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Tidman's Soothing Sea Salt Bathing Crystals

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Brand: Tidman's / Type: Bath Salt / What it does: Soothes,

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    2 Reviews
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      23.07.2010 15:07
      Very helpful




      I love trying new things in the bathroom, so when I saw Tidmans Soothing Sea Salt bath crystals, I had to give them a bash,intrigued by how exactly a product that is effectively 100 pure salt was going to enhance my bathing experience.

      Yup, thats right - salt and nothing else but salt. At £2.28 for a KG, I initially thought this seemed quite expensive, but the back of the box offered up various ways to use this product, from simply adding a little to your bath for a more luxurious experience, to using this as a scrub to exfoliate tired looking skin .

      The salt itself is in large crystals, really quite course and rough, and a milky white in colour. My first use, I decided to simply add a couple of handfuls to my lovely hot bath, and see how much difference it made . I took a little while to dissolve, but in all honesty I can't really say that It made a huge amount of difference apart from adding a slight seaside tang to the whole experience .

      Looking at the pack for more inspiration, I decided to pass on the idea of a salt gargle, although many of the exfoliation suggestions were tempting, with the packet recommending mixing some salt in with your favourite bath wash or body oil to exfoliate away dead skin . Now, this, I have to say, worked brilliantly, and combined with a nice scented oil, left my skin smelling wonderful, looking fresh and lively, and much softer .

      However, I resented using up my post bath oils on this, and started looking about on the internet for home made salt scrub recipes - and this provided endless fun, with me effectively having a brand new exfoliator for every bath time .

      Making your own sea salt scrubs is easy - simply mix salt up in a jar with a little carrier oil (carrier oils are unscented oils used in aromatherapy that are gentle - almond, grapeseed, or olive all work). You don't need too much, you still want to be able to scoop up the salt in your hands, the oil is just lubrication to help the salt move around on your skin . Then, add your favourite essential oils to create your desired scent .

      **At this point, is is important to make a distinction between essential oils and scented oils . Essential oils are more expensive, but contain only pure plant extracts . Scented oils are synthetic and of a poorer quality . A good quality essential oil will always come in a dark bottle to preserve the integrity of the oil.**

      My current favourite so far is Ylang Ylang and Orange,although I also very much like the Lavender and Chamomile one I made the other day too .

      Overall, this product is rather dull on it's own- it is it's potential for use in home made beauty products that make me recommend it . 4 stars .


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      03.09.2009 00:48
      Very helpful



      You must try it!

      I love my bath and beauty products and I'm a gal that can't refuse pretty products and great advertising. The nicer a product is packaged the more I have to have it and plain things don't catch my eye at all, I'm like a magpie!

      However I was out with a mate the other night. You know the type I mean. A real glamour puss who always has designer stuff and is in the know. She can get dressed in the dark and look fab and me..I'm not so good at all and have decided some of us just don't 'have it' lol.

      Anyway we were out for a bite to eat and we were talking about make up (I've been recently impressed with Ruby & Millie and just bought loads of the stuff) and I was excelling it's virtues when she told me about this product. The reason being was her thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread. Miss gorgeous sat opposite to me is radiant and me I was busily texting to myself the the brand name of this for later. If it's good enough for her I'm having it as well I thought to myself! lol.

      The Packaging:

      Oblong white box which is 1kg in size. On the front there is a photograph of large grey pebbles and I'm told it is Tidman's Soothing Seasalt Bathing Crystals 'An effective cleansing agent. Helps improve skin conditions. Helps relax tired aching muscles' and the size is stated (as I've listed already. On the back of the box I'm told a bit about the product, suggestions for use are given, ingredients are listed (salt only), contact details for Maldron are given (the manufacturer of this product) and there is bar-code on there. Very simple, informative packaging this is and the only issue I have with it really is that the crystals are loose inside and once you open the box it doesn't reseal as such and as your meant to store these in a dry atmosphere you have to be careful in doing so and make sure it's upright at all times. Ask my drawer about this! lol.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Box:

      Tidman's soothing sea salt is of the highest quality and has been used for over 100 years for its effective relaxation and body care benefits. Completely pure and natural, without additives, perfume or colouring. Tidman's contains minerals left after the natural evaporation of seawater. Widely recommended by leading health farms for see salt rubs and baths. Tidman's relaxes and soothes the body, promoting a feeling of wellbeing and restful sleep. Enjoy the natural relaxation of sea bathing in your own home or use as a natural massage for soft, smooth skin and to stimulate circulation.

      Suggestions For Use:

      A Soothing Gargle:
      For mouth problems such as sore throat or ulcers.

      The Face And Body: Add 1 teaspoon Tidman's to your favourite cleansing cream or 1 tablespoon to your favourite bath oil. Wet your face and body and rub into the skin gently and rinse off with cold water.

      Moisten a tablespoon of Tidman's in your hand and rub the salt vigorously into soles and heels. Soak your foot for 15 minutes in warm saltwater.

      Put a little Tidan's onto a moistened bath mitt or flannel and gently rub until elbows feel soft.

      An Invigorating Massage:
      Moisten Tidman's with warm water and rub over the body in circular motions. Rinse the salt off afterwards in a hot shower, then rinse with cool water to leave you tingling all over.

      For that extra touch of luxury add 1-2 handfuls of Tidman's to warm bath, relax and enjoy!

      As A Cleansing Agent:
      Add 2 tablespoons to every (1 3/4 pints) of warm water.

      The Product:

      Well all they are are salty (they taste this way if you lick them, yes I tried it lol) little hard white rocks. Pure salt of course and entirely natural looking.

      I bought mine originally for only my baths for my sore, aching muscles after the gym but boy these are so fabby I use them for loads of things and I'm addicted to reaping the benefits of using them!

      In the main though I use them in the bath. I throw in a couple of handfuls, they melt immediately and they melt so well into the water that you don't end up feeling like your sitting on shards of sharp glass or anything so awful. They do take a few minutes to melt and when they do they create a little cloudiness to the water but no bubbles and no smell at all.

      In the bath I simply adore this stuff! Plain and simple I don't know how it works but it does. Yep it relieves tired aching muscles and I feel relaxes my mind somewhat. After bathing I blot myself dry and my skin is incredibly soft, feels invigorated and highly cleansed and whats more I thought I'd taste salty after using this but by using a couple of handfuls I'm certainly not and I'm simply left glowing with no residue of any kind left behind. My skin has never felt more softly natural than after I've used this.

      After achieving such amazing results bathing in it I tried all the other suggestions for use (apart from gargling with it cos I haven't got a sore throat!).

      I've moistened a little and added it to my face wash and gently rubbed my face which cleared up my spots the day after doing so and I noticed that my skin looked brighter and less congested (less open pores) straight away and didn't leave my skin feeling one bit tight or with any residue on it and it didn't hurt doing this at all. Skin glowed and looked super smooth and more so than after using a normal face scrub.

      I used it on my elbows and feet and although it felt a bit scrubby did not upset the skin or damage it at all and again both felt a hell of a lot softer after use.

      I massaged my legs with this in this bath along with some water and it really buffed them up and again made skin feel really super smooth and bright and I even found it to help ease out ingrown hairs!

      You can use this to clean cuts, worktops anything it's pure salt it damages nothing (though on open wounds tingles slightly of course).


      Am I impressed? Hell yes I am. The packaging is so plain most of us wouldn't even look twice at this but to me this is crammed full of natures finest and we don't give salt the credit it deserves!

      Forget fancy stuff full of chemicals but smelling nice and in nice packaging. Go back to nature. I'm so impressed with this I will buy it time and time again. My skin feels softer, my aches feel relieved and it's simply so multi purpose and I have never appeared so radiant! Dab it on your spots, buff up your feet, bath in, out it on your chips but try this naturally perfect product. I'm so glad my gorg mate mentioned it! A fabulous must buy for the whole family!

      Available in all good supermarkets retailing at about £2.24 a box.

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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