I considered washing again after using it but thought I would give it a try and was happily convinced!

      The scent of this is unbelievable! I cannot convey just how beautiful it is. I love the other two but where this contains sugar and the others don't it's scent has changed, only slightly but it is sweeter. The ginger is warm and exotic without being spicy. It smells like ginger ale but sweeter.
      This looks and smells edible! It is a pale lemon colour and looks like slightly lumpy butter icing. It does have some small dark flecks running through it which I am guessing is some of the sugar granules. Is it really wrong that I want to stick my tongue in it? Not that I am going to because I am sure it would taste vile!

      I found that I didn't need all that much to get a good result, certainly no more than a tablespoon full (that was the easiest way to explain it, not that you will use a spoon!) and it really does go a long way. Where this is gentle you could probably use it more often than some of the harsher ones I have come across in the past but I don't think that daily would be a good idea. A tub will probably last me about fifteen to eighteen uses depending on how generous I am being with it.

      I have noticed that the oils separate slightly in the tub, I just mix it up a little before using it and then it is fine.

      This really is a fantastic scrub and it is one that I will miss when it is gone. I went out yesterday and bought another three tubs! I highly recommend this, even if you don't normally like scrubs because you find them too harsh, you will love this gentle skin softening tub of summer.

      The Body Shop is involved with many charities and foundations, information on these can be found through links on their website. None of their products are tested on animals. They also run their own version of fair trade, which they call community trade, they pay fair prices to farmers of the ingredients they buy. Details of their community trade programme can also be found on their website.

      The website is very user friendly and means not only can you buy online (good P&P charges and fast delivery) but you can also find out more about their products and find out where your local store is situated.


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