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The Body Shop Merry Rich Plum

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2 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Bath and Body Gift Set. / What it does: Enriches,

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    2 Reviews
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      14.05.2009 18:24
      Very helpful



      Good gift and very useful

      I was recently bought this set as a gift-however it was a seasonal line only sold at Christmas time. It contains a rich plum soap, rich plum shower gel, body butter and lip balm. I must admit if i was choosing for myself i wouldnt have gone for this. I am not usually a great lover of sets like this as there is always one or two items i dont use. However with thi it was differen. The rich plus scent is addictive. It is very fruity and strong and not overly ssweet. I was ok with this as im happy to wear no perfume on the days i use this and there would be some severe clashing of scents.

      The soap bar-surprisingly moisturising. I find soap bars are always messy no matter what you do. The purple colour in it is strong and did leave marks on my shower. These washed off quickly.

      The shower gel used in combination with a shower scrunch ball is excellent. Because the scent isnt too fresh or too heady but more comforting its great to use this in the morning or evening before bed. I found a little of the shower gel went a long way.

      The lip balm is also strong in scent and sweet tasting. It is a vibrant purple colour with shimmer included. I must admit im not too keen on the colour. If you put too much of this on you are in danger of looking dead!! If you go easy it is provides a lovely sheen and the little shimmer bits are picked up when the sun or a light shines on you.

      Finally the body butter. Again i was amazed at the amount of scent in this and just how long it lasts. The butter itself is very moisturising and sinks in almost immediatelt. However as mentioned above the scent is too much to be worn with a perfume so if you decide to wear this for the way thats it no more fragrance.

      I like the box the set comes in which ive now used to keep my nail varnishes in.

      All in all a great set, but only if you like strong fruity scents


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      13.01.2008 20:49
      Very helpful



      I would certainly consider buying this as a gift for someone I cared about.

      The Merry rich plum goft set from body shop is a seasonal item, and I am not sure how long they carry the line for. Mine was a gift and will be reviewing the contents accordingly

      This set comes in a gorgeous box that I certainly wont be throwing away, it's the kind of thing there *must* be a use for. I just have to think of one....
      It is a octagonal box, quite unusual, with thick sides, made of tough cardboard, the top has a clear window through which you can see the contents.
      The box slides out in two parts, ribbon is threaded through the cardboard and the enclosing part is open on three of the sides to allow you to pull them apart and get to the items inside.
      The packaging is covered in the very attractive seasonal print they have design especially for this range.

      Rich Plum Body Butter 50ml,
      Rich Plum Shimmer Lotion 125ml,
      Rich Plum Shimmer Lip Balm 10ml
      and Rich Plum Soap 100g.

      Body Butter
      I always find the body shop butters smell incredible but are a little bit greasy for me, I can only use a small amount thanks to my sensitive skin. The rich plum range smells like sugary plum, it is deep, like overripe fruit, and a little bit like the spices you get in Christmas cake. The 50ml size I think is perfect, it wont last ages, but is enough to be a treat for when you want to pamper yourself, rather than a regularly used item.
      The body butter comes in a little unscrewable tub, like an oversized lip balm pot.

      Shimmer Lotion 125ml
      This is my favourite item in the set, it has the same rich scent as the body butter, but seems to be a little stronger. This is definitely a product to use if you are going out for the evening.
      The base lotion is a little like most body lotions, but leaves your skin a little bit tacky and dries strangely. I assume it is because of the 'shimmer' the lotion carries, it is unlike most shimmer lotions as it coats your skin in an even shimmer that is silvery rather than gold. The shimmer is more subtle the less you put on, but you might find your hands look like they have been handling stage paint by the time you have finished. It easily washes off though, leaving your skin smelling amazing. I recommend a sparse application on body areas you wish to 'shimmer' and wash your hands before you go out.
      I've tested it and the shimmer wont come off too much on clothes or other people. It does need to be washed off. I think this is a positive thing, no good leaving all your shimmer on the couch!
      This was being sold in-store for £10 for 200ml, I honestly don't think you'd ever need a bottle that big, 125ml is just fine.

      Shimmer Lip Balm
      Similar to many of the other body shop lip balms, quite buttery, and soft to the touch, a little too greasy for my preference, but it does have the same shimmer ingredient as the lotion.
      Doesn't taste at all like the smell, and the smell is the same rich plum scent, but slightly less intense, and maybe a bit sweeter.

      Rich Plum Soap
      Just the thing to get that shimmer off after the big night out, this soap is good quality, providing lots of suds and a great clean version of the rich plum smell. Slightly heavier on the fruity aspect of it though.
      I don't think the soap will last as long as the other items though, but it is certainly a luxurious bath item all the same.

      Overall I think this set is a lovely gift, I am very please with it, and will be keeping an eye out for the range next Christmas as well.


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    • Product Details

      This plum-scented gift set contains: Rich Plum Body Butter 50ml, Rich Plum Shimmer Lotion 125ml, Rich Plum Shimmer Lip Balm 10ml and Rich Plum Soap 100g /

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