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The Sanctuary Mum To Be Bath Soak

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2 Reviews

Brand: The Sanctuary / Type: Bath Product / What it does: Nourishes

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    2 Reviews
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      30.01.2011 22:56
      Very helpful



      Luxuriously moisturising for stretched skin

      I received a sanctuary mum to be gift pack as a present from my husband shortly after first discovering we were expecting a baby. This contained the bath soak, together with shower oil and body butter. I loved the bath soak so much I promptly treated myself to a bigger tub from boots, at just over £9 for 500g.

      **The Sanctuary**
      The Sanctuary is a women's spa in Covent Garden, London. As such, products in this range tend to be of exceptional quality, made from fine ingredients and tend to be priced accordingly. Their products are available for order direct from them online, or alternatively are stocked in Boots stores up and down the country.

      The mum-to-be bath soak comes in the form of cream coloured bath crystals (similar to rock salt in appearance). I love the design of the jar that they come in - a glass jar with a metal clamp to seal the lid. It gives the high quality appearance that a product like this deserves and looks great at the side of my bath.

      The key ingredients in the product have been picked to combat some of the side effects of pregnancy. For example, it contains geranium to 'help sluggish, decongested skin in aromatherapy', milk proteins which are a 'powerful soother for dry, itchy skin' and lavender oil which is relaxing and calming. Also contained are sweet almond oil which is 'easily absorbed and helps to leave the skin soft and satiny smooth' and, finally, wheat germ which is rich in vitamin E and also 'contains essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 which makes it a very good moisturising, conditioning and restoring oil'. All in all this is a pretty impressive list of ingredients to promote healthy skin during pregnancy.

      The crystals are poured under the running tap whilst filling your bath. The amount you use is really to to you, but I like to be fairly generous with these, so several generous pinches per bath. They dissolve really easily and quickly and the scent quickly wafts from your bath tub. The dominant smell is probably that of lavender, so it is really relaxing to lie in and inhale the scent. The smell is long lasting and easily lasts for however long you choose to bathe, it really does feel luxurious.

      The bath itself has an oily feel to it and as the water covers your skin it does feel slightly oily, but at the same time moisturising - it really does feel soothing to your skin, particularly the tight, dry, stretched skin over your belly. The effects of the moisturising are felt even after drying as it leaves your skin soft to the touch and it really does feel nourished! I usually use the body butter from this range on my stomach too (desperate as I am to avoid any unsightly stretch marks!), but this product is so rich that I think any moisturiser would be fine.

      The one thing to watch with this product is that it will leave a slightly oily residue in your bath tub, so take care when stepping out and also ensure you rinse thoroughly after use.

      **Overall Opinion**
      At a time when your body is being tested most, this is a great product to treat your tired skin with. Slightly pricier than products that I would usually buy but if ever my body deserves pampering it's now. The smell is fantastic and warm baths are very welcome in pregnancy so why not have some gorgeous products to use in them. This makes a fantastic gift for any pregnant women in your life & would be a very welcome one too!


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      12.08.2008 19:25
      Very helpful



      Excellent bath soak even if you aren't pregnant

      The Sanctuary Mum-To-Be range uses natural ingredients and Essential Oils, specially designed for pregnant and post-pregnancy skin.

      The Sanctuary has blind tested each product on 60 women between 3 and 8 months of pregnancy and each product has scored at least 8/10.

      The soak contains the following key ingredients:
      Milk Protein (powerful soother for dry, itchy skin)
      Wheat Germ (Light natural emollient which is rich in protective Vitamin E. It also contains essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3 and 6 which makes it a very good moisturising, conditioning and restoring oil)
      Sweet Almond Oil. (easily absorbed to quickly moisturise the skin)

      Although there are several oils in this product, it does not make the bath water oily at all. In fact, when I read the back of the container, I was surprised to find there was any oil in the product. Your skin is deeply cleaned with this soak, without you having to scrub, which is a bonus for tight, dry, stretched skin.

      It is about £9 for a 500g tub which will last a long time, even by my standards and I am very generous when adding this to my bath! I think this is a bargain for a really stunning bath soak.

      This bath soak smells heavenly and the smell wafts around the house and really makes the bathroom smell lovely for quite a while after you have drained your bath. It makes the water quite creamy and soft feeling, not greasy at all. Also if I wash my hair in the bath, my hair will smell of the bath soak but it does not go greasy quickly, as can happen with some products you add to bath water. It relaxes the body and the senses. It smells different to many sanctuary products. It is very light and floral, quite like lavender but a deeper more complicated scent. I will definitely be adding this to my Christmas list, regardless of my mum-to-be status. It is for all men, women and children who enjoy a relaxing soak in the bath.

      The neat glass container and serving spoon also look pretty in the bathroom. We added cheap bath salts to ours once it was finished because it was such a useful container!

      One of my favourite products from the Sanctuary Mum-To-Be range.


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    • Product Details

      Soothe dry, stretched skin with nourishing Milk Protein, Wheat Germ and Sweet Almond Oil /

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