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The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub

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9 Reviews

Brand: The Body Shop / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    9 Reviews
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      22.05.2012 23:10
      Very helpful



      Good body scrub from the Body Shop

      Using a body scrub is essential for me to keep my skin smooth and soft, particularly as I epilate my legs and want to avoid ingrowing hairs. I've tried a number of scrubs from The Body Shop, most recently the Raspberry scrub.

      Most 200ml tubs of body scrub cost £12.50 at full price, but I managed to obtain this for only £3 in the online sale. I assume there was once a full range of raspberry products but I would guess they have all been discontinued. I used this scrub with the Strawberry range - close enough in scent I guessed!

      The scrub's tub is designed in a similar fashion to other Body Shop scrubs, being made of clear plastic with an appropriately-coloured lid (in this case a dark reddish-pink to resemble raspberries) and a label covered in a picture of raspberries. The scrub contains moisturising raspberry extract to nourish normal skin, while the scrubbing action is provided by exfoliating raspberry seeds and ground walnut shell.
      When I unscrewed the lid and saw the scrub I thought it resembled raspberry jam! It looked like it, being dark reddish-pink in colour, thick in texture and full of exfoliating seeds. The scent, too, was delicious and really natural, certainly resembling raspberries.

      I used the scrub in the shower, scooping some out and rubbing it over wet skin. I concentrated on my lower legs and elbows, also scrubbing other areas but avoiding my chest and stomach as I thought the scrub would be a bit harsh. I was pleased with how the scrub worked. Some Body Shop scrubs haven't been particularly effective, but I thought that this one was. The raspberry seeds and ground walnut shell provided a very effective exfoliation, which is what I like although if you want a gentle scrub this isn't for you!

      The scrub did make rather a mess of the shower. The bath and shower curtain are white and I couldn't avoid getting dark red spots of scrub everywhere! I did rinse this off to the best of my ability but getting it off the shower curtain was tricky!

      I didn't find the scrub to be particularly moisturising, but it didn't dry my skin out either. I do have quite dry skin though, and the scrub is designed for normal skin. It took me a couple of months to use up the scrub, using it a few times a week, which I feel is reasonable.

      I do find the Body Shop screw tubs quite tricky to use in the shower. The screw top, easy to use under normal circumstances, becomes tricky to remove with wet hands in the shower, and even trickier to put back on again with your hands covered in scrub. I also find it hard to find a place to put the open tub which isn't exposed to the shower, so it's hard to avoid getting water in it. With the tub having a large base, it's also difficult for me to find a place to put it on the side of the bath - in fact, I managed to knock it off the side on one occasion. Luckily it was closed at the time - I dread to think what the red scrub would have looked like on the white bathmat!

      Overall I like and recommend this scrub. It's not my absolute favourite Body Shop scrub but it's better than some others I've tried and smells lovely. If I can find it in the sale again, I might repurchase.


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        21.08.2011 23:28
        Very helpful



        Berry disappointed with this scrub!

        As a Love Your Body card holder I am a regular in The Body Shop. My birthday came around in May and I was pleased to receive a £5 voucher via email to print off to spend in store. Even more exciting was that my voucher came whilst there was also a sale on in the Cambridge store. This raspberry body scrub, caught my eye as it was half price making it £6 with my voucher and a further 10% off I ended up paying ninety pence for my full sized scrub. An excellent buy, or so I thought...

        ***Who are The Body Shop?***

        The Body Shop was first founded by Anita Roddick in Brighton offering high quality products that were sustainably sourced and gave back to the community in which they came from. Although the business has now grown to include over 2,500 stores across the globe and has now been taken over by cosmetics giant L'Oreal; The Body Shop still likes to follow its core values.
        Twenty years ago The Body Shop set up their own co-operative, to ensure a fair price to their suppliers in the developing world, which now helps over 25,000 people in their local communities. The Body Shop Foundation was also set up in 1990, a charity to help small frontline services funding in times of hardship. The Body Shop has always been against animal testing and not only cares about animals, but people too. Their recent campaigns relate to the prevention of child sex trafficking, domestic violence and HIV/AIDS.

        It is clear to see that Anita Roddick was a woman clearly ahead of her time, as we are now increasingly aware of the damage we're doing to the planet and about the sustainability of the goods we buy. I have been pleased to see over recent years that L'Oreal are still supporting their campaigns with the recent trafficking campaign being sent to Downing Street.

        *** Packaging ***

        Like all of the body scrubs that The Body Shop make this comes in a round tub with a screw top lid. I have generally found this works for some of the other scrubs I have tried from the brand. However, due to the thin consistency of the product, more on that later, I think a squeezy tube would have done the job better. The scrub itself is very hard to keep hold of, so I find myself unnecessarily wasting product. AS far as the look goes, each scrub is colour coded, the raspberry scrub is unsurprising raspberry in colour making it easy to identify in store, and is clear on the sides so you can see how much product you have remaining. The container itself is strong, and the lid is secure yet easy to handle with wet hands.

        *** Scent - Berry Good? ***

        The scent itself is unmistakably a raspberry one, it is a big punch of berry. I would not describe it as overly fresh more of a jammy, boozy raspberry scent. I do not find this scent a real 'wake-up' scent, more for a luxurious treat. I would personally prefer a slightly fresher smell, as I don't feel particularly cleansed after using the product. The scent lasted on my skin after showering for only an hour or two afterwards, a little disappointing, but can be layered with other product from the raspberry range.

        *** Consistency and Scrubbing Abilities ***

        The scrub itself does actually look and have the consistency of raspberry jam. The product is thin, particularly when I compare it to the Coconut version of the product, so I find myself scooping some product into the lid before I scrub my limbs and body. My findings on this have been that I use about twice as much per shower with this scrub compared to the coconut.

        Time to exfoliate! The little scrubbers themselves consist of ground walnut shell and raspberry seeds. I find that per scoop I don't get as much exfoliating particles as I would normally like, so end up with a more gentle exfoliation, or a mere buffing of the skin as opposed to a good scrub. For this reason I would recommend to those with more delicate skin, and an avoid warning for the fake tanners amongst you. The product does wash off easily merely because it is so thin, but on the downside, I do find pieces of walnut shell all over the place throughout the day. I'm not sure how they get there as I feel like I have thoroughly washed the product off.

        Another point about this product, is that the product is such an intense berry colour I would be careful of staining, particularly if you use white towels and the such like. I haven't tested it, but I wouldn't be suprised if this product turned it into a fetching pink shade.

        The Body Shop claim this product is designed for normal skin, and contains moisturising raspberry extract. I personally didn't find my skin didn't feel any more moisturised compared to other scrubs on the high street, particularly compared to the creamy texture of The Body Shop's own coconut scrub. I have relatively dry skin anyway so have to moisturise after a shower, but didn't find I needed less moisturiser after using this product.

        On another note, there is no information on where the raspberries or the walnuts used to make this product are sourced. I normally like shopping in The Body Shop as I am a happy to pay a fair price when I know it is going to a co-operative, however little information is available with this product. Honey sourced from an organic co-operative in Zambia is used to make this product, and is also known to prevent dehydration of the skin.

        *** Price and Availability ***

        Here comes a major sticking point with this product, if you like this product and want to get hold of it then it can be a little tricky. The Body Shop have semi-discontinued the range, but it does seem to pop up occasionally during sales. Other products in the range are listed, however I can't list prices due to unavailability of the products on the Body Shop website.

        Raspberry Body Scrub 200 ml - £12
        Raspberry Body Butter 200 ml - £12
        Raspberry Bath/ Shower Gel 200 ml - ?
        Raspberry Body Puree 200 ml - ?

        Overall I would not recommend this product as I find I am not overly keen on the scent, and have wasted a lot of product due to the consistency. It is in my belief that the likes of Soap and Glory, The Sanctuary and The Body Shop themselves produce significantly better scrubs for the money, so I will award this product two stars.

        This review may also appear under the same username on Ciao.


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          26.03.2011 19:04
          Very helpful



          Hold on to this one.

          I love the products that the Body Shop has to offer, as they are usually of a very high quality, and their body scrubs are no exception. I am yet to find another company that makes scrubs that are this good at exfoliating my skin. Exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin that clog pores and give your skin a dull appearance. It is important to get rid of these dead skin cells to reveal the new, clean, bright layer of skin, and exfoliation helps you do this.

          The Body Shop is an ethical company that is against animal testing, and produces a range of beauty products using natural ingredients. These products are a pleasure to use and add an element of fun to your beauty regime.

          Packaging and How To Use.
          This body scrub comes in a standard Body Shop tub. The tub is transparent allowing you to see the dark pink scrub inside. This is useful as you always know how much you have left. The tub has a dark pink screw on lid with a picture of delicious looking raspberries on it. The tub isn't very heavy so it is easy to pick up. However, you have to be careful not to tilt the tub when unscrewing the lid, otherwise the scrub will seep out from the sides as you unscrew the lid. To use, you just scoop some up using your fingers and gently rub into your skin in circular motions.

          The Scrub
          As soon as you unscrew the lid, you are greeted by the sweet smell of raspberries. For me this took some getting used to, as raspberries aren't one of my favourite fruits, but after a few uses, I started to love the scent. While the scent is very strong, it doesn't seem to linger on my skin for too long. The scrub is dark pink and of a thick gel like consistency-it's not very runny, but at the same time, it easy to rub onto skin. The scrub contains raspberry seeds and ground walnut shells which act as the exfoliating agent. These raspberry seeds are abundant throughout the scrub, and do a very good job of exfoliating my skin. I often find that other scrubs don't contain enough exfoliating granules, or that they dissolve too easily, but this is not the case with this scrub. The scrub rinses away easily (even from the tub/shower floor) to leave your skin soft and smooth. The softness is probably due to the raspberry extract and organic honey that this scrub contains, which are meant to moisturise your skin. This scrub doesn't irritate my sensitive skin at all.

          Price and Availability
          The 200 ml tub costs £12.50 and is available from The Body Shop-in store and online. It is often on sale, and I always wait till it is half price before I buy it. It's usually available at half price 2-3 times a year.

          Do I recommend it?
          Definitely. It works really well, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft. A little goes a long way, and the 200 ml tub seems to last for ages and costs me £6.25, so I have no complaints.

          This review may appear on other sites under the same username.


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            22.02.2011 11:56
            Very helpful




            I was bought this a while ago as a present and don't get round to using it very often as I'm terrible with keeping up any form of skin care regime, I am too busy to find the time or to remember to actually take care of my skin but when I do use it I find that it works very well on my skin.

            ***The Body Shop ***

            The Body Shop is a beauty shop which prides itself on it's ethical nature of it's products and business. There are over 2,500 stores in over 60 countries around the world so you can usually find a shop or two on your high street where you'll be able to find a wide range of goods. They have five core values which include; Support Community Fair Trade, Defend HUman Rights, Against animal testing, activate self esteem and protect our planet. They make charitable donations and help to support communities. You will recognise your body shop by it's dark green face and the white writing and logo.

            The body scrub.

            I was bought this body scrub as part of a set by a friend. You can buy the body scrubs in a variety of flavours including almond, cherry, coconut, strawberry and several others.

            ****The tub ****

            As with other scrubs this comes in a round, flat tub which is see through so you can see the contents inside which is a nice rice raspberry colour so look nice on your bathroom shelf. The lid is a dark pink colour with a picture of juicy looking raspberry's on the front. It's almost mouth watering it looks that fresh! The lid is the whole size of the tub so it is qite big and means that it can be a bit difficult to take on and off especially if you have wet/soapy hands. I've found that the lid can be hard to take off if you've not put it back on properly and I tend to always do this because my hands are soapy so I don't manage to get it on correctly so this is a bit annoying but it appears to be how scrubs seem to be packaged as they are quite thick so would be difficult to get out of a tube. Because the tub is small and squat it is a good shape as you can put other products on top of it if you are struggling for storage space plus i think it looks quite appealing as the rich pink colour is nice.

            ****Inside the tub ****

            Inside the tub is the scrub and it's a very dark pink colour which looks just like crushed raspberries so it looks really fresh and natural- which is of course is thanks to The Body Shop! The scrub is quite gloopy in texture, a little bit like a jelly although not as dense. It has little tiny pips in which work as the scrub element and help to exfoliate your skin. When you take the lid off the first thing you notice is the smell, it is so sweet and mouth watering, it really does smell just like raspberries with nothing artificial about it at all.

            The scrub is realy gloopy so you scoop it out using your fingers and then rub it into your skin. You only need to use a small amount as there are plenty of rasbperry seeds in it to exfoliate your skin. I tend t ouse a size about the same as a 10p and massage it into my face in circular motions and this seems to be a suitable size for this area.

            ****The results *****

            Exfoliation is really important as it helps to rid the dead skin cells from your face and as a result leaves your skin looking and feeling healtheir and smoother. This is what this scrub should do and it does do so very well! I find that it can be a little difficult to get all of the gooey-ness off my skin as it is quite thick but once I have the result is a softer feeling face! I was surpried at first as it's quite a gentle scrub so I wasn't expecting it to have the same effect as a more abrasive one but actually it works just as well. After using it for a few days I do think that my skin got better, after about a day my skin looked worse as it was quite raw but within a few days it was much better, smoother and did look healthier, I wouldn't say it was shining but it was certainly looking more radiant!

            ****Opinion *****

            After having looked on the Body Shop website I cannot find this scrub so assume that they have stopped making this which is a great shame as I really do rate it and have liked it very much when I do remember to use it. I have used other scrubs in this range and really rate them- especially the almond one!

            I like that it is full of fresh ingredients and that you can tell it is just by it's smell, there is nothing artificial about it at all like there can be with some sweet-smelling products. Thsi one is so fresh it does make your mouth water! It is quite bitter though so don't try eating it! I have found that sometimes if I don't wash it off properly then I do find that I can taste it on my skin and it's not a very nice taste at all so I don't recommend sampling it in this way!

            After using this scrub I do think that it made my skin feel smoother so I do think it's effective. It definitely works in a psychological way anyway as it makes me feel like I have looked after my skin and spent a bit of time nurturing me which is a rare event when you have a toddler to run around after so it is nice! The fact that it smells so devine makes it seem like a really nurting experience. The smell doesn't linger though so you don't have to worry about walking around smelling like a bowl of fruit!

            I like how the tub looks really effective with it's dark pink colour, I think it looks nice on my shelf in the bathroom as it is so rich in colour and looks different to the other products that I have. The only down side is the lid which can be a bit awkward to take on and off due to it's design but I don't think that this scrub would work as well in a tube form as it is so gloopy.

            I am very pleased with this and hope that The Body Shop begin to sell it again as I think it's a shame they have discontinued it. It cost about £10 for a large tub which has lasted a long time so I think it's god value for money indeed.


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            14.08.2010 23:01
            Very helpful



            Mmm a yummy smelling raspberry body scrub from The Body Shop experts!

            The first point I have to make is that I am so annoyed that I never tried this product earlier! It has now been discontinued and I am in love with it!! I am still choosing to review it because this may help people who are wondering in purchasing another of The Body Shop's scrubs to know how good it is even if they cannot get this particular fragranced scrub. However it may still be accessible on other internet sites.

            It retailed at £12.50 for 200ml like all the other scrubs from The Body Shop; however I bought it at half price when they were getting rid of it in the sale. I would never have bought it at £12.50 however knowing how good it is after trying it I might now have.

            The tub states it is for normal skin... which is a bit of a strange way of skin typing people because the word 'normal' is so generic. It is like going into see a person on a premium cosmetics brand and them asking you what skin type you are and you saying normal. It doesn't really mean anything... normal skin is actually... dry/combination skin... it has the perfect balance of oil and water. But very few people have this perfect balance. It is a strange term in saying normal skin because if you haven't got normal skin it doesn't mean that you have a some sort of freakish skin it just means you may have dryer or oilier skin. So I personally don't like that terminology.

            ***What the scrub does***

            Like any other body scrub the exfoliating granules will work to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin to make the skin smoother and brighter. Our skin can become sluggish and over time our cell turnover can slow down revealing a more dull looking skin. So this scrub will help your skin to look more radiant again. Exfoliation is only really required once or twice per week. I also found this scrub perfect to exfoliate before applying fake tan, and the raspberry scent helped to mask the fake tan smell too.

            ***How to use it***

            I think it more or less speaks for itself. But because it is slightly jelly like I use a small amount at a time so as I do not waste it by the water washing excess away. Rub/ massage it in a circular motion on the legs, arms and rest of the body.

            ***Why I love it?***

            When I first put it in my shower I thought that the picture of raspberries on the front of the tub looked too good to be true. They looked like they would be really yummy. But to my surprise once I had opened the round plastic tub I realised that the picture on the front wasn't a lie it smelt as good as it looked. It is a really gooey scrub but it is not runny like shower gel. It is of quite a thick consistency. I suppose the problem with it is that I am using it up so quickly because the smell and feel of it is so addictive!!

            Another reason why I love it is because they have produced the exfoliating element of the scrub from raspberries seeds which act as the exfoliating granules. This makes the whole illusion of the raspberry picture on the front come to life once the tub is open! The exfoliating element is also infused with ground walnut shell which gives the slightly harsher granule feel (however I must stress that it isn't at all irritating on the skin, it just feels like it is doing its job as a scrub!) At the same time it has raspberry extract which is extremely moisturising.

            Some other points I love about this Body Shop scrub like other Body Shop products is that they add in community trade products to keep specific traders in business in remote areas in the world. In this scrub they have added community trade honey (to condition the skin) from Zambia which means that it will help to keep beekeeper's business's to survive in this remote area rather than getting the honey from a wealthy business area.


            My only disappointment is that the tub can become quite messy especially if you are a shower person like me who is always in a rush in the mornings. It means that water can go into the tub making the product more watery which I don't like. However if you are a bath person it would be fine but it may be nice if they providing small spatulas or a miniature wooden spoon in which to get the product out with.

            Now onto more reasons I love the product... I don't like to linger on the small negative ones too much....

            ***AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING***

            They also DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS which is very satisfying to know. I am studying Psychology at uni and I have watched some horrific videos of animals being used for product testing. It causes all sorts of psychological problems to the animals as well as health problems. It can also cause extreme psychological problems to the people conducting the testing on animals such as zoosadism when a person becomes addicted to seeing animals in pain or they take pleasure in it. (This may not seem relevant to the review but I believe it is just to point out why it is so important that The Body Shop does not partake in animal testing - it aids humans as well as animals).

            .....Back to the gorgeous raspberry scrub my last point to make is......

            IT IS NOT EDIBLE! You may feel the urge to gorge on it but I think for your own welfare it would not be a wise decision! It is for the outer body not inner body! I am very tempted to try out some of The Body Shop's other scrubs now if they smell as great as this one. If you are slightly tempted by my review it is worth checking out what deals and discounts The Body Shop online has since they seem to be ongoing with 25% off at the moment as well as free delivery and a free product when you spend over a certain amount. So it doesn't have to cost the price of £12.50 you may grab a bargain!


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              10.04.2010 12:33
              Very helpful



              Always on my bathroom shelf

              Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub is generally available instores and online on a seasonal basis. Typically this runs from the summer to the New Year. It costs approximately £12 for 200ml which admittedly is quite expensive, but if you look for it towards the end of its run - particularly during the January sales you can get it for half price, along with the accompanying body butter at the same cost.

              The scrub comes in a flattish circular tub, with a transparent bottom and a screw top lid. This comes off easily and fits quite securely. The shape of it means that it stacks nice and easily in your bathroom.

              On opening the tub you are met with a substance which on first appearance resembles a type of red preserve, bright pinky red with bits in and moist. On scooping some out with your finger, it is definitely liquidy and gloopy and you get a first sense of the grittiness of the scrub pieces. It goes onto moist skin well, and a little bit goes further than you would think thanks to its slight liquidy consistency. The gritiness is significant but not as uncomfortable as other scrubs i have used, which have also not rubbed in as well.

              I bought it particularly in preparation for my wedding and honeymoon, particularly as I was using a gradual tanning product which I have found in the past works best on well exfoliated skin to prevent streakiness.

              The nature of the grit particles makes it good for all body use. I used it once a week in general, but slightly more on rougher areas in preparation for gradual tanning/fake tan - elbows, ankles etc. For softer parts of your skin, such as arms and thighs/legs it works really well with only a small application - particularly when used in combination with the associated body butter. Howev er, I would recommend that you do not use it over parts which are sensitive because of broken veins as these could be aggravated, and it is too perfumed and abrasive for use on your face.

              The raspberry fragrance is very strong and sweet - I liked it but it may well be too overwhelming for some. For those people I would recommend that they get one of the more subtle fragrances such as cocoa butter. It almost smells good enough to eat if you are a real fan of raspberries, that along with the jammy consistency......

              I have quite sensitive skin, and find it works for me, so I would imagine that it would work well for most skin types. It also washes off better than other scrubs I have used , thereby not leaving too much of a gritty feeling on your skin, or in the bottom of your shower.

              In conclusion, this is a really good product. Not cheap at full price certainly but it does work, and in a world of beauty products that do not deliver - that is no bad thing.


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                23.03.2010 14:37
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                one of my favourite body scrubs

                Having used both The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter and Shower Gel, I could not stop myself from buying The Body Shop Raspberry Body Scrub. The thing that attracts me most is the wonderful, intense raspberry smell.

                This scrub comes in a round container - you may think that it is easy to mix it up with the body butter and try to use one instead of the other, but the scrub container is slightly smaller. Each vessel contains 200 ml of the scrub.

                The scrub is quite runny so since I am very clumsy I need to be careful not to spill it all over my bathroom floor. It has a dark pink colour and a lot of little scrubbing bits and pieces - as I read on the container, these are raspberry seeds and ground walnut shells. In my opinion, they exfoliate very well and after I have used this scrub my skin became very soft and smooth - just what I expected.

                The smell does not stay on the skin for long but I am quite glad it goes quickly - even though I love it, I think it is very sweet and I would probably get bored. After a bath, my bathroom always smells wonderful as well.

                According to The Body Shop, this scrub also has raspberry extract that is meant to moisturise. I must say I have not noticed any moisturizing effects but I have a normal skin so maybe someone with dry skin could notice a difference.

                It also has Community Trade organic honey - something worth knowing, especially if you try to save the planet. It is not tested on animals (and that's why I like the Body Shop).

                The only thing that puts me off is the price - £12.20 for one container of 200 ml is quite a lot but I usually look for it on sale.

                Thank you for reading my review.

                It may also be posted elsewhere.


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                  15.02.2010 16:28
                  Very helpful



                  I'd definitely recommend this, it's great!

                  I'm working my way through some of the Body Shop products I treated myself to over Christmas at the moment, and the raspberry body scrub is the most recent product I've tried. I bought this product online from the Body Shop website where it cost me £3 as it was included in the sale, full price body scrubs currently seem to cost £12.50 for 200ml or £5 for 50ml.

                  As I'd bought the scrub without looking at it in the shop I wasn't really sure what to expect, so when I opened the jar I was really impressed, firstly by the absolutely gorgeous smell and also by the appearance, it looked like raspberry jam, completely different from any other scrub I've used before.

                  The packaging itself is fairly straightforward and seems to be the same size and shape tub as their body butters come in.

                  The ingredients in the scrub which do the exfoliating are raspberry seeds and walnut, the scrub also contains honey from a community source, I guess this is the Body Shop's version of a fair trade ingredient and I certainly like to know that the people who work hard to produce the honey are given a fair deal when they sell it.

                  I was really looking forward to using this product, although I had read a couple of less than favourable reviews since I'd bought it, so I was not really sure what to expect. Applying the scrub is to be honest a bit weird, purely because it looks as though you're slathering yourself in raspberry jam, like I say, more than a bit weird but it smells divine!

                  I found that the scrub was relatively gentle, nowhere near as abrasive as a salt or sugar scrub can be, it was very easy to apply to your skin and spread easily meaning that you don't need to use a lot to get a good scrub!

                  I noticed straight away that this scrub gets everywhere - shower curtain, tiles, bottom of the bath everywhere, also the raspberry seeds tend to just lie in the bottom of the bath meaning that you need to give the bath area a good rinse round after you're done.

                  After using the scrub for the first time, my skin felt lovely and smooth, but not at all tingly as though it had been over scrubbed. Now that I've used a few times I've got used to the idea of rubbing myself in raspberry jam and despite the mess it leave the bath in, I love using this scrub it smells wonderful and never fails to make me smile when I'm using it and it keeps my skin in great condition too. I find that the raspberry smell doesn't linger on my skin for very long at all, so there's no need to worry about it clashing with perfume, but my bathroom does smell wonderful for a few hours afterwards.

                  Four stars from me, due to how messy it is.


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                  25.03.2009 23:46
                  Very helpful



                  Use when you're in a self-torturing mode

                  Skin type: Normal

                  :: Introduction ::

                  I really like strong, fruity smelling toiletries so I'm a fan of The Body Shop Body Butters and Scrubs. The raspberry flavour is hard to come by so I was glad when not long ago The Body Shop introduced their limited edition raspberry range. Sadly it's already disappeared from the shelves but I stocked up some body butter too.

                  :: What it claims it does ::

                  * Raspberry seeds and ground walnut shells gently exfoliate skin.
                  * Raspberry extract and organic honey Conditions and moisturizes skin.

                  :: Apperance and application ::

                  The scrub comes in a transparent plastic tub with a dark pink screw-top lid. The scrub itself is an raspberry juice coloured soft and runny gel that smells of freshly squashed raspberries. The texture is gritty with tiny specks / grains; these are the powdered walnut shells that do the exfoliation. I pop in the shower and apply the scrub on wet skin just like I'd do with a shower gel, massage gently then rinse off. The smell will linger on the skin for about an hour unless you layer it with the Body Butter afterwards.

                  :: Results ::

                  * Raspberry seeds and ground walnut shells gently exfoliate skin. 2 / 5

                  Ouch, it hurts! The grains are not so gentle and are actually quite abrasive to my normal / dry skin and I'm not even rubbing the scrub in. This surprised
                  me as I used other srubs in the range (Coconut and Shea Butter) and those had been gentle. The first letdown regarding comfortable use. My other gripe is that the raspberry seeds and the grit don't just get on your skin, they get everywhere: shower curtain and tub. They don't rinse easily, so you'll have to clean up afterwards.

                  * Raspberry extract and organic honey conditions and moisturizes skin. 1 / 5

                  The feel on my skin after the exfoliaton is very smooth and polished more than with any other scrubs I've used before. As for the moisturisation properties, it's a no-go. After towelling myself dry, my skin felt itchy and irritable. I didn't get a rash, just a funny 'electric' itchy feeling if you know what I mean. I moisturised with The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter and the itchy feeling stopped afterwards.

                  :: Conclusion ::
                  If the scrub didn't have the smell I loved, I'd have stopped using it. I found that if I add some base oil (coconut or olive pomace which are good for dry
                  skin) the scrub will be more moisturising. The bits that exfoliate will still hurt though! I think even people with normal skin will find the scrub harsh
                  and uncomfortable to use so if you have dry or sensitive skin, stay away!

                  :: Price / Availability ::

                  Now discontinued (I wonder why) but it still can be found at £6 / 200ml on Ebay.

                  Thanks for reading.

                  ©powered by lillybee also posted on other Ciao UK


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