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Waitrose Essentials Ginger Bath Creme

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Brand: Waitrose / Type: Bath Cream / Subcategory: Bath Cream / Oil

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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2013 12:08
      Very helpful



      A very nice product at a very nice price, but you might want to use moisturiser afterwards

      I love my pampering time and it is something I insist on during days off - a bit of time just to myself, made even better if I know nobody else is in the house, in which case it's a deep bubble bath, music on, wine and a book and probably some sort of face mask. I can be as loud, quiet, mud-plastered (in the good sense) as I want and even stick on the dodgy tunes I don't admit to owning with nobody about to hear me.

      But I am also always on the look out for budget treats. Being a girl gets expensive, don't you know? Seriously, guys, do you think all that foundation, powder, those skin scrubs, face masks, shampoo, conditioners, masks, polishes, perfumes, serums, exfoliators, moisturisers and balms come cheap? No they sodding well do not. We should be government subsidised, because lord knows you lot will be in uproar if we ever just say "Stuff this" and start stomping about looking ungroomed like some of your mob. (So come on lads, an extra present or two for your lass this Christmas, thanks very much).

      But it was actually Mr Rarr who stumbled across this one, when I was knackered and suffering with a worrying recurring pain in my foot that seemed to be aggravated by the cold. Warm baths seemed to help take the edge off - what a shame - and after going out to get some shopping he returned with a bottle of this product, from the Watirose budget range, essential Waitrose. A ginger and clementine bath crème.

      In its basic-looking clear plastic bottle with slightly opaque screw-top lid, it wasn't going to win any beauty contests but then you wouldn't expect a Tesco or Sainsburys equivalent to either. A quick check online shows that all the packaging is recyclable, so it truly is just the product within that matters. And at £1.49 for a generous 750ml, not to mention a 2 For £2 offer currently on, it already has price firmly on its side.

      But is it any good?

      ***MY THOUGHTS***

      Now, Waitrose has a reputation for quality. So obviously you expect quite high things straight off, possibly more so than you would a supermarket competitor, which is probably unfair. But I suppose it is a side-effect of making that stand and making yourself that target.

      So I did have high hopes but sometimes have to remind myself that this is a budget product. On the bottle you have a basic, clean-looking white-based label with the product info. Whilst both Dooyoo and waitrose.com actually list this as "ginger bath creme", it is in fact the clementine which dominates that label.

      This product is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those avoiding nuts according to the website description.

      The ingredients are: Aqua (water), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Parfum, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Glycerin, Linalool, Limonene, Benzophenone-3, Geraniol, Citral, Citric Acid, Citronellol, Magnesium Nitrate, Eugenol, Phosphoric Acid, Tetrasodium EDTA, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Trideceth-7, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Magnesium Chloride, Zingiber Officinalis (Ginger) Root Extract, Methylisothiazolinone, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Fruit Extract, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, CI 19140, CI 15510.

      So a quick glance down there shows that you do have plant extract for scent rather than perfumed equivalents, but of course being a budget product you can't expect the delights of Lush and similar. Linalool for example can be cause of an allergic reaction if you are thusly unfortunate, and that's just off the top of my head.

      So what is it like to use? Well this is a bath crème so its not a toxic bright jewel colour like Radox's many offerings, it is a creamy yellow liquid of fairly runny consistency which easily pours under running warm water as directed. But given a swirl around the water and the taps turned on full blast, a fairly generous pouring will produce a bath full of bubbles which are quite pleasant, soft, fairly long-lasting and not soon 'scratchy' and dry and popping irritatingly all around you whilst you're trying to elegantly sup your Chenin Blanc and channel your inner Flake advert girl.

      The scent is pleasant and not overbearing. Strangely I find it neither definitely relaxing nor definitely energising, as you might expect from a combination of zingy ginger and citrus. It is just pleasant, and I find that if I was refreshing then it does the job but equally I am happy to use it when I just want to, frankly, chill the hell out.

      The scent releases quickly into the air and is not too powerful as, again, you might suspect. It is not overly hot from the ginger not overly fruity, it is a gentle and well-balanced combination which I think works well. The clementine is merely a hint of fragrance that cuts through the ginger, but that too is reined in and moderate. The overall scent is balanced though, with an almost creamy note binding it all together. It lingers on the skin for a little while after bathing, yet is not so strong as to clash with perfumes you might apply afterwards.

      My only criticism is that, whilst it doesn't leave my skin uncomfortable, I do not feel that I can use this and then not moisturise (which of course negates the lingering scent). I am a bit of a moisturiser obsessive on my days off, as when I work I hardly have time and can't bear the idea of sticky moisturiser on my skin when using the underground, so any product which negates my moisture levels in my skin are absolutely and definitely going to be balanced out by a proper skin treatment. So for me the lingering scent doesn't really matter. Again I have to remind myself that this is a budget-range product but for me a crème product shouldn't impact on the skin's level of moisture if at all possible and typing this now, having not moisturised to see how the product lingers for the purpose of this review, I can feel an ever-so-slight tightness of the skin on my hands and again, whilst my skin doesn't feel irritated or necessarily dry, it doesn't feel moisturised either, and probably only feels fairly normal because it is well moisturised anyway.

      So overall this product has quite a lot going for it. The price, combined with the generous bottle size, the recyclable packaging, the pleasant scent which could have so easily been too zingy or overpowering, and the enjoyable bubbles make this a good budget purchase to add some bubbly indulgence to your leisure time, but even though I realise this is from a budget range I still think that you should make the product the best you can for its purpose and therefore I am not going to cut slack for the (very slight) drying aspect which makes me drop a couple of stars. But other than that, and if you are happy to use moisturiser afterwards should your skin feel the same after use, then I do indeed recommend this product for a very reasonably priced addition to your bathroom.


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        29.04.2010 10:31
        Very helpful



        A brilliant budget buy.

        Recently I came across a bath product purely by chance. I occasionally have a delivery from Waitrose who now offer this service. Our local store is actually several miles away, is very popular, and is difficult to find a parking space at peak times, so home delivery is very convenient. In addition to this they deliver free now as long as you order more than £50 in value, which makes them very competitive over other online supermarket retailers.

        Many people still see Waitrose as a luxury supermarket, and in many ways it is. They carry ranges of foods which are beyond the budgets of many people, including myself. However the savvy shopper can peruse the offers, and take advantage of their "Essential" range, which is a recently launched collection of everyday items at brilliant prices. I find that if I am selective, even having everything delivered, I can on many occasions undercut the bill I would have had from all the major supermarkets. If you live in an area served by the delivery company Ocado, you can also purchase Waitrose items for home delivery, though you may have to pay for all except the most anti-social time slots.

        Within this "Essential" range are a collection of toiletries launched late last year. These are rivals for Tesco "Value" and other major supermarket budget buys. These include shampoos, shower gels, and soaps, as well as the bubble bath I am reviewing today. As I said earlier I came across this product by chance. An item I had requested on my on-line order was out of stock, which is a rare event I might add, and this ginger bath crème was substituted. I accepted the change and was delighted to try a product I was not familiar with, especially as the price was only 99p for 750mls.

        The bubble bath also has clementine in the title - the full description being Ginger Bath Crème with Clementine, and the bottle has an image of a clementine depicted on the front. The designs on the Essential ranges are simplistic and elegant, and do not reflect in any way their budget price tag. Indeed they look very pretty on my bathroom shelf, which is a great attribute in my opinion.

        So I added the bath foam to the water and was rewarded with lovely bubbles, copious in quantity, and with a gorgeous aroma of freshly grated ginger. It is a scent which I would say is probably the most unusual bath treat I have ever used, but it is so luxurious. You can't discern any clementine at all- it is simply like stepping into a bath of ginger, and as ginger is renowned for its warming properties I feel this is the perfect bath treat for a cold winter night. In a way the clementine addition, though not discernable, adds to the festive appeal of this product making it one to look out for next December.

        That said it is far too good to lock away until then, I love it and use it regularly now. I have a tendency to suffer with dry skin, especially if I use cheap products in the bath, and many of these will irritate. This doesn't - it leaves skin moisturised and fragrant and I have very little, if any, need to use body lotion afterwards.

        There is a matching bar soap in the ginger range too and many other Essential products are available including chamomile, sea kelp, olive and jojoba bubble baths, all of which have matching shower gels.

        I can't fault this product, it is simply packaged, yet elegant. It is has a beautiful intense fragrance, produces millions of sweet scented bubbles which last, and it leaves skin moisturised and soft. The cream is thick and you don't need much as a little goes a long way,so it lasts for ages.

        For 99p it is an absolute bargain, and it illustrates the point that you don't always have to go to The Poundshop in search of toiletries, there are unexpected bargains lurking in the most unlikely places!


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