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The Sanctuary Creamy Body Wash

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5 Reviews
  • Nice body wash
  • Expensive
  • Not my favourite
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    5 Reviews
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      26.11.2014 10:55
      Very helpful


      • "Nice body wash"


      • Expensive
      • "Not my favourite"

      Ok, but expensive for what it is.

      I was given this Sanctuary Covent Garden Creamy Body wash as part of a gift set with the body lotion for my birthday a couple of years ago! I was using the bottle in my old house, but due to the house move it got relegated to a drawer of partially used shower gels (etc) which I am only now coming across.

      My preference is Soap and Glory shower gels, but I was quite optimistic about this, as had heard good things about the brand. It is in a nice (but simple) bottle a similar size and shape to a bottle of deodorant. It contains 250ml. The bottle is clear (but tinted) with an orange lid.

      Rather than being a shower gel this is a body wash, but I use it in the same way by applying to my shower puff, rubbing in, getting a good lather (this works well) and then rinsing off.

      I am not a fan of the bottle as it's a hassle having to take the lid off, and then turn upside down to get it out - this can be awkward when you get towards the end of the bottle. Although the smell of the shower gel is nice enough (almond, sandalwood and patchouli (whatever that might be), it's not my favourite sort of fragrance for a shower gel.

      This is meant to be more luxurious and moisturising than other shower products, but unfortunately my showers these days are quick and far from luxurious (due to baby). However, it does leave my skin feeling clean and moisturised. It is meant to work best when followed by a body lotion, so I will be reviewing that shortly! It costs £5.50 for a bottle in Boots which is very expensive for what it is. I would prefer to either use Soap and Glory, or alternatively a cheaper shower gel.

      3 out of 5 from me


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      10.06.2013 08:55
      Very helpful



      A lovely luxury-like body wash that leaves your skin feeling soft and gently moisturised

      I work in the NHS where there is often the opportunity for unpaid additional work: helping out colleagues in return for little other than experience and warm fuzzy feelings. I received this Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Creamy Body Wash as part of a thank-you gift from my Consultant for giving up one of my afternoons off.

      I'd obviously heard of Sanctuary Spa products but had never even set eyes on any of them until this one. Looking online, I see that a whole range of Sanctuary Spa products can be bought from Boots, both in store and online as well as the Sanctuary Spa's own site. I cannot see a current price (June 2013) for this 250ml (8.4fl oz) bottle, which is made in Thailand. Perhaps it was originally part of a gift set.

      The wash comes in stiff, clear bottle that has an orange cap and an orange flip-top lid, both of which are easy to use. There is a noticeable tangy citrus scent as soon as the cap is removed.

      ~~~ My experience ~~

      The cream coloured product is quite viscous and comes out of the bottle fairly easily, however I would prefer for it to be dispensed a little faster. The rigid bottle makes it impossible to do so. The body wash smells even lovelier in use, like warm sandalwood and spicy orange perhaps? It is smooth and relaxing - if that is possible in a hot shower - and certainly not at all drying. It has a gentle lather which rinses off easily.

      Afterwards, my skin felt clean but not as though it had been attacked (unlike several products I'd recently tried). The scent remained on my skin for several hours afterwards. I am very happy with this item. For me, it is not the kind of thing that I would purchase for myself, but certainly as a gift along with other matching and complementary products.

      ~~ Conclusion ~~

      This is a lovely body wash that leaves your skin feeling soft and gently moisturised.



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      16.06.2010 03:32



      I love this

      Originally I would of never considered buying anything from Sanctuary based on the pretty big price tag, however after hearing so many good reviews about the body scrub I thought I'd try it out. I didn't have much luck with that as I have such sensitive skin, but by then the brand had drawn me in, I was looking at other products, this included.

      The Sanctuary is actually a spa set up 30 years ago in Covent Garden offering a huge range of luxurious and relaxing treatments. I have never personally been here, but I sure would love to!

      The smells that come from Sanctuary products is amazing, imagine what it would be like there!

      Anyway, the body wash is amazing, if not a little expensive, it comes in at £4.99 at Boots, but is so worth it. It lasted quite a while for me, and the smell was gorgeous. It contains jojoba, which apparently moisturises the skin and makes you appear more 'radiant', and sesame oil, which pretty much does the same!

      After my shower the smell was still around for a couple of hours which was fantastic. It made me feel good in the shower and still kept up the good feeling afterwards. I love this and will definately be buying more!


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      18.02.2008 18:11
      Very helpful



      Great all round body wash

      The Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden range is available from Boots and is often on offer (3 for 2 etc) so I find this is the best time to buy the products. The Creamy Body Wash is part of the Spa Essentials (orange) range and a generous 250ml is available for under £5.00 so I don't think it is a bad price at all. On the front of the bottle it says "Relax and indulge your body with Sandalwood and Patchoili Oils to cleanse, moisturise and soften". The body wash is a thick creamy yellowish liquid, which comes in a clear bottle with a orange click top. This can be a bit stiff to open, so be careful if you, like me, have nail tips applied as I've lost a few opening the top of the bottle!

      The body wash lathers up really well, so you don't need much and I find that the 250ml bottle lasts me around 2-3 months. It leaves your skin feeling moisturised and smelling really clean and fresh. I have fairly dry skin and definitely notice a difference when I use this product, although I do prefer to finish off with a body lotion or moisture spray but it does work quite nicely on its own... I think I'm just a product junkie and have to use every single product I can find! You certainly wouldn't need to use a separate moisturiser but it does give amazing results if you chose to do so. Also, dare I say that my skin feels tighter when I have first used the body wash? Not in a bad way, it feels firmer and more supple.

      To use: masage into damp skin. Work all over your body and rinse. For best results follow with The Sanctuary Body Lotion, The Sanctuary Body Moisture Spray or The Sanctuary Body Milk Spray. I would personally recommend also using with the Foaming Bath Soak for really soft skin.

      How would I describe the scent? I'm not really that good at this but here goes anyway.... I think it smells of almond with a hint of lemon. All the sanctuary products in the orange range slightly differ in smell due to the different oils, but still carry a distinctive base scent. This particular product has sandalwood, patchouli and lemongrass essential oils in it, all adding to the overall smell of the body wash. All the Sanctuary products smell delicious but I find the scent can be a little overpowering as it is really sweet... again though, I would like to remind you that you don't need to use much anyway.

      As I briefly said, I do like to use the Sanctuary range together, rather than just one item. If I were to recommend any to try though, it would be this as it really is a great body wash. I promise if you try this you will, like me, be hooked and off to the shops to buy more! Most of the range is also available from Boots in travel sizes and start at £1.75, which is a really great way to try them. Also they do a great range of gift sets, especially at Christmas.

      I have used The Sanctuary products for about 2 or 3 years and have tried most of the products (and still use them!). I have to say, I like every single one of them. Did you know they also do a special range for mums to be? The Sanctuary make several ranges and there is something in there for everyone but as for the best all round product, it is definitely this body wash and I give it 5 stars.


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        05.12.2006 17:55
        Very helpful



        A lovely bit of luxury but needs replacing on a regular basis!

        I have to be honest and have never even contemplated buying products from the Sanctuary Spa range. The very name made me think that it would be excessively expensive and a bit of a luxury that I would never treat myself to. How then do I have this product?
        A friend of mine bought me a lovely Sanctuary Spa gift set way back in January for my birthday and the Creamy Body Wash was one of the goodies inside the set.

        - What is the Sanctuary? -

        I will keep this section very brief since I have never been to the spa and the review isn't about this. Why I mention is that The Sanctuary spa has 'kindly' allowed us mere mortals, i.e. ordinary run of the mill people to sample their products through high street shopping.

        The spa is based in Covent Gardens, offering 'a modern approach to traditional rituals and holistic therapies'. It's exclusive to the 'fairer sex' so sorry blokes, no pampering for you!

        For more information visit www.thesanctuary.co.uk

        - Creamy Body Wash -

        What the manufacturers say:
        * Rich foaming body wash
        * Smooths your skin
        * Leaves your skin, soft, supple and delicately fragranced
        * The Glycerin helps prevent moisture loss

        - The smell -

        It blends the following fragrances:
        * sandalwood - this has traditionally been used for incense, aromatherapy and perfume
        * Patchouli - this fragrance was very popular in the 60s and 70s to cover up the scent of marijuana. It's a component in about a third of modern perfumes. It has a very strong smell on it's own but The Sanctuary have got the blend just right and it isn't overpowering at all.
        * Lemongrass - I personally love the smell of lemongrass, so fresh and clean smelling.

        The combination of all three fragrances has produced a lovely smelling body wash, clean and fresh but I do disagree with the 'bumph' on the back of the bottle which states that it's delicately fragranced. It certainly isn't and once you know the smell, you can actually spot who has been using it as the smell lasts well in to the day or through the night. This isn't a problem if you like products for which the smell stays but if you are more a non-fragranced body wash person then this isn't for you.

        I think the smell is more fitting for cold winter nights. This may well sound a tad odd but I have this thing about certain smells being suitable for cold and hot weather.

        - My Experience -

        The body wash comes in a very simple but attractive clear plastic bottle so you can see when the wash is running out! It has a screw top orange lid which also has a push down section at the top so that it is easily dispensed through the hole at the top. The whole thing is finished off with a 'cover' lid.

        I initially tried using this by just rubbing it over myself in the bath, the 'technique' I use with soap but it really didn't create a foaming wash which it promises to do on the bottle so I decided to try it with a flannel without huge success in terms of foaming, so finally I used it a sponge, unheard of for me in the bath but it certainly did the trick and quite a lot of foam ensued!

        This body wash definitely leaves your skin feeling clean, richly fragranced but I can't admit to it leaving my ageing skin soft and supple. It certainly didn't dry it out which some body washes tend to do so it's moisturising properties do the trick but I don't think it would agree with anyone who has skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

        The downside is that it didn't last very long, a couple of weeks at the most but I think I wasted quite a bit of it when I was trying to decide the best way to apply it.

        - Price and Availability -

        This can be bought online from The Sanctuary Spa shop at the website shown at the beginning of this review or from Boots although it does depend on your local branch which products they have in stock.

        It's currently priced at 5.95 for a 250ml bottle so not the most economical of products but if you fancy a little treat the indulge yourself.

        - Other products -

        There is an abundance of products but I have listed just a few below:
        * Foaming bath soak
        * Body lotion
        * Body milk spray
        * Body moisture spray
        * Body spritz

        - My Verdict -

        I really liked this product but since running out of it, I haven't rushed to Boots to buy a replacement. It was a lovely gift but it doesn't have the 'wow' factor to make me part with six pounds every few weeks. I'll stick to my more economical Dove soap and wait for Christmas and my fast approaching birthday for some other pampering treats!


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      • Product Details

        A rich body wash to cleanse and smooth your skin / A beautiful blend of sandelwood, patchouli and lemongrass Essential Oils calm the body, whilst Almond Glycerides and Glycerine help to prevent moisture loss /

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