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The Body Shop White Musk Creamy Cleansing Body Bar

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Brand: The Body Shop / - Cleansing Bar / Type: Soap / Texture: Cream / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      10.03.2013 14:40
      Very helpful
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      Lighter than the rest but still lovely

      Soap is not something which I normally would use because I find it too drying on my skin and I just prefer to use a liquid wash such as a shower gel. My big exception to this rule is with the Body Shop cleansing bar. Although they also do a shower gel in the white musk fragrance the soap is a lot cheaper and lasts for the same amount of time.

      The soap weighs 100g and is quite a hefty slice of soap for the £3 purchase price. I call is soap but it is actually soap free though I did not realise this for a long time when I was buying it but perhaps I should have realised as it is nowhere near as drying as normal soap and actually leaves my skin feeling soft and if not exactly moisturised it also doesn't leave it feeling dry and tight like normal soap does.

      This is really creamy and like a lot of the other products in the white musk range this has a real feeling of luxury to it as it is so rich and creamy and it certainly feels nicer than a £3 slab of 'soap' should on my skin. It lathers up in to a rich creamy froth and feels lovely and silky on my skin.

      The only reason that I can think of this being so cheap in comparison to the rest of the range is that the scent of this is a little weaker than the rest of the products. It still has that same gorgeous musk smell but it is just a little lighter and less intense than the other products in the range.

      Because it is so much cheaper than the other products in the white musk range I don't mind the fact that it is a little less intense but I do think this is one that can't really be enjoyed on its own as much. With the other products because they are all quite strong you could easily just use them on their own and enjoy the fragrance but with this one it really works better when it is combined with something else from the range be it the moisturiser or the talc or even use this and then a couple of squirts of the perfume.

      It is a lovely cleansing bar and although I wish it was a little bit stronger smelling it still smells lovely and is great value especially as it feels so nice to use. It also lasts for ages as long as you remember not to leave it lying in the water to melt away.


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        31.07.2011 11:16
        Very helpful



        A luxurious cleansing bar from The Body Shop

        If you have been following my reviews over the last week you will be aware of my passion for The Body Shop's Musk where I have discussed numerous products within the range. I have always adored the fragrance of musk although some brands can often be somewhat overpowering, but the products offered by The Body Shop are delicate whilst delivering a very sensual musk aroma. This is the last product that I have tried and tested with this review discussing my experience with using their soap-free White Musk Cleansing Body Bar.


        The paper packaging is considerably luxurious and the colour mirrors that of the entire range with its' pale shade of lilac. There is minimal white text located on the upper section where we are provided with the familiar logo of The Body Shop and are informed that it will deliver "sensual cleansing with soft, velvety White Musk scent".


        Unlike other similar products that I have used, unwrapping the 100g bar is an easy process as the paper doesn't need to be torn, as it has been carefully wrapped similar to that of a birthday or Christmas present. Consequently, I need to gently lift the tabs either side and carefully peel back the wrapper where I am able to witness an area of greaseproof paper, which has been used to protect the bar. The inner section of the wrapper contains considerable information on The Body Shop where we are informed of how their products are made.

        Although there is no information on the packaging or The Body Shop website to suggest the notes contained within the fragrance, I am of the opinion that it is identical to that of all of the other products within the range with its' delightful combination of musk, lily, rose, iris and vanilla. You may be aware that I cannot bear the aroma of vanilla (other than in an ice cream!) and it was only recently after having used their musk products for years that I was aware that it was one of the ingredients. Fortunately, it is undetectable, as all I am able to witness is the subtle musk aroma, which isn't quite so evident in the cleansing body bar.

        The appearance of the white oblong shaped bar is considerably luxurious with its' etching in the centre of the upper section displaying the logo of The Body Shop. I favour liquid dispenser soaps on all of my sinks due to the mess that bars often create, so my bar is used solely in the bath and is stored in a china dish. When I gently rub the bar a few times along my dampened net body polisher a creamy rich lather is quickly created and when applied to my skin I am able to witness the silky softness. It effectively cleanses my skin whilst removing dirt and impurities and is easily rinsed away without leaving any stickiness. In addition to its' excellent cleansing properties it leaves my skin feeling silky soft and smooth, which I learned is due to the key ingredients of Community Fair Trade shea butter and Community Fair Trade honey. The bar does not turn to mush whilst stored in my china dish, but obviously you need to ensure that it does not rest in a pool of water.

        Whilst the creamy cleansing body bar is extremely effective it is very gentle on my skin and is suitable for daily use. I have never suffered any adverse effects when using, such as dryness or itching and I love be able to layer the fragrance by using the matching dusting body powder followed by the body lotion or crème and if I am going out for the evening I will finish with the eau de parfum.


        In addition to the key ingredients that I have discussed in my review there is a further extremely lengthy list and if you are interested they can be located on The Body Shop website. The cleansing body bar should be used within 12 months of opening and the packaging can be recycled. I always store products such as soaps and Lush bubble bars in my underwear drawers, so in addition to having the joy of using my gorgeous toiletries their delightful aroma transfers to my underwear.


        You can purchase White Musk Creamy Cleansing Body Bar either in store or online for £3.00, which although pricey is absolutely luxurious. However, you can obtain a 10% discount if you are in receipt of one of their Love My Body cards.

        Consequently, this beautiful cleansing bar receives 5 stars from me together with a huge recommendation.

        I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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