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The Sanctuary Soothing Milk Bath

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3 Reviews

Brand: The Sanctuary / Type: Bath Milk / Subcategory: Bath Cream / What it does: Soothes,

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    3 Reviews
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      03.02.2011 23:49
      Very helpful



      A nice enough product but perhaps a little bit too expensive

      This is a review of the Sanctuary branded soothing milk bath product sold in Boots. I was bought the jar of this from my Mother in Law to celebrate becoming a mum, she decided that everyone buys for the baby and forgets the mother so treated me to a few products from this lovely range.

      Consistency and smell
      The milk bath is literally like powdered milk! It is really fine consistency and instantly melts when it meets the bath water. The product smells lovely and is quite fragrant but best not to sniff it direct too much as it will make you sneeze!

      The product claims to deep cleanse, re-mineralise and soften skin with white china clay and epsom salts. It does turn the bath water a murky milky colour so you get the proper 'milk bath' experience.

      The product comes in a glass jar with a metal hinge lid and rubber seal which I believe is known as a French Kilner Jar or bail closure. These are not for fumbly hands as I struggle to open it when sealed as it closes really tightly. There's probably a knack to this that I haven't yet discovered. The jar also comes with a cute little wooden scoop to measure out and dispense the product. It's tied to the metal with a little bit of authentic looking twine which I haven't untied yet as I'm too impatient so I scoop out the product with a lid of the toothpaste!

      A 400g jar (big) costs £9.49 at Boots but it's currently in the three for two offer. Whilst I think this is a little bit expensive, I would also say it's classified as luxury bathing so is rightfully a little more expensive than a bog standard similar product.

      For the verdict, I asked myself a few questions...
      Is it soothing? Yes, most baths are!
      Did it make me feel clean? No not really. I felt quite nice and moisturised but not squeaky clean.
      How long will it last? A jar will last me ages as I won't use it if I'm washing my hair.

      Final word
      If you're a bath fan then it's probably worth having this or a similar product in your bathing armoury. Whilst it's not a product I'd choose every time, it is a fun alternative and makes you feel like you're having a spa treatment in your own home without the expense. Bath times for me have become a brief affair since the birth of my daughter and I multi task it with reading whatever book I have on the go but it's still my 'me' time so I like to use nice bathing products to complement that. I thought this made a nice present to a new mum and will probably try to find a use for the glass container once the product runs out ~ although it'll have to be something I don't use very much as I did struggle with opening it from sealed!


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        31.12.2010 13:47
        Very helpful



        A luxurious and pampering bath milk

        I bought Sanctuary, Soothing Milk Bath from Boots online at £9.25 for 400g. Sanctuary is a reputable Brand in existance for thirty years. I would recommend all products which are against animal testing and this brand is one of them.

        The contents come in a jar with a clasp mechanism and scoop, which is handy. I noticed when using other bath salts / products from boxes the products tend to sprinkle all over other surfaces - but conveniently this does not happen with the scoop and jar.

        This Bath Milk is designed to cleanse, re-mineralise and soften your skin and I feel that it does. The shelf life of the product is six months - but as I shower every day and tend to use the bath only a couple of times a week 1-2 scoops has lasted longer than the six months (although it does recommend using 2-3 scoops each time!, I suppose its your own preference.)

        This product as with all Sanctuary products smells gorgeous with a combination of avacado and evening primrose oil to relieve dryness. The white china clay cleanses and absorbs impurities, while epsom salts help draw out impurities. I do notice my skin feels quite silkly after bathing in this and the bathroom, my skin and towels smell gorgeous for quite some time after.

        It is slightly more expensive than I would prefer to spend on a bath milk, but I dont think bath milk is an essential need so therefore it is a nice indulgence when you feel like treating yourself.


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        10.10.2009 10:49
        Very helpful



        A useless product


        By now, you'll know that I like Sanctuary products. The most recent product of theirs that I have tried is the Soothing Bath Milk. I was bought this as a present for my birthday by a friend of mine.

        *The Claim*

        Sanctuary Spa Essentials Soothing Bath Milk purifies the skin to rebalance and smooth.

        *About the Product*

        Sanctuary Spa Essentials Soothing Bath Milk with white china clay that cleanses the body and absorbs impurities and epsom salts that help to draw out toxins while avocado and evening primrose oils relieves dryness.


        The application of this soothing bath milk is easy. Dissolve 2 to 3 scoops into a bath tub of warm water. Use the wooden scoop that comes with this product as this gives the appropriate amount that is necessary. Replace the wooden scoop inside the jar when finished. For best results, it is suggested that you should soak in the bath for 10 - 30 minutes and follow with Sanctuary Spa Body Butter.

        *Price and Availability*

        Sanctuary Spa Essentials Soothing Bath Milk is sold solely by Boots stores. You can also buy it online at www.boots.com or directly from the Sanctuary at www.thesanctuary.co.uk if this is your preferred way of buying beauty products.

        This product is available to buy for £8.99. It is high-priced and I personally felt quite let down by the product. I did not feel that it was worthy of the expensive price tag and I would not consider buying it again in the future. It will certainly make me think twice about buying Sanctuary products as I presumed that the entire brand is fantastic but this proved to me that there are the odd products that should probably not be on the shop shelves, this being one of them in my opinion.

        *My Opinion*

        The packaging: Sanctuary Spa Essentials Soothing Bath Milk is packaged in a see-through hard plastic jar which closes via a metal clasp. The jar itself is the same design as a number of other products that they sell and is stylish and looks classy. Unfortunately though, this type of packaging is not easy to use, especially with wet hands.

        Texture, colour and smell: The texture of this soothing bath milk is a relatively smooth powdery consistency. It dissolves to nothing when dissolved into the bath. It is like a softer texture than sugar but similar in that you find it has clumps of the product together. The bath milk is a slightly off white colour but when dissolved into the bath the colour doesn't particularly change, it just looks a little misty.

        The smell of this product is the best feature. It has a fruity aroma which the distinct smell of orange. It is the same scent as most of the products in the Sanctuary Spa Essentials range. It also has a slightly spicy smell. The smell of this soothing bath milk does not stay on your skin. In fact the smell of the product disappears rapidly from the bath and is not transferred onto your skin.

        Longevity of the product: Sanctuary Spa Essentials Soothing Bath Milk will last you just under 1 month when used every day, depending on how many scoops you use in each bath. This is quite expensive when you consider that the effect that the product has on your skin is not particularly good, in my opinion anyway.

        Does it purify the skin to rebalance and smooth? I wouldn't say that this product fulfils this claim particularly well. My skin feels dry and just plain horrible. The product claims to relieve dryness but I certainly did not find this to be the case after bathing in this.

        *Would I Recommend This Product?*

        I would not advise buying Sanctuary Spa Essentials Soothing Bath Milk. I found it to be a very disappointing product and I didn't feel I benefited from its use at all. My skin did not feel softer and smoother after use. In fact, it actually felt rather dry and uncomfortable. It is safe to say that I will not be using it again.


        All in all, I think that Sanctuary Spa Essentials Soothing Bath Milk is a poor product and is not one that I will purchase in the future. Hopefully I have warned you against buying this product but if I have failed to put you off buying this product, then I urge to only buy it as part of a 3 for 2 offers as when you find that it is as rubbish as I have told you that it is, you won't feel that you have wasted so much money. The good thing is at least it was a present and I didn't waste my own money on this. The Sanctuary definitely let themselves down with this product.


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