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This Works Deep Calm Bath & Shower Oil

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Brand: This Works / Type: Bath Oil / Subcategory: Bath Cream / What it does: Calms,

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    1 Review
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      24.04.2009 11:53
      Very helpful



      A deep relaxing bath and shower cream oil infused with lavender, camomile and vertiver

      I have some really lovely and thoughtful friends and colleagues whom I get along with exceptionally well and many of them are much older than me and even some of my volunteers are old enough to be my grandparents. Recently there have been discussions in the office (we are a tad busy right now) about who prefers baths and who prefers showers and why, many of the assumption that us 'young uns' prefer to shower. So I think a few of them were quite shocked when I admitted I actually preferred to have a nice long soak, but if I did have a bath it had to be one I can enjoy and lie in for a good hour at the least and that therefore meant I didn't get much of a chance to do it that often.

      Anyway, one of my volunteers is a retired beauty therapist and we got talking about which products we use and like the walking advert for Lush that I am, she soon agreed with me that the massage bars were pretty much some of the best products around, although she had found a new cream bath product which doubles up as a shower cream which she would bring in for me to try.

      Thisworks are marketed as being an award winning Aromatherapy bath, body and skincare line whose founder Kathy Phillips used to work for Vogue magazine. Founded in 2004 Thisworks has won numerous awards from companies such as Allure, Instyle magazine and Cosmopolitan. The idea behind the products sold by Thisworks is that they are designed to deliver what is promised on the bottle of the product as well as to look fresh and modern. Also like many other companies within this field Thisworks do not test their products or use ingredients which have been tested on animals and they are proud to state that they use minimal packaging believing that maximizing the visuals on the actual product is far better for the environment.

      The products from Thisworks are all designed very similarly, whether you buy a shower gel, eye serum, stretch mark oil, dry leg oil, a hot stone, a candle or even a bath cream everything is similar. The majority of the products are sold in white plastic bottles which can be recycled and upon those bottles there will also be the name of the company 'This works' and the name of the product which in my case is Thisworks, deep calm bath and shower oil. The bottle itself is rather chunky and the lettering on the bottle is also chunky and written in a bold black colour which really does stand out on a white background. This bottle contains 55ml of bath and shower oil but shockingly it retails for £33 or there is a 200ml version currently on offer for £19 but whichever way you look at it, it isn't cheap.

      When it comes to using the product it can be used in either the shower which in this case you use it as you would normally use a shower gel or you can use it within the bath and this is what I did. Like with many other products all you need to do is run your bath and then pour a generous amount of the cream into the water, I always wait until there is a couple of inches of water in the bath before I put any sort of product in the bath, the one good thing about this product for people like me who like a lot of bubbles is that as soon as the cream hits the water it instantly begins to foam and form lots of white fluffy bubbles. The aroma it produces is also divine and the title it has been given "deep calm" is also quite fitting.

      Many people will be aware that ingredients have become fascinating for me because I like to know what is within a product before I use it. As I suffer from sensitive skin it took me a long time to work out what I can and cannot use and ever since I began looking into certain products it is now a bit of a habit. This product contains three main ingredients Lavender which as most people are aware is known for its soothing and calming effects which help you to relax and unwind and I happen to find Lavender exceptionally useful for helping to de-stress myself after a particularly stressful week at work. Secondly there is Chamomile which works very similarly to the Lavender and helps sooth and relax the mind and body but it is also kind to the skin and is especially helpful for people who have dry skin. Finally there is Vetiver sometimes called Vetivert which again hosts the same properties as the other two ingredients with regards to relaxation and soothing but vertiver is also good for muscular aches and pains and if like me when you are stressed and you have aches and pains in your shoulders, vertiver within a product is great at easing that tension. Also like Chamomile vertiver is also great for the skin in helping to keep it moisturised and nourished but unlike the other two ingredients Vertiver has a special quality and that is being helpful in reducing wrinkles and stretch marks and helping to improve the tone of your skin.

      So with those wonderful ingredients and the marketing blurb which tell you "When you really want to slow down, unwind and be quiet, Thisworks Deep Calm Bath & Shower Oil's soothing, grounding fusion of Vetivert, lavender and chamomile will bring the world to a standstill" does it really work? Well I have to admit it has been a long time since I have felt as relaxed as I did after using this in my bath, the aroma was really fantastic and I did feel ready for sleep not long after reluctantly getting out of the bath. My skin afterwards, well it was soft and smooth and smelt rather lovely, even my husband said so and he isn't a fan of lavender at all.

      Now although the price tag on this product is rather steep it does last a long time and even after using it for almost three months one a week, I still have around half of the bottle left. On my first usage of this bath cream I did put more than was necessary into the bath and really a capful is more than sufficient. Would I buy it again? Actually I would but only as a treat and not for something to use constantly because I would get bored of it, it happens with my most favourite products from Lush, so if someone asked me what I would like as a treat this would more than likely be on that list. Also since using it I have been told you can also use this product as a massage oil to aid relaxation and having not tried that part yet, it won't be long until I do, but in the meantime I am more than happy using it in my baths.


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