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Treacle Moon That Vanilla Moment Body Scrub

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4 Reviews

Brand: Treacle Moon / Type: Body Scrub / Suitable for: Body / What it does: Exfoliates,

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    4 Reviews
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      29.06.2012 16:00
      Very helpful



      Get one for a delicious scented bath!

      --What you get--

      Yummy vanilla scented exfoliating body scrub for the bath or shower.

      --Value for money--

      Good value, I would prefer to buy from Tescos rather than on treaclemoon.net as it is cheaper. So I chuck one of these in the trolley with my Tesco shop when I need to replenish! These last a long time so you don't need to be buying that much.

      --My personal opinion--

      I would absolutely buy this product again as I am always in need of an effective exfoliator for use in the bath or shower. This feels good to use and I get the feeling it is giving me a good scrub and I like to use it for problem areas which lack circulation during the day such as thighs, tummy, hips and bum (as I am sitting on my bum in the office all day!) it feels refreshing to exfoliate these areas vigorously and I use a loofah along with this scrub. You could also use this with any sponge or flannel to rinse off.

      The scent of the scrub is totally delicious. You can get these Treacle Moon products in vanilla, coconut, raspberry, lemon & ginger. I can't get over how delicious these smell and they're guaranteed to give you a lovely bath or shower. The scent isn't overpowering once you have got out the bath but does lightly rest on the skin so you smell gorgeous.

      In the mornings this product gets me feeling fresh and lovely and it is suitable for any skin type as it doesn't dry you out or over moisturise. Combine with the yummy coconut island or vanilla moment body butter for a coconut/vanilla explosion!

      I apply this product quite liberally because I love the scent so much, though you really only need a pea sized amount for it to go a long way. One tube lasts a long time so it is good value for money. I would put an exfoliator in my list of bathroom essentials as it's not nice having poor circulation in certain parts of your body.

      **Warning: You cannot eat this product!**

      --Where to buy--
      Either www.treaclemoon.net or Tescos. I found Tesco prices slightly cheaper after you take into account delivery prices & the fact that Tescos do regular offers on their beauty & bath products.


      I will definitely be buying this again and I wholly recommend this product as a delicious smelling body scrub at an affordable price. Brilliant product, now a part of my daily bathtime routine.


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      18.11.2011 16:27



      Gorgeous indulgence

      I was first attracted to this product because of the packaging. I was actually looking for a decent body scrub but my usual Soap and Glory one was out of stock. I saw this sitting on the shelf in Tesco and I think it was the packaging I was initially attracted to. It's plain and simple, nothing too over the top, but I liked the fact that the chunky plastic tube was opaque, allowing me to see the contents inside. I think I was also attracted by its name too, if I am honest - Treacle Moon Vanilla Body Scrub just sounds so yummy, girly and feminine.

      I tried to smell it as best I could in the shop, but I am always aware of CCTV cameras spying on me, so I just pulled the top back and had a quick sniff. That was enough to convince me I just had to try this. It cost me £3 for a tube containing 225ml.

      I tried it that same night and followed the directions. I have used body scrubs loads of times before and I love the way they contain those tiny little grains which exfoliate all the rough dead skin cells and leave a lovely smooth skin. I applied this to my poof (I have mentioned my poof before and ladies I am sure you know what I am referring to here). I always feel my poof makes any lotions and / or potions I use in my bath or shower go so much further than it I am just simply applying by hand. The poof itself also acts as a mild exfoliator.

      The first thing I noticed about this was the divine smell. It was like standing in a cake shop. There was an overwhelming smell of vanilla cupcakes and I just loved it. The smell was intensified by the fact that I was standing in a small hot enclosed shower. The consistency of the lotion is quite thick and not at all runny. It had a lot of tiny little black grains inside which feel wonderful as you rub it over your body. I like to concentrate on my 'rough' places, and by this I mean my elbows, the tops of may arms and my knees. Actually I use it over my entire body and it is not at all harsh or abrasive but you can actually feel it exfoliating your skin.

      It was easy to rinse off and I wasn't left with any tiny grains lurking around in my nooks and crannies, which is always a good thing. Afterwards, I was left feeling invigorated, refreshed and so clean. My partner was delighted with the smell and said he really liked it and I was very impressed that it seemed to linger on my skin for a long time after I had finished my shower.

      Would I buy this again? Yes, I definitely would. There is really nothing negative I can say about this Treacle Moon Vanilla Moment Body Scrub - I loved everything about it. It is an impressive exfoliator but is not too harsh on my skin, it smells delightful and is a pleasure to use. I can heartily recommend it.

      N.B. ------ Also posted on Ciao! under the username "dawnieG" (I am THE SAME person & this review is my own work & NOT copied from another source)


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      28.03.2011 21:48
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A wonderful smelling scrub

      Santa's scrub
      Along with my Treacle Moon shower gel, Santa also kindly gave me the matching body scrub for Christmas. The product comes in a squeezy tube that sits on its lid (my favourite design to ensure you get every last drop out of a product) and costs around £3 for 225ml.

      The company has a lovely website (turn the volume down if you want to have a sneaky look while you're at work as it plays birdsong as soon as you open it!) and is based in the UK. You can buy the products online from the Treacle Moon site or exclusively in Tesco, which is where I believe Santa or one of his elves picked these up for me. Treacle Moon has a strict animal testing policy with none of its products or derivatives tested on animals, and all products are suitable for vegetarians. And this is a good one for cake lovers too ... !

      Good enough to eat
      Like the shower gel, I really like the packaging - the tube is nice and chunky and it looks more expensive than it is. Inside you can see the creamy coloured scrub with lots of little black dots inside. The front of the packaging explains that you should use this twice a week to leave your skin "cleansed, softened and smooth".

      The smell of this is delicious and almost edible! I think the smell is even more sweet and vanilla-y than the matching shower gel, and for me this is a good thing as I adore the fragrance. It's like being in a cake shop! Yum! It is one of those fragrances that fills the bathroom as you shower and it really rates as being one of my favourite scented products as it is just gorgeous, and makes the product a pleasure to use.

      The texture is incredibly rich and creamy and it goes on easily. The little black dots are suitably rough and I find the mix of the exfoliators and the creaminess of the product leaves skin feeling really soft and smooth. If I'm honest, I do prefer even rougher scrubs in the shower, but this one is perfectly decent and does the job at softening and smoothing skin. It feels rich and luxurious to use and it does leave skin feeling very soft after use.

      The verdict
      Overall for me, it is the scent that makes this product so wonderful, and even if it didn't exfoliate at all I would probably award it five stars for the fragrance alone! So the fact that it is a pretty effective scrubber is an added bonus and makes this product an absolute pleasure to use. I will definitely buy this product again, alongside the wonderful matching shower gel!


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        31.08.2009 17:16
        Very helpful



        Nice quirky packaging and quality product

        THE PRODUCT:

        That Vanilla Moment by Treacle Moon
        Body Scrub 225 ml price £2.89 from Tesco

        When trudging through Tesco doing my weekly grocery shop I like to stroll down the bath products aisle to see if anything is new or on special offer. Whilst on my little sojourn down this aisle a few weeks ago I came across this body scrub from treacle Moon and being a sucker for anything with vanilla in I picked it up and opened the lid to have a sniff. Mmm it smelled a bit like a custard cream but with a hint of lemon puff. I liked the smell as I find these sort of creamy smells comforting and a bit exotic too as vanilla comes from the spice islands.


        The product comes in a clear tube which stands on its lid. The name 'that vanilla moment' is prominent with the words:

        "my moment of sweet calm.... just to think with carefree abandon about .... maybe I won't tell you she said shyly some things are not for sharing."

        Under this is Body scrub then the brand name Treacle Moon with the orange circle logo - presumably the treacle moon.

        Very simple but quite appealing and gives a feeling of luxury at the same time as painting a picture of calm and peacefulness which is how I feel about my bath times.

        On the reverse of the tube this written attempt at creating an atmosphere continues with a description of how they make the products.
        "We like to create products that you will love to use... scrumptious smells, fabulous textures"

        Then it continues describing their team, Charles Henry Nelson, a random garden gnome the consultant for creative design, Matilda Fitzbucket - bubbly chemist and more conventionally Dunc and Sarah.
        All this is rather quirky but fun and I rather liked the randomness of their introduction.

        In Orange How to use - the usual " Gently massage into damp skin... " finishes with the unusual statement ; " Not suitable for garden gnomes"

        Followed by instructions not to eat the product and the fact that it is NOT tested on animals.

        The writing on the tube is a real mixture of strange quirkiness and factual information but it all makes for more interesting bath time reading.

        THE COMPANY:

        I'd never heard of Treacle Moon so I did a bit of investigating to see what else they made.

        There is a website:

        The site is fresh and done in pastel colours with bizarrely a garden gnome on one side and a tabby cat on the other with a product range in the centre. A yellow rubber duck floats across the bottom of the screen.

        The company promises that no products are tested on animals or have any animal derived ingredients - they are totally suitable for vegetarians. It is a small company but over the years they have created and managed brands such as "The Sanctuary, Nicky Clarke, Umberto Giannini, Elle Macpherson and Normandie". So they are not new to the beauty product world.


        I love the smell it is almost lush like in the fact it smells like you could eat it, creamy vanilla with a hint of lemon freshness. The scrub is a dark creamy yellow like a rich clotted cream in Cornwall with specs of dark floating in it - it looks like a posh vanilla ice cream.

        It feels creamy and quite light, not at all greasy and with enough black scrubby bits to feel like you are exfoliating your skin. Not sure what the black bits are but one ingredient on the list is iron oxides so it might be that.

        The smell doesn't seem to linger after it has been washed off and although my skin feels smooth it doesn't feel nourished like it does with some other products.


        They have a very interesting and unusual approach to packaging. I love the smell and the sentiments on the pack as well as the packaging itself which is minimalistic and functional. The product looks delicious and smells wonderful, it does work well as a scrub but I feel the need to moisturise after my bath and i would like the smell to linger bit longer on me .

        Will I buy it again?
        Yes I probably will but more likely I will try another product by the same company just to try it as they all look so lovely.

        I have given it 4* but it could have another half really - just needs a bit more moisturising and lingering smell.

        This review may be posted on other sites under my name.


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