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The Sanctuary Kuan Jin Oyster & Pearl Scrub

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Brand: The Sanctuary / Scrub / Type: Body Scrub / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    2 Reviews
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      15.03.2011 14:06
      Very helpful



      Oysters and pearls seem a strange combination for the bathroom but it works for me

      I love Sanctuary products in general and had been looking for a new exfoliator so, when I came across this Sanctuary Oyster and Pearl Scrub from the Sanctuary it caught my eye for several reasons. Firstly because the pattern on the front is very attractive and secondly because of the colouring of the product itself.


      This comes in an almost triangular tube that is flat at the top but circular at the bottom. It stands on its lid which I quite like as it makes it easy to squeeze out even the very last drop. The tube is clear so you can see the product inside which is a very looks almost exactly like ground pearls. The colour is very pearlescent and reflects light in the exact same way as a pearl would. The colour is a very light cream.

      Printed on the front is a rectangle with a pink banner at the top with the Sanctuary name and logo and a banner at the bottom telling me that this is an Oyster and Pearl Scrub and that the tube contains 200ml. The part on the middle has white writing telling me that this is from the Kuan Jin range. Behind this there is a red rose with green leaves and behind the rose is a pink and gold pattern. It does also state that this is "Indulgent Chinese Beauty" and I think the design of this pattern reflects this very well.

      As with most Sanctuary products there is a lot of information on the back and this is printed straight onto the tube with no colouring, It tells me that this product contains real oyster shell, pearls and oriental fruit and flowers. The pearls are included to brighten and rejuvinate the skin, the sea salt and oyster shell is added to exfoliate and polish and fruits and flowers such as orchids, ginseng and peony are designed to moisturise. There are also directions, ingredients, a symbol to tell me that the packaging is recyclable and the shelf life, which is 12 months. Although I can see it lasting nearer 4 when used regularly.


      Usually with exfoliators I would scrap the shower scrunchie completely and just use my hands. However I have found that this actually works better with the scrunchie.

      I just squeeze a little bit out onto my scrunchie and then rub it in small circles over my body. The scrub really is very thick but comes out the tube very easily so be careful how hard you squeeze the tube!

      Opening the lid is easy, there is a large, but not excessive, indent below where my thumb needs to fit in order for me to lift it open easily. It snaps closed in so I know when it's closed properly.

      As soon as I squeeze some out the smell is immediately obvious. The scent itself is difficult to describe, it's very feminine and definitely floral. It reminds me of Jasmine but there is a lot more in there that I can't place.

      A little really does go a long way. It lathers up well and just a small squeeze of a part about the size of a two pound coin is enough to do most, if not all, my body. Occasionally I do need an extra tiny bit just to cover the last bit but this is rare.

      When rubbing it over me it does feel ever so slightly scratchy but not at all painful and it's not a negative feeling at all. It's more reassuring that it's working then anything else.

      After rubbing it over me if I rub my hand over my body before rinsing off I can feel the small particles of sea salt and oyster shell which is reassuring as it means it isn't just staying trapped in the shower scrunchie and is actually transferring onto me.

      Rinsing off is easy, usually just standing under the shower or laying back in the bath is enough to remove it all but I do like to rub it off with my hands too, partly because the particles are so small and partly because then I can be sure it's all off.


      As soon as I rinse it off I can tell how much smoother and softer my skin is. I have found it hard to find an exfoliator that both exfoliates and moisturises however this product seems to do both with ease. I don't find that I need any extra moisturiser except on my legs where I have very dry skin anyway, the rest of my body can easily go without.

      It does seem to brighten up my skin. For a while my skin has looked very dull yet this does seem to brighten it up and give it a nice shine that just makes it look more alive.

      My skin is noticeably smoother too, it hasn't done much for the hard skin on my feet but then I didn't expect it to either, otherwise my skin is silky smooth and it does seem to have removed all dead skin without any problems.

      The scent does linger on my skin but it is quite a delicate fragrance and so to avoid overpowering it I would strongly suggest using a moisturiser that has a complimentary fragrance. I can find some floral scents overpowering and too strong and for this reason I don't tend to like them but this suffers from none of these problems. It just smells fresh, feminine and very delicate.

      I would say that these benefits last for around 24hours so to get the full benefit it does ideally need to be used every day but I tend to use it every 2-3 days just to make the tube last that bit longer and haven't found that my skin suffers too much because of this.

      Other Information

      Obviously since this product contains Oyster shell it is not suitable for Vegans. However none of the products have been tested on animals.

      It's also paraben free but does contain SLS.

      Other Products In Range

      Kuan Jin Goji and Pearl Body Butter - £9.18
      Kuan Jin Lychee and Pearl Body Wash - £5.87
      Kuan Jin Orchid and Pearl Bath Float - £9.45

      Pricing, Availability, Recommendations

      All Sanctuary products are available both from the Sanctuary directly (www.thesanctuary.co.uk) or in Boots stores both online and on the high street. It costs £6.38 for a 200ml tube (which considering the quality of ingredients I think is really good!) and both Boots and Sanctuary often have a 3 for 2 offer.

      The Kuan Jin range is being discontinued though so if you want one I would get in quick while they're still available. I have no hesitation in recommending this product; it's worked wonders for my skin and manages to both exfoliate and moisturise. I also like the fact that I can feel it scrubbing at my skin as that's very reassuring that it's working.

      It gets 5 out of 5 from me.


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        22.07.2009 11:38
        Very helpful



        An effective but gentle scrub suitable for daily use.

        On my birthday a couple of weeks ago a thoughtful friend gave me a bag of Sanctuary goodies which I have been taking lots of indulgent baths with ever since. Probably my favourite product in those is this, the Kuan Jin Oyster & Pearl Scrub.

        In case you aren't familiar with Sanctuary, it's a chain of spas as well as a luxury bath and body brand, sold online at thesanctuary.co.uk or at Boots. Best part is, they're actually pretty reasonable for products that feel so high end, with prices in the same ball park as The Body Shop.

        This scrub is probably my favourite Sanctuary product, and I've tried quite a few by now. I like to use a scrub regularly because I use an epilator and want to try avoid ingrown hairs, so exfoliation is a must. I'm also prone to those annoying little red bumps at the top of my arms, and a few clogged-looking pores across my chest and shoulders.

        I've tried a few different scrubs in the past but never found one I liked enough to keep buying, or even keep up with using regularly, as I find they can sometimes be a little too rough for my skin, which is prone to dryness and being a bit delicate.

        First thing's first, the scent. As this is part of the Kuan Jin range, it has a slightly different scent to other Sanctuary products I've used from the Spa Essentials line, but most of their products smell mild and inoffensive, slightly sweet and feminine without being downright floral. This is not going to compete with whatever perfume you want to wear, and smells nice in the bottle if you inhale verrryyy deeply, but is almost so mild to be undetectable.

        The scrub comes in a 200ml tube with the cap at the bottom to stand it on, so you can get every last drop out. I also like the fact that the tube is clear so you can see how much you have left, and of course can see the shimmer of the crushed oyster shell. Although Sanctuary don't like to admit this in their write-up of the product, I'm sure I read mica in the ingredients which probably helps add to the sparkle a good deal.

        Saying that, there is plenty of oyster shell in here which, along with sea salt, exfoliates and removes dead skin, leaving a nice smooth finish, without being overly harsh to use. To help moisturise and balance out the drying sea salt, extracts of ginseng, orchid and peony hydrate and probably add to the pleasant scent too.

        I find that only a very small, pea-sized amount is needed and as such I haven't made a dent in the bottle even with regular use over the last three weeks. I tend to get one "pea" for each area I want to work on (eg each upper arm) and scrub in circular motions, rinsing well. There isn't really much of a lather to speak of, I do think it helps cleanse a little, but I use a body wash afterwards anyway.

        My skin feels much smoother after use and after a few weeks' regular scrubbing, I've found it feels really nice the whole time now, with a reduction in the appearance of the dreaded upper-arm bumps.

        This product is priced at £5.82 from Boots, a couple pence more from the Sanctuary's online store (www.thesanctuary.co.uk), but both of these places often have offers on. There are a couple of other products in the Kuan Jin range, including a matching body wash and body butter. I feel the price is really very good, such a small amount is needed that even with regular use the bottle will probably last me around six months or so, and I will definitely replace once it's used up.


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