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The Body Shop Moringa Body Scrub

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7 Reviews
  • leaves skin soft and smooth
  • leaves my skin feeling dry
  • scent isn't my favourite
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    7 Reviews
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      21.10.2014 15:15
      Very helpful


      • "leaves skin soft and smooth"


      • "leaves my skin feeling dry"
      • "scent isn't my favourite"

      Dryinga Body Scrub

      I was given a gift set a while ago from The Body Shop featuring this Moringa body scrub.

      = Price and Availability =
      The Body Shop’s Moringa body scrub is available from The Body Shop or online at thebodyshop.co.uk. It costs GBP13.00 for a 200ml tub.

      = Packaging =
      It comes in a large round tub, which is clear, but has a lemon yellow coloured lid which has a sticker on the top with pictures of white flowers and ‘Moringa Body Scrub’ in green lettering around the outside of the sticker. The Body Shop logo is in the centre of the sticker.

      = In Use =
      I had never used The Body Shop’s scrubs before trying this one. I had used a body polish from The Body Shop and I liked it so I expected to be pleased with this scrub.
      To use the scrub I scoop a little bit out of the tub with my fingers and massage it in circular motions into my skin. The scrub feels quite thick. You leave scoop marks in what is left of the scrub, but it isn’t a buttery consistency. It is a bit more wet than you might expect.
      It is a beige colour that leans towards cream or yellow. It has small grains in it that are orange and brown. To be honest I think it looks rather unpleasant in the tub, but this is not something that would stop me from using it.
      The grains in it are quite small and they don’t feel too harsh on my skin, but the scrub is effective and it removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth.
      The body scrub has a very strong scent. It is white floral with a bit of a kick. It is pleasant, but it is a bit harsh as well and I’m sure it will not be to everyone’s liking. My sister said she can never decide if she likes this one or not. I like it, but it is not my favourite and if I had to choose another body scrub from The Body Shop I’d much prefer to try one of the fruity flavours that they do.
      The front of the tub says, ‘With Moringa seed oil to moisturise’ and states that this product is for normal to dry skin. I would say my skin is normal, but is prone to dryness.
      I have found this scrub to be less hydrating than other scrubs I have used in the past. My favourite is Soap and Glory’s The Scrub Of Your Life, which feels much harsher, which I like because it feels like it’s doing more for your skin. That one is more of a gel based scrub so it is hydrating like most shower gels are.
      The Body Shop’s Moringa scrub is thick and although it does feel wet it does not feel hydrating. It leaves my skin soft and smooth, but looking a little bit dull. I definitely feel like I need to use a body lotion or body butter after using this scrub.
      I think sometimes The Body Shop’s products are a bit overrated and I feel you can do so much better for GBP13.00 although I think like with Avon, The Body Shop price highly so they can constantly have offers on that will make people think they’re getting a bargain.
      I have since tried The Body Shop’s Chocomania body scrub, which is chocolate scented and I found that it was a different consistency and much better so it seems all of their scrubs are different, but I wouldn’t particularly recommend their moringa one.


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      17.01.2014 20:08
      Very helpful



      So so, not a repurchase for me!

      I mentioned in a recent review that I was gifted a set of three body scrubs in 50ml travel size. The Moringa Body Scrub was the second of the set to be used up. It didn't take long to use it as I am quite into scrubs at the moment so a 50ml pot sees me through a few showers but did not last me long.

      First impressions
      When I first saw the little pot I made an assumption that it was vanilla but it was only on using it that I realised this was not the case. This was the first time I had heard of Moringa which is an exotic flowering plant native to Africa and Asia.

      I like the packaging on these little tubs, clear body with a screw top lid so you can easily see how much is left. The lid keeps the jar airtight when not in use. Easy to transport too and unlikely to spill so a good travel companion.

      In use
      I used this scrub expecting vanilla so once that initial surprise was over, I was able to enjoy the lightly floral and slightly exotic based Moringa scrub. It was used in the shower and is a cream based scrub so has moisturising properties on the skin even after you've washed the residue off. I focused on my arms and legs mainly, using circular motions and found it to be quite a light scrub, not at all painful but not particularly scrub effective either as the particles were not rough enough for my liking!

      A 200ml jar costs £12.50 which is quite expensive. I found the trial set of three to be a good way to try before buying a large sized tub.

      Final thoughts
      I do think it's a waste when the product seems to go down the drain almost as quickly as you can apply it to your body but I also hate cleaning the bath after oils and lotions so a shower is more practical and I try to turn off the water whilst applying this to get the most from it. I found the smell nice and light and liked using this scrub but really it has to be used as a light scrub and multi tasking moisturiser rather than a decent scrub. I think the moisturiser takes away from the potential of it being an effective scrub. I don't think I'd be tempted to buy the full size of this but I'd be happy to use it again if it was a gift!


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      04.02.2013 15:29
      Very helpful



      Leaves skin oily.

      I don't use body scrubs very often but I was pleased to see one in a Bodyshop gift set I purchased recently. I was looking forward to using it alongside the other items in the set which were all from the Moringa range. I thought it would be especially useful as my skin has been feeling quite lately.

      The Bodyshop currently sell full size 200ml tubs of this product at £12.50. Since my tub was included in a gift set including several items it is a smaller sized 50ml tub but it is the same as the larger size in every other aspect.

      The product comes in pale yellow plastic tub which has a secure lid which unscrews very easily. It can be screwed on tightly too and I would be happy to travel with a tub of this scrub without expecting any leaks. The tub has a double backed peel off label and under the first strip you can access a list of full ingredients and directions for use. The packaging is generally very attractive as the label features a picture of a beautiful Moringa flower and gives you some idea of the fragrance.

      Directions for use state that this scrub is not suitable for use on the face. Ingredients include brazil nut oil and Moringa oil for moisturisation and cocoa shells for the exfoliation.

      I was a bit surprised by the appearance and fragrance of the scrub when I first opened the tub. It actually looks like porridge. It's a corn coloured mush with darker brown bits and pieces in the blend. If you look closely you can also see small specks of turquoise. It's not that pretty to be honest and it doesn't smell too great in the tub either. It actually smells a bit like wet oats. The Moringa fragrance which I was familiar with from using the Moringa shower gel and body butter was much less powerful.

      The scrub is easy to scoop out of the tub but it's better to have your hands as dry as possible otherwise the creamy substance of the scrub melts and becomes milky and drips off your fingers. The scrub is not as dense as I imagined it might be. It rather feels like a fine salt and yoghurt substance. It provides a very gentle exfoliation.

      When you rub the scrub into your skin you can feel something happening to your skin. It softens skin immediately. However, this is much less due to the exfoliation qualities of the scrub than the fact that the scrub has a very oily base. As soon as you rinse the scrub away you can see that a layer of softening oil has been left behind on your skin. Once the crusty pieces of the scrub have been washed away the Moringa fragrance is much more apparant on your skin.

      The scrub is very easy to rinse off as a little water makes it melt and the hard pieces are so small that they don't stick onto your skin. It's also comfortable to use this scrub in the bathtub. I've used scrubs where I literally feel like I'm sitting on gravel! This one causes no discomfort nor does it leave any bits behind when the water runs away.

      I really like the effect the scrub has on my skin. It definitely makes my skin feel softer although patches of dry skin on my body don't look bright and new as I hoped they might. The scrub provides a more intense moisturising experience than the body butter alone though as the oil in the scrub feels very heavy and long lasting. It feels a lot like I've used a bit of baby oil in my bath water after I've used this scrub. I really like that the porridge smell that is apparant in the tub is not detectable on my skin though! My skin actually smells beautiful after I've dried it.

      The Moringa fragrance is quite unique and when using any product in the range I can smell it all over the house after I've used it. I would describe the fragrance as being like a light and summery blend of flower nectar and lemons. The scrub also contains jojoba oil which contributes to the fragrance.

      I would say that my tub is a little on the small side and that a 200ml tub is probably the best size to get in this. This is because I use about a rounded teaspoon size dollop on each section of my body - limbs and torso. The scrub has therefore run out quite quickly.

      I would probably buy this again but only if it was on offer or reduced in price. I think in general I prefer to use other Moringa scented products as they are simply more pleasant to use. I also prefer scrubs that provide a more intense exfoliation experience. I would say though that if you are looking for a really intense moisturising experience try using this scrub and then the Moringa body butter as this provides really rich and deep moisturisation for the skin.


      This review is also on Ciao!


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      22.09.2011 19:38
      Very helpful




      I recently went on holiday to Cyprus and I bought a Body Shop Moringa gift set to take with me for me and my sisters to use. I chose moringa because the scent just seemed summery and I thought that it would be a lovely scent for our holiday. The gift set included a 100ml pot of moringa body scrub.

      The main reason why I shop at the Body Shop is that I like their community trade programme and their attempts to make their products ethical. The Brazil nut oil used in this product was purchased from a co-operative in Peru and the Body Shop state that trade with this co-operative has helped to protect 3,000 hectares of rainforest. The co-operative use sustainable harvesting which supports indigenous species. The Body Shop have more information regarding their values and community fair trade on their website.

      ==What it is and what it claims to do==
      This product is an exfoliating scrub that it supposed to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. The Body Shop claim that it removes dead skin cells and stimulates micro-circulation of skin. They recommend that it is used two or three times a week but I actually used it a bit more frequently than this when I was on holiday.

      ==My Experience==
      If I had to use one word to describe this product it would be light which may give the impression that it's ineffective, which is not the case at all. The first thing that I noticed with this scrub was the scent. I bought the gift set because I loved the scent of the moringa, it has a really fresh, clean scent but it is also really light and actually quite subtle, especially when it's on your skin. Although the scent is subtle I found with this product, and the other products in the range, that it is really long lasting. It just doesn't seem to fade which surprised me because some of the more overpowering scents don't last for that long and this scent is the complete opposite but takes ages to fade.

      I also thought that the feel of this scrub was light too. I was convinced that it wasn't going to be a very good scrub because when I put my hand into it it almost felt smooth and I found that I really had to rub my hands together to feel the little bits in it that make it a scrub. I don't usually like the feel of scrubs on my skin, I use them because they leave my skin feeling nice, not because I actually enjoy using them. With this scrub I didn't mind the feel of it on my skin, perhaps because it does feel so light. I did find that I really had to rub this in well for it to actually exfoliate, which felt nice at the time but left me feeling like it wasn't going to work at all.

      This isn't the most effective scrub that I have ever used, it certainly doesn't compare to some of the other scrubs that I've purchased from the Body Shop but it is still reasonably effective. I think this product is a really good one for long term use. The first time I used it I found that my skin was slightly less flaky but not completely smooth, then the second time I used it it was slightly better and by the third time it left my skin feeling perfectly smooth. At one point I was using it every day, occasionally missing out a day here and there but generally using it daily and my skin felt divine during this time. I'm sure some people are wondering why they would bother using a scrub that needs daily use when they could just use a more effective one that they only need to use two or three times a week. For me personally I hate the feel of most scrubs and with this one I can enjoy the actual experience of having the scrub on my skin while maintaining smooth skin.

      I'm rating this product as four stars. The scent is lovely and long lasting but really quite subtle. The scrub doesn't feel too abrasive but also doesn't leave skin feeling completely smooth immediately. It did make my skin soft and smooth with long term use but for those wanting immediate results this is not the scrub you.

      ==Cost and Availability==
      This scrub is available from the Body Shop for £12.50 for a 100ml tub. The tub lasted me for two weeks of almost daily use, with my sisters occasionally using some so it does last reasonably well.


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        20.06.2010 20:16
        Very helpful



        Prepare for Summer Skin!!

        I bought the Body Scrub as part of The Body Shops promotional offer in which you could buy a full size scrub and body butter or two of either of the products for £15.00. Ideal if you want to try the product but don't want to pay the full price without testing first.

        The first thing i noticed about the product was the lush lingering smell and how pleasant the texture of the scrub felt on my skin, quite gritty yet without the product feeling too harsh.

        The scrub is in a generous size tub plus you only have to use a small amount to apply to the skin as a little goes a long way.

        Whilst in the shower i applied the scrub all over my body whilst massaging it onto my skin in circular movements, this of course helps remove dead skin cells whilst boosting circulation.

        Once done I rinsed off to reveal silky and smooth skin. When towel dried I moisturised with The Body Shops Body Butter (I used Cocoa on this occasion) which left my skin feeling and smelling amazing.

        For best results i do this at least twice weekly and after just a few weeks of use i can definitely see a change to the appearance of my skin.

        Product Rating: 9/10

        I deducted a point for the price of the product as if purchasing at the full price it's quite pricey.


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          18.04.2010 11:47
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great product and it smells so nice well worth a try

          Body scrub/exfoliant

          My sister received a set of Moringa body stuff and I have 'borrowed' this off her and I have been using it for a few days and I have to say the scent is so intoxicating and so addictive, you don't want to put the product down it is so nice!

          I have been using the Moringa body scrub for normal to dry skin which is also in a 50ml/1.69oz/48g tub. I think it would have been better in a squeezy tube bottle as with the tub it gets all under your nails and it just makes more of a mess but with a tube it would less messy (But you can't have everything you want).

          The product contains Moringa seed oil which I have found to really intensely moisturise and hydrate my skin and leave it really soft and smooth. It also contains, Moringa fruit pieces, lotus seed powder, walnut and coconut shells and ground rice these are all of the exfoliating agents and they all together really exfoliate my skin and make it so soft and smooth and ready for my moisturiser. It also contains brazil nut oil which again really moisturises and softens my skin - and it is fair trade oil from peru.

          Also the smell of the scrub stays on my skin for most of the day, if not all of the day so I can carry on smelling the wonderful summery, airy, light scent on my skin! You can also buy it in a travel size 50ml or you can buy the 200ml for at home!


          *Amazing smell that lasts for ages
          *nice flowery simple, summery packaging
          *For normal to dry skin
          *Really intensely hydrates and moisturises my skin
          *Comes in a cute little travel size and the 200ml normal size
          *I have the 50ml one and it lasts for ages
          *It can be bought from the body shop stores, for example, Manchester arndale, Oldham shopping centre and Rochdale.
          *You can also buy it from their really nice, easy to navigate website and they always have offers on!
          *Natural ingredients
          *Fair trade brazil nut oil
          *It is only £6 for the 50ml and it is £12.50 for the 200ml one

          Thank you for reading my review


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            18.03.2010 18:29
            Very helpful



            Another Body Shop winner!

            Last year I went into our local branch of Body Shop and treated myself to Body Butter, Soap and Shower Gel in the lovely Moringa fragrance. When I was at the till paying for these goodies the assistant offered me a sample of the matching Body Scrub and she filled the little pot right up to the top for me so that I could really try it!

            Well I tried it and loved it so much that I treated myself to a pot of it.

            The Price

            The pot containing 50ml of the Body Scrub costs £5 and the 200ml pot costs £12.50. Having said that there are often offers in The Body Shop so it is worth waiting for an offer and stocking up if you like these. If you have one of their cards you get 10% off anyway and there are many offers aimed specifically at card holders too. The Body Shop is also linked to the cash back websites such as Cashinco so that is also worth remembering.

            The Packaging

            As always the packaging looked lovely as it was in a creamy lemon screw topped pot with a picture of what I assume to be Moringa flowers on the top. The pot is the same as the one containing the Body Butter except for the fact that the word Butter is replaced with the word Scrub on the lid of the pot!

            The Smell

            As I unscrewed the lid I was greeted with what I can only describe as a heavenly smell. I find fragrances notoriously difficult to describe but I'll have a go. The smell is flowery and sweet but not sickly so it feels fresh and uplifting when I use any of the products in the range. The smell of the Body Scrub isn't as intense as that of the Body Butter but it is unmistakably Moringa!

            The Use

            I use the Body Scrub about once a week on average. I get into my shower, get wet and then step away from the water jet whilst I use my Body Scrub. I take a small amount from the pot using my fingers and then rub it into the skin on my arms, shoulders and legs. The scrubbing element of this product is gentle but definite and is just right as far as I am concerned. In the past I have tried scrubs that barely have any scrub in them and ones at the other end of the spectrum that have all but ripped my skin off!

            This Body Scrub is exactly that scrub for the body only - the assistant who originally gave me the free sample made it very clear that i should not use this on my face.

            I found that I didn't need to use too much to get a good result so the pot will last me a while which is a good thing as it is a bit on the expensive side if you buy it at full price.

            The Result

            As I used the Body Scrub it felt really good - as though it was giving my skin a really deep clean. When I had finished my shower and dried my skin I applied the matching Body Butter and my skin was noticeably smoother so I was very impressed.

            Information from the Web Site

            The site offers a 'gentle exfoliating scrub for radiant looking skin, subtly scented with a delicate, floral fragrance' which 'stimulates the skin and removes dead skin cells when massaged into the skin.' I have to say that, for me, this is exactly what it did!

            The Contents

            Having done a little research on the Body Shop website I have discovered that Moringa seed oil contains something called oleic acid which moisturises and protects the skin.

            The exfoliating properties come from the addition of particles of Moringa fruit, lotus seed powder, walnut and coconut shells and ground rice which all sounds a bit vicious for my skin but as I said earlier it is very comfortable to use.

            It also contains Brazil Nut Oil which also helps to soften, smooth and moisturise the skin. Incidentally the Brazil Nut Oil is sourced as part of the Body Shop's Community Trade scheme which helps the traders who produce the ingredients to get a fair price and also helps to protect the environment of the forest.

            Other Fragrances

            The other Body Shop fragrances which have matching Body Scrubs are pink grapefruit (gorgeous), mango (very nice), coconut (yuk no thanks!), cocoa butter (not keen), Shea butter (not keen), raspberry (too sweet), papaya (very nice), passion fruit (very nice), olive (yuk no!), and wild cherry (take it or leave it).


            In conclusion I would really recommend this Body Scrub and when I have used the scrub, the Shower Gel and then the Body Butter my skin looks, feels and smells lovely and I keep smelling the fragrance all day.


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