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Voya Lazy Days Seaweed Bath

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Brand: Voya / Type: Bath foam

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    1 Review
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      16.10.2011 20:45
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      A unique and quirky way to have a bath

      Nothing better than spending the day outdoors down the allotment working hard turning soil over, dragging weeds out by their roots and then coming home to a nice hot bath to relax and soothe your muscles. I love having a bath, I don't actually know how people can manage without them or choose a shower instead of, it is totally alien to me.

      Anyway some good friends of mine have just come back from a rather wonderful holiday and with them they brought the most intriguing looking gift for me. Kirsty knows I love to have a bath, usually surrounded by bubbles, wine and a good book and she hates Lush and will do anything to wean me off my little addiction and that usually results in a lot of weird and wonderful bath products which either pong so badly I cant bring myself to use them and thus stinking the house out or they look so nice that I don't want to use them. This time she presented me with a box, nicely gift wrapped, upon removing the paper I was presented with an off brown coloured box which said "Voya, Lazy Days Sea Weed Bath" and then surrounding that information was a picture of some seaweed which kind of gave a hint as to what you might find within the box. I have to admit the box does look like something you would spend half your salary on in Harrods because a top celebrity is endorsing it, it was really lovely, but nothing prepared me for what I would find within that box.

      I have never ever used any product from Voya nor have I heard of them but they are quite a well known company and they are based in Ireland. Like a lot of companies Voya are organic and this particular product comes with a little insert which states "Lazy Days uses simply the finest organic seaweed, cut by our own hands using the same traditional methods as our ancestors, combined with organic sea salt". So without the need to add anything to their product it is sold as is. They don't only sell products for the bath, they also have a long list of products within their skincare range, for example Lip Balm, facial scrubs, hand wash and cleansers to name but a few.

      Back to the product in hand, I opened the box to find myself presented with a bag of dried seaweed and a sachet of salt. I have to admit I have only ever used seaweed as a product in facemasks, from Lush for example and would never dream of using actual seaweed. So when I said this product was organic, I meant it, what you see is what you get and from the moment I opened the box I knew I would love it because it is so unique to everything else I have tried and there are no hidden chemicals, no hidden oils it is a bag of seaweed and a sachet of salt, exactly as it is described on the box. On the side of the box are the directions on how to use this product. The instructions were to let the seaweed soak in a bath of hot water to allow it to release all its goodness into the water, now before you panic and start wondering how on earth you get into a bath full of seaweed, it is quite simple because the seaweed is encased in a green string bag which you place in the water and then just before you are ready to get into the bath you can squeeze the seaweed to make sure all the goodness has been released, by which point the seaweed might have turned a brown black colour because it has re-hydrated itself within the water and returned to its natural colour.

      So the seaweed is slushing about in your bath, what about the sachet of sea salt? Well to add to your spa experience, which is what this is supposed to be, you also chuck that in as well. I shoved the whole lot in after I had released the seaweed from the bag, right before I was due to get into the bath by which point the water had turned green and whilst this wont be a lovely fruity smelling bath, it isn't by any means pungent, it is just seaweed and it smells like seaweed.

      So once you have got into the bath and are surrounded by the seaweed and sea salt you lie back and relax and allow the seaweed and sea salt to work their wonders on your skin. The instructions state that the seaweed releases a gel which has conditioning and soothing properties for the skin leaving it detoxified, rejuvenated, hydrated, moisturised and smooth. Add to that it is also said to help with anti-aging and cellulite but more importantly leave you feeling relaxed, soothed and calm. The sea salt, which acts as an exfoliator to your skin removes dead, dry skin cells and other impurities from the skin to leave it feeling soft, smooth and moisturised.

      When I used this product I really enjoyed the experience, it isn't too much of a task to put it into your bath and follow the instructions and when I was laid in the water relaxing, I was quite possibly more relaxed at that point in time than I had ever been in my entire life, it was honestly that good. My skin was so soft and smooth it was wonderful and although I probably didn't need to add any further moisturise to my skin, I still did, it's a habit I cant break. Cleaning the bath was also not too much of an effort because you simply scoop the leaves up and you can either chuck them in the bin, because you can't reuse them or do what I did and put them in the bag of stuff for my composting bin.

      I think this is a lovely gift for someone, it is unique and quirky and it's a fun experience which leaves you with brilliant feeling skin, relaxed and calm and I was notably less achey than I was before I got into the bath after all the digging I had done. The downside is that unlike most traditional bath products, you can only use it once, for me this isn't a problem because I buy Lush products that I only get one usage out of, but the price tag is approximately £15 for this gift set which makes it a massive luxury and not something you would be using every week, however for me that makes it all the more special and it is something I would treat myself too as a little reward a few times a year.


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      Capture the essence of the deep blue ocean with VOYA Lazy Days Seaweed Bath / A completely unique and inspiring experience, this luxurious kit allows you to enjoy a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home /

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